Fashion Friday: White on White

It was a coincidence that Nancy decided to help me name my previous outfit ‘Black on Black’, and Elisa asked me if I actually wore a lot of white, and it turned out that a few of my recent purchases had a few white pieces. I never used to wear a lot of white, mainly because I was concerned about the sheerness of some white clothing, and you kind of have to get the right shade of white so it’s not too blinding.

Full body shot of me with my hand on my hip, sunglasses on top of my head, basketball/tennis courts in background
Full body shot amongst the other activity in the park

I know I said recent purchases, which does imply that I haven’t been limiting my wardrobe. But trust me, I have been disposing of many of my clothes at H&M to contribute to their sustainable clothing program. They give you a 15% off voucher to use on the purchase of a single item in store, and they accept clothes in any condition to resell, reuse and recycle to create new clothes, or to be used for things like insulation. They are the only company or organisation I know of that gives you some kind of incentive. It’s a great option considering selling second-hand clothes (even clothes in good condition) can be really difficult unless you have designer or vintage items, and the general interest in second-hand clothes has decreased compared to a decade ago. I have to actually thank Holland for suggesting visiting H&M – without her suggestion I would just be giving my clothes to charity. I am hanging onto my H&M coupons until I really need to buy something. It’s just nice to at least get something in return for my used clothes.

I made some recent purchases from Carrislabelle and The Closet Lover, two Singaporean-based online fashion retailers. I have seen a lot of Singaporean fashion bloggers on my Instagram feed wear clothing from certain Singaporean brands. I think Singaporean style is really cute and classy. Maybe a little bit too cute and girly for my liking, but I still wanted to have a browse. I picked out seven pieces of clothing and it cost me about $150 including shipping. All in all, not too bad.

So yeah – white on white! A daring combination for me personally. But I like how it turned out and I like the slightly girly contrast compared to last month’s black.

Medium shot of my white skirt and its feature zippers
I wish these zippers were not just fake pockets.

The skirt was something I was not sure about because… well, because high-waisted flared skirts tend to only go with tighter tops. But I wanted a skirt very different to the skirts I currently own. That’s what I think when I buy clothes – I don’t want to buy anything similar to what I already own. The zippers on the skirt are just decoration, unfortunately, but it would be cool if they were functioning pockets. This skirt is from The Closet Lover and the quality is pretty good. It’s lined, so it means no problem with sheerness.

Me with my sunglasses on aganist a grassy backdrop
A deep grassy background

At first, I wasn’t sure about the knitted top when I bought it because I don’t usually wear crop tops. I never liked to wear them because I struggled with body image issues. But now I’m in a better place. (There is a post I am currently writing about my journey with diet and exercise, so I hope you are keen to read that.) I thought that since I own several high-waisted skirts and one high-waisted pair of jeans now, I can wear the crop top with them without showing too much skin. So this skirt became a perfect match for the top! The top would be great for the beach, too.

Just as well it was a hot day, the afternoon reaching 30ºC. I walked all the way to the park to meet Nick instead of catching a bus, so not only did I get some exercise, but I stayed nice and warm. I get cold easily, even from a little wind, so walking and moving was a good idea. I actually did wear the white blazer I wore in Slow Dawn with this outfit, but I didn’t really want to include it as it didn’t look that good and it was hot. Very white indeed, but the outfit looks cuter without the blazer.

Me mid-swing on a chain swing
Swingin’ around

Now that I have bought from Carrislabelle and The Closet Lover I don’t have to question their quality. I have a good idea of it now. Both seem to have a bit of a mid-range mix of OK quality and better quality across their clothes. I bought almost all these clothes on sale, but given the original retail price of some of these, I would not buy them at full price. The sizing is also typically Asian – just small, medium, large, rather than universal sizing. I didn’t have a problem with the sizing, though, and I chose what fit me according to the size charts. So not really a big issue.

I could have worn black shoes but I didn’t want a lot of contrast so I went for my brogues. Also because they kind of match my bag. I will admit I don’t have comfortable ballet flats (actually, I hate them, since I need shoes with a bit of a heel) or sandals, but I haven’t yet found a pair I like. It would make spring/summer outfits like this one much more comfortable if I had some more summery shoes. Oh well, that is a mission for a few months from now.

Close up of my nails
A pop of colour to a simple white outfit

My nails are the Dotted style from Scratch. Although they had a sale recently, I resisted buying. I still have quite a few packs of nail wraps to go through, and now that I have pared down my nail polish collection, I want to paint my nails regularly with those colours to make sure they continue to get used. I like the style of these nail wraps, since they are part transparent. They might look good with a colour underneath as well, but I do like them as they are. I think the colour is a nice contrast with the white in the outfit.

The earrings I am wearing are also new! I bought them from RabbitsFantasyWorld, an Etsy store based in the Netherlands. The package came quicker than I expected (maybe only about eight days, when I was expecting at least two weeks). I had searched far and wide for stainless steel or titanium earrings for all my ear piercings. As I mentioned in my recent post about continuing to destroy my jewellery obsession, the claws of my titanium earrings were coming loose and I wanted some simpler earrings. I can’t wear non-precious metals because my ears get infected, so I was so glad I found this affordable little store. The shipping was not pricey either. And they have many other simple designs in store. The quality is exceptional, and yes, I have worn these earrings in the shower like I usually do with precious metal earrings. And they have survived and done really well. :)

Close up of my stainless steel earrings
I love a good set of good-quality earrings that I can wear every day
Close up of my face
Close up of me smiling. I am not really a huge fan of my wide smiles…

I really wanted shorter bars for the lowest part of my lobe but I suppose this size is alright. I should have bought them in all the same colour but I was actually only intending to wear two at a time and change the lowest part of my lobe… I like these earrings too much though! I love them.

