Fashion Friday: Jasmine

Here is another Fashion Friday post where I’m wearing white! I thought I would show the white tailored shorts that I bought recently. I bought them from The Closet Lover, a Singaporean clothing label. They were on sale and I thought I would use the opportunity to try out a pair of more formal shorts.

Full body shot of me standing in front of a bench with a hand on my hip
Yet another white outfit.

I chose white because I don’t have many white items of clothing, and the other colours the shorts came in were pink and navy, and those are colours I am less likely to wear than white. I wasn’t sure how the shorts looked on me at first and I am still trying to figure out what looks best with the shorts, but this top I wore in my White on White Fashion Friday was a great match.

I love the pockets in the shorts! I am always overjoyed to see pockets in skirts, dresses and shorts. These pockets hold quite a bit of weight so they aren’t just flimsy additions to the garment. :D

Close up of the shorts, with one hand in my pocket
Love when garments have nice roomy pockets!

I once wore the shorts with a tight-fitting, long-sleeved knit, but I don’t think the cut of the top worked very well with the shorts. I feel like crop tops are my best bet, but I haven’t yet found good tops that I can tuck into the shorts. Because of the way the shorts are, I feel like they would not go well with baggy tops and would go much better with tight-fitting ones, or if they were more baggy they ought to be cropped and not tucked in. 🤔

If any of you out there have more tips on what to wear with high-waisted tailored shorts like these, let me know! Perhaps even send me links to a few tops you think would go well with shorts like these. I do a lot of research into what goes well with certain types of clothes but sometimes I can’t really find anything.

Front view of the outfit with my hands in my pockets
Crop tops would go well with the shorts, hey?

To add to the summery look I wore a layered necklace. I didn’t like layered necklaces before because I don’t like how the chains get tangled in each other. But I gave this one a go – I got it from Wanderlust + Co, it was a steal at $5 when it’s normally $42.

Close up of my face, wearing sunglasses and with my layered necklace visible
Layered necklace with lapis lazuli stone and marble

I also got this bracelet for $5, and wore it as an anklet. It was a little too uncomfortably loose to wear on my wrist, and I thought it would go well with the overall look. I’m really liking marble, stone and natural crystal/rock jewellery. I think it’s very in line with my style in general and suits me.

Close up of my peep-toe shoes, and a bracelet I am wearing as an anklet
Wearing a bracelet as an anklet

I chose the peep-toe shoes because I thought it went best with the summery look of the outfit. I am not sure if the contrast between black and white looks strange (Nick thought it was), but I thought it looked alright.

Medium shot of my face and upper body, hands in pockets
Portrait shot

All photography by Seb.

Outfit details

How do you think the shorts look? What tops do you think would work best with them?

Comments on this post

Those shorts are lovely! I always wear high waisted things and normally just wear fitted tops with them and tuck them in and like cropped jumpers on top. (Also, I am very jealous that you are having summer right now. It is so cold here!)

I think the black/white combination works because your hair is quite dark. And anyway, isn’t monochrome a classic?

Personally, white as a colour scares me. So hard to keep clean! D: It looks lovely on you, though. :)

Another stunning Fashion Friday post, Georgie! Thank you for posting :D

Let me just say, though, I’m so jealous of the sunshine you have there right now. It’s warming me up seeing as it’s freezing right now here in the UK :P I love the all white outfit! I don’t wear white shorts often in the summer because I feel self-conscious that it attracts too much attention but I don’t think I’d mind much anymore – I do feel more confident nowadays! I absolutely love the belt – it looks super classy!

I like how you’ve paired it with the white top! I agree, I think a crop top would look nice with it. I’d personally pair it with something like this but not as cropped as that and maybe something that’s not knitted for the summer (though it’d look cute anyway!)

I love this and think the shorts look amazing! :D

Again Loved the photos, Georgie. The shorts look really great and I liked the idea of turning a bracelet into an anklet!

I like the black and white together. I would suggest a top that’s black actually. Definitely tight though. Like maybe one of those bodysuit tops. It’s always difficult when you love a piece of clothing (and those shorts are very lovable!) but it’s hard to match it. This look is nice though, definitely!

yay for more white-based OOTD!

i personally don’t think it’s weird to wear black footwear while all the others stay predominantly white because i myself like to wear white shoes even though my clothing from head to toe are black. i think there are more people who do the reverse rather than wear white clothing and black footwear. white sneakers, for instance, is such a trend nowadays!

that shorts looks so comfy! i mean i can almost feel how comfy the fabric is!

Georgie your shoes!!! SO CUTE.

I’ve always seen shorter shirts worn with high-waisted bottoms, but I’ve seen both loose-fitting and tighter shorts worn with them. I think they both look good, I guess it just depends on which look you’re going for. I love how springy and summery this outfit is! Here in the States we are bundling up and I’m buying warm sweaters and boots, and thinking about how nice it must be in Australia now! :P

(White on White Part 2) XD

I love love love your white shorts! The belt makes the shorts look chic af. Whenever I wear baggy tops with shorts, it looks like I’m wearing a really short dress .___.

I always think tank tops work best with shorts 95% of the time. At the same time, crop tops bring the belt out so let’s stick with that for this type of shorts. I would usually layer tank tops but that gets casual pretty quick. Time to research some alternatives for next summer XD.