Fashion Friday: Black on Black

This Fashion Friday was generously named by Nancy!

I am definitely wearing a lot of black in this outfit. There have been some days recently that I have worn a lot of black. I have a lot of black clothes and it’s a really easy colour to wear. It’s also worth noting that everything in this outfit is something that has been featured in a previous outfit already – so that’s a good sign in terms of paring down my outfits to my favourite pieces and knowing what in my wardrobe I enjoy wearing most.

Full body shot
Full body shot!

I wanted to wear the skirt again, which is really comfortable and works well for my petite frame. I chose the top afterwards. It was a cold day so I wore long sleeves.

I actually don’t like to choose my tops first because I have a lot of them, and some of them only go well with certain types of bottoms. I prefer to choose a skirt or jeans, and then choose a top that goes well with it. I think I mentioned this recently but I am trying to do a better job of planning my outfits the night before going to work the next day. I generally like to alternate days of the week between jeans, skirts and dresses, so that I am not wearing the same type of bottoms two days in a row – but sometimes I have worn jeans two days in a row because I just love my very comfortable Topshop jeans. :P

My shoes made their first appearance in Slow Dawn. Initially, they felt a little tight around the top of my foot, but the leather has stretched a bit now and made it more comfortable to wear.

Close up of my high heels as I stand with my ankles crossed
Close up of my suede heels

I’m wearing the same blazer as in my previous Fashion Friday outfit. It’s a little loose-fitting and I love the style and the fact that it has pockets. I am so tired of having fake pockets in clothes!

Although I am wearing a lot of black, I like how my brown handbag balances out the colours and adds some contrast. As you probably know, the bag debuted in my previous Fashion Friday as well. I am wearing it at my elbow without the longer strap. :)

Close up of my Fossil bag
Close up of my bag

I almost forgot to mention my haircut. 💇🏻 I put the layers back in my hair. I really wanted something different but I didn’t want to make a drastic change. Last time I got rid of my layers and cut the ends of my hair to the same length. But I guess I didn’t like how ‘heavy’ it became. So I thinned out my hair, parted it in the middle and got it cut. I didn’t think I could rock a middle part and I’m still getting it to work for me, but I’m happy with it. By parting it in the middle and getting it cut that way, I was able to even out my hair a lot. Since it has been parted on the left side of my head for almost my whole life, it meant that the right side was always going to be a little ‘heavy’.

Full body shot showing my hair shielding my face as I get out my sunglasses
My middle-parted hair really showing itself

Photography by Seb.

Outfit details

  • Top: Tokito
  • Skirt: Topshop
  • Shoes: Jane Debster ‘Berkeley’ heel
  • Jacket: Basque
  • Sunglasses and Bag: Fossil
  • Nails: Ulta3 (Sunset Coral)

How do you usually like to wear your hair? How often do you wear black?

Close shot of my face
You can really see my hair colour in the sun sometimes
Full body shot with my sunglasses on and me tucking some hair behind my ear
With my sunglasses on as the sunlight becomes harsh

Comments on this post

Another beautiful Fashion Friday post, Georgie! Thanks for sharing 😃 Your heels are BEAUTIFUL, I love how they aren’t typical heels – really like the edge it gives with the cross over strap 😁

You’re rocking that middle parting girl! I always try parting my hair to the middle but I feel like my face shape doesn’t suit it and I have a huge forehead. So I usually part my hair to the side, I think it balances out well in terms of the amount of “face” and hair haha!

I’ve been wearing black a lot lately mainly because I work full time now so it’s sort of required for work wear, though I do like to switch it up a bit with blocks of bright colors e.g. that orange dress! ;)

Thank you Pauline! Yeah, I remember seeing the heels and absolutely loving them, my short height makes it more interesting… I hear that having a bit of a crossover or a diagonal line on heels can sorta give the illusion of height.

I actually thought my face shape doesn’t suit the middle part at first. Then I decided to give it a go. I think it was a matter of getting the hairstyle right as well – some layers were necessary to make sure my hair didn’t look too flat. I think I have a round face (which a side part better suits) but let’s see how the middle part goes from now on. I think upon closer inspection, my face is not as round as I think…

Ah, I love your orange dress on you! It’s haūt. ;)

I love the idea of black on black fashion and you pull it off quite well ^^

Holy mama! That’s a really nice outfit, Georgie. It’s so stylish, and it suits you really well! As always, your coordination skills are top notch. I think the brown bag really adds a lot to your ensemble with its contrasting colour.

The middle part looks great as the new cut. My own hair parts naturally on its right . . . when I do try and part it in the middle, it looks so weird that I just go back to its natural part! My fringes, too, parts on the right, so it goes hand in hand, haha! XD

I used to part my hair on the left, all the time. It’s actually probably because you have done it for years that it just flips back to its original spot when you try and move it. Takes a lot of time to get gravity to put your hair a different way, because it has been growing in a certain direction! I gradually moved mine over to the middle. ;) And then I got it cut because it was so obviously heavier on one side from being that way for so long. So it is doable to make the change, but kind of annoying haha!

do you wear white often? I just thought it’d be a cool to see a white on white fashion friday just to kinda combat this one lol just a random idea but of course, it’s not like i’m saying this look isn’t pretty because it is. who doesn’t love black anyway, right xD

omg no wonder i think you look different here! it’s the haircuuuuut! i have been debating whether to trim my hair a little or not, whether to get layers or not. my current one is straight too and i do like classic straight look so… uh, i’m not sure about layers. hm, i’ve always worn my hair straight – i did do messy waves but very rarely because my naturally broom straight hair just can’t hold the curls no matter how much hairspray i used. but yea, everyday look is straight and with eyebrow length side swept thick bangs. i don’t like tying my hair, i guess :P

i used to wear a lot of black too but now i’m all about white, white and white xD

I’m honored for picking your FF name out ;). Black is an easy color to wear. It matches with anything and you can still look professional/casual/whatever. I never wore black before, but I’m starting to add some black-colored pieces to my wardrobe. I like the combination of your whole outfit (as always). Your shoes are so cute! I am digging how playful it looks. Your haircut looks nice too ;D.

I like to wear my hear down. The only time I tie it up is when I go to the gym. I should trim my hair soon XD. These days, I wear a black top at least once a week thanks to work.

Such a cute outfit! =3

I love to wear black, it goes with everything! As with parts I feel you. Whenever I get it cut they like to part it on the left which just feels odd…I usually switch to the right eventually. XD

So much awesome! :D

I always like to have my hair tied up. It annoys me if it’s down. I don’t wear a lot of black now, I usually prefer vibrant colours hehe. If I was working in a professional environment, I would probably wear it a lot though. :D