The necklace was a choice I made on a whim. I have quite a few necklaces but they are very long, and a shorter chain was better suited to this top. I picked out this delicate one I’ve had for a while. I usually wear it under the collar of tops, but I think it looks better on an open neck. :P

Close up of my delicate statement necklace
I picked out this necklace because it was cute and went with the outfit

I have recently been wearing a hair tie on my wrist all the time. I find that it comes in handy and there is nothing wrong with a simple black hair tie. Sometimes if my hair is bothering me at work, I will tie it up. Speaking of my hair, though, I do love my new haircut. I get less pissed off at the style and it’s really simple, I can tuck my hair behind my ears and because it’s now parted in the middle it doesn’t look as stupid, and leaving it in front of my ears doesn’t look stupid either. It’s easy to maintain. :D

Photography by Nick.

Outfit details

White is not a colour that is suited to everyone, but what do you think of white? Do you wear white often?

Full body shot of me amongst the trees, sunglasses on top of my head, with my hand on my hip
I like the earth colours this outfit brings, especially with the brown/tan

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YAAAAY you did it! I looooove that skirt! it’s the kind of style that i’d wear (because i don’t like anything else other than flare or some puffy balloon skirts) i think you look really good in white! you look a lot more fresh ;)
I also love the shoeeees urgh i love how you coordinate this; it’s so laidback and simple and feel fresh!

Haha thanks! Yeah I prefer flare skirts too because they look better on me and are more comfortable. But I don’t mind wearing a tighter skirt every now and then. Just annoying when they ride up a bit.

A couple of other people said I look good in the white too! You’re right, I do look more fresh. I should definitely try and wear white more often. 😊

Ahh cute! I love this outfit on you! I wish I could pull off something like this but I am VERY TALL and very self-conscious! I actually usually wear the exact opposite of something like this – all black, lots of layers, and pretty much every bit of skin covered. Like an old lady art teacher or something. But I admire stuff like this so much on other people – it looks so cute and fresh! I really love the texture contrast of your top and skirt, and your shoes and bag are really adorable!

Thank you Becky! Ah, I am very short haha, I do love wearing black most of the time though. But a couple of people have said I look fresh in white, so I might try and wear white more ;)

It’s a very cute look and I think it really suits you. I adore the skirt and would never have thought of pairing that style shoe with it, but it really works :)

Thank you Lucy! I have paired skirts and blue skinny jeans with these shoes and it’s surprising how well it matches. I don’t actually have any pants that would really go with these shoes, and I think that is what most people would wear them with. When I bought them, the shopkeeper said that it was a kind of brogue you could pair with both dresses and pants, so yay!

Very pretty pictures, Georgie!!
I never wear crops because I am very conscious of my flabby tummy! That skirt is so cute and I think my current satchel bag is similar to yours!

I used to be conscious of my stomach as well but since I’ve gone to the gym it is less obvious. I think other girls would be in the same boat as you – crop tops are definitely not for everyone :)

I feel white on white is a hard look to pull off but I like the outfit options you chose! And you still managed to incorporate your own style into it by also incorporating styles you don’t typically try out! (I’m not sure that last sentence made any sense lol)

I like all the jewelry details and your nails are sooooo cute!!

I think so too – I have seen people wear all-white but it looks a bit too blinding or too much. I think it’s probably because I am wearing a skirt rather than pants, so there is less white, and the whites are slightly different shades. I totally understand what you mean – experimenting with clothes can be fun even if you try out clothes you are not normally used to wearing 🙃

It’s been aaaaages since I commented on any blogs … but this got me … I’ve found white actually doesn’t look to bad on me … you kill it because of your dark hair and your beautiful skin.

Keep saying to my partner Matt I should get back into blogging because I have a lot to say … I’ll get there at some point 😍
You look so happy and healthy. Nick agrees with you 😍😍😍😍

Aww thank you so much hun! 💖 You definitely have to email me when you start your new blog ❤️❤️❤️

I love this white/brown combo, Georgie! I love the skirt – I have a similar one from Forever21 but it’s not very good quality (it’s quite sheer and see-through so I never wear it) I love how summery your outfit is – meanwhile I’m wrapped up in layers over here haha!

Argh, sorry to hear about your skirt! The quality of my skirt is not too bad, but on the right side, the fabric is pilling probably because my bag rubs against it. 😱 It’s pretty good though, since it’s lined, so it’s not so see-through. Ah yes, it is always interesting seeing what people are wearing on the other side of the world. :D

I really love the outfit and like the double white combo! I think white is such an elegant and beautiful colour to wear, but I am often not brave enough haha.

It’s really cool that H&M allows donations of clothes! :D

I love white dresses! The only issue I have with it is the material not staying white after several washes. It’s great that H&M is giving out vouchers for recycled clothing! I know I would have a bunch to recycle X’D. Your outfit looks really nice! The skirt has that high-quality look to the material. You’re not alone with hating ballet flats @__@. I feel like my feet are too wide for them! Oh, and they show my true height as well. Your brogues go with your outfit perfectly!!

I wear white clothes from time to time. I find white tops being the easiest to wear for some reason.