Review: PandaVita Organic Baobab Powder

I was recently given a sample of organic baobab powder to review, from Kieran at PandaVita. PandaVita has a cute logo of a panda 🐼 – and the small, UK-based company promotes the benefits of the powder that comes from the African baobab fruit:

  • 6 × antioxidants of blueberries
  • 6 × vitamin C of oranges
  • 6 × potassium of bananas
  • 50% of fibre per serving
  • more magnesium than coconut water
  • twice as much calcium as milk
The packet as it arrived
PandaVita organic baobab powder

As someone who is very enthusiastic about good eating (even though we all cheat sometimes!) and exercise, I really wanted to try this product and see if it benefited me. I don’t eat a lot of fruit because my stomach is sensitive to the sweetness of some fruits, and bananas have the opposite effect for me as they do for most people (they make me constipated, ugh). I don’t drink milk because I am lactose intolerant, and I also probably don’t eat as much fibre as I should. So I was definitely keen to try the baobab powder.

When I received my packet, it had been opened by Australia Post and re-sealed – fair enough. They likely just wanted to check that I wasn’t being sent anything illegal, and I clearly wasn’t. 😜

Trying it out

After reading the instructions on the back of the packet powder, I learned that the powder could be stirred with water and consumed as a beverage, but could also be added to smoothies, and food.

The first method I tried was the recommended method – stirring two teaspoons with a cup of water. This became my preferred method of drinking it, much like a lot of other powder supplements that are mixed with water. The powder makes a refreshing drink! It is noticeably less sweet compared to many other powder supplements designed to be mixed with water. The flavour tastes just like orange and is reminiscent of vitamin C.

I really enjoy the flavour because it’s subtle. It doesn’t taste too acidic like chewable vitamin C tablets, even if you put in a generous amount.

The only downside I have experienced with mixing the powder in water is that it doesn’t dissolve very well. There are still small blobs of powder stuck together even if I stir thoroughly. It’s not a big issue. I found that hot water dissolves it better.

Edit: Kieran from PandaVita commented on the above:

“If you add a little water at first and mix it into a paste, then gradually add more water while stirring it all should dissolve :) I wish I put that on the packaging haha because it’s happened to a few people.”

That’s good to know! 👍

I actually put some of the powder into my green tea, and that gave it a zesty kick. I wouldn’t recommend putting too much in for flavouring something like tea, though, as the hot water seems to bring out the taste a lot more.

My diet doesn’t consist of a lot of fruit or sweet foods (other than candy sometimes) so I couldn’t think of any foods that the baobab powder could go with. I would, however, have sprinkled it on sweet cakes, apple pie, sweet cookies, or anything that has a slightly fruity taste to begin with. I suspected it would be really good with bananas (even though I don’t eat them), and I was right… you can find some very interesting recipes on PandaVita, including a baobab and banana smoothie! 🍌

Should I try it?

Yes! The baobab powder satisfies sweet cravings because it’s tasty and refreshing with cold water – living in Australia, that makes it perfect for the summer weather right now! I’ve found that it helps me digest food better, with admittedly more regular toilet trips. There are many benefits explained on PandaVita but one of them is that the powder supports weight loss in a healthy way: because it is high in fibre.

This naturally-occurring powder is definitely worth trying, if not necessarily for the health benefits, then for the taste of course! Buying baobab powder from PandaVita is easy and affordable. It costs about as much as loose leaf tea does, with a hundred-gram bag costing just £8.99 ($11.44 USD). You may want to be generous with the servings, though, so keep that in mind. ☺️ And you can get 15% off with the code GEORGIE15. 🍊

Thank you for reading this review! What do you think of baobab powder? Do you think it’s worth a try?

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Disclaimer: PandaVita’s organic baobab powder was delivered to me free of charge with this review written in return. The opinions in this review are my own honest opinions.

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Ooh, this stuff sounds cool! I really love smoothie fillers and boosters. 😍 I’m trying to get into them more often/again, because it’s impossible for me to consume all the nutrients from stuff I’m allergic to (and I can’t really tolerate eating everything “straight”, without being blending into something more tasteful).

I’ve never heard of this before, or the fruit, but I will definitely keep it in mind for later, when I go through my current smoothie stuffs. :3

Your panda emoji is so cute!! Also, great review. The baobab powder sounds like something my mom would be interested in. I think it awesome the different ways people are trying to make sure people get the right nutrition and vitamins into their diet.

I’ve heard of the baobab tree because of The Little Prince – is the baobab powder related to the baobab tree? This is a weird thing to wonder about but I wonder how they even make the baobab powder? Haha

Thanks for sharing!

Haha I think the emoji is just the default WordPress one! pa🐼 According to PandaVita, the pulp of the fruit dries naturally on the tree then is extracted from there, which is really interesting.

I’m the same when it comes to eating fruit and drinking milk .___.”. US loves to toss out seeds that are foreign (fair enough). Hot water is really good at dissolving powder… At the same time, I don’t like drinking hot beverage @__@. Though, dissolving out of a paste mix is also a good method.

Baobab powder looks interesting considering how there are so many benefits! I think it’s worth a try (if only PandaVita is on Amazon Prime). I’ve been looking for alternative ways to getting nutrients from using dissolvable tablets (mix with water) for vitamin C to taking in maca pills (for flavorless reasons). Glad to see you like the taste :).