Destroying a jewellery obsession, part 3

I have covered this topic several times over the past couple of years. Destroying a jewellery obsession has been difficult because no matter how many times I walk past shiny, sparkly things, I just want to have a look.

For me, a lot of jewellery purchases were solely due to my inability to break away from sales and bargain deals. I was well convinced into buying a lot of accessories I did not need because it was much easier parting with $3 a pop. It was not so much about savings on original price as it was about ‘holy crap, that is cheap’. When something costs you less than a cup of coffee, why wouldn’t you?

I have found that destroying my jewellery obsession has been extremely gradual. Here are some things I have noted:

  • My obsessive purchases did not always reflect a consistent style.
  • I was buying cheap items that only lasted a handful of wears before changing colour and essentially being rendered useless.
  • I was wearing stacks of rings and bracelets on my fingers and wrists and it became too much. I really did not need that much.
  • As I swayed more towards simple, classic pieces, I found that I did not like a lot of the extravagant items in my jewellery box anymore.
  • My petite frame means that a lot of trends do not really suit me.

In the end, I think I realised that I don’t really need to wear much jewellery at all. Whether it is to look good or complete an outfit… it is easy to over-accessorise and I am a hundred percent guilty of doing this on occasion.

Let’s take my three pairs of ear piercings for example. I have had them since 2003, though I have had my first, lowest ones since I was a child. It’s kind of a given that you should only wear small, less heavy earrings on your upper lobes. So while I only really change my lowest earrings, I have constantly been struggling with trying to make them match my other four. I used to wear the same silver earrings all the time until the claws of the stones started to come loose, so I got some simple-shaped stainless steel ones recently. I’ll be honest – changing my earrings is a pain and a bother. I don’t like to do it often. That’s why stainless steel was a good option: I can wear them in the shower and on a daily basis without my skin reacting badly.

It was here where I gradually got lazy with other types of jewellery. Out of habit, I wore the same rings until I grew tired of them and moved onto others. I had certain combinations I liked and wore on some days. I decided that wearing just one nice bracelet was fine, because it was annoying when bangles or bracelets hit the desk as I typed or wrote.

I slowly enjoyed the idea of jewellery that I could wear regularly without having to worry about it tarnishing. So more recently, I have invested in higher quality, non-cheap, non-mass-manufactured jewellery. Jewellery made of stainless steel or plated metal. Stuff I could, and would, take better care of. It is so easy to abuse cheap jewellery simply because it is cheap and you didn’t even spend a lot on it.

I think, though, that several other things contributed to the fact that I don’t get as obsessed with jewellery anymore:

  • Cleaning out my wardrobe. Thinking about the fact that I have so many clothes and am trying to find my favourites has made me think the same about jewellery. 
  • Travelling has made me think about packing lightly as well. And I definitely don’t need to bring so much jewellery on trips. In line with outfits, I start thinking of more versatile pieces that I can wear with anything.
  • I have an engagement ring. This sure sounds a little materialistic, but it’s a piece of jewellery that is worth a lot both in terms of quality and its romantic value. And I don’t really feel like wearing a lot of other jewellery because that’s enough.
  • I just got lazy. Or maybe I prioritised other things, such that picking out jewellery in the morning wasn’t important anymore. 😊
Close up of my nail art and my engagement ring
My engagement ring as photographed by Seb

I will continue to avoid purchasing jewellery for the sake of it. I am still working towards a cleaner jewellery box, but for the most part, I am glad that I’ve made some progress. :)

Comments on this post

I got out of the habit of wearing jewellery, and that’s how my mini-obsession stopped. When I was 13/14 or so and didn’t have much money, jewellery was a fun and cheap way to jazz up outfits and make me feel grown up (ha). I used to wear lots of bangles and bracelets on one wrist (watch on the other) and had a few necklaces. I didn’t really wear rings.

But, yeah, as my style changed and I realised I didn’t wear or like *that* much of the jewellery I had, I stopped buying it and wearing it and gave it away. Then I found two rings – each one had belonged to one of my grandmothers – that I now wear daily (I feel naked without them). But my point is that I think finding out what good quality jewellery was like made me 100% sure I didn’t want to buy cheap jewellery again. I have one necklace that I wear sometimes, and that’s it now. 2 rings and one necklace. And I’m quite happy with that.

Haha I think I remember when both you and I used to wear sooooo many bangles and bracelets. I just bought another Pandora bracelet to balance out my charms. I am not one of those people who gets obsessed with Pandora so I won’t spend a lot of money on it, so far only really bought a couple of charms once a year. All my other charms get gifted to me haha. ;)

But I agree, I don’t wear so many rings anymore, I don’t look at my bracelet collection anymore, but I do choose out a necklace most of the time. I don’t need cheap and crap jewellery anymore. xD

This is probably the one reason why I don’t regret not buying jewelry. I used to love wearing stackable bracelets but I found my two Pandora bracelets and watches a hassle when I’m using a laptop @___@.

For $3 each, I would’ve bought as much as I could too! That’s the downside of buying cheap jewelry; they don’t last at all :/. You’re better off investing in a couple of expensive pieces instead. *adores your pandora bracelet*. I am totally digging your move towards minimalism!