Fashion Friday: How not to hate pink

I actually really hate the colour pink. I am not sure when I began to dislike it, since my first prom/formal ball thing/dance dress was completely pink. I didn’t pick it out though, so I suppose it doesn’t matter. Pink is Lilian’s favourite colour but I have never really liked it. I had always liked blue.

Sitting Hyde Park.

I steer clear of pink clothing because I don’t think it looks good on me, or I just don’t feel good wearing it. Whether it’s hot pink or light pink, I just think it’s yucky. I owned light pink lipstick once and I thought it looked horrid on me. However, for this Fashion Friday I decided to wear pink accessories to match my light pink top.

Closer shot of the pink top.

I am also not really a fan of florals so I feel like this outfit is quite far removed from what I would normally wear. I did pick out the skirt, though, because I liked the wide waist and the style. I also thought the length was quite reasonable. It’s a Princess Highway skirt, and while their range seems to cater for the old-punk-chick Georgie, I still find some of their pieces to be pretty girly with an edge.

My mum picked out the top, though she knows I don’t really like pink. It is a pretty light and subtle pink anyway. The floral pattern is actually a navy blue, which goes quite well. I am not really a fan of pink lip colour at all, but I went for it anyway.

Love my Paloma clutch.

I got the pink ring from an eBay seller who sells similar rings in different colours. It’s one of my favourite pink ones and I also have the same style in aqua blue. Just for something different I added a pink bow hair tie that I got from Kitsch.


Most of the other accessories have been featured in other posts. My Paloma clutch was in a previous edition, and my shoes have been worn time and time again. They are just so comfortable and I have a thing for shoes. If I love them and they fit, I end up wearing them all the time.

Medium shot :p
Pink ring and yellow nails.

The yellow nails were just a random choice. I tried out some new colours on the weekend and I was keen to try yellow over green. It fits nicely for summer! Edit: Liz asked what polish it was. It’s Revlon in 560 Zealous.

I am also not a huge fan of the pink lip colour. It’s the YSL Rose Vinyl colour. I had that colour and a very light pink, but because of my skin tone, the light pink looks pretty awful.

Comments on this post

like you, i’ve never really liked pink either. i guess i can still tolerate some variations of it; like piggy pink and cherry blossom pink. cotton candy pink is alright too. the vibrant variations, though, they irk me. still, for some colors, i like seeing them and maybe using them in design for example, but seeing pink on me…yeah, i doubt that. in the end i still love blue better, especially the blue-green category.

as for floral, i like floral patterns but am very picky about them XD i think the pink top looks alright on you and it makes your aura feels subtle too haha i don’t know if that makes sense :D

p.s: love your nails! yellow isn’t my favorite color but yellow nails are refreshing XD

Haha yes, it is quite funny, I would never wear anything hot pink like the pink currently on my blog, but it looks nice for small accessories or in designs.

I know what you mean! It’s a very soft, “gentle” pink, and I don’t usually wear light colours, I tend to wear dark or bold ones. It’s quite different to what I usually wear. I also know that big colourful floral prints make me look smaller than I already am.

For some reason, I’ve always been a fan of the muted colors. I’ve never much cared for the bright red lipstick on others or on me. As a kid I’ve always favored the light pink lipstick. So, in a way you have my grandmother to thank for that. I don’t wear any pink myself, but I don’t dislike it either.

To me, the blouse seems a bit more on the peach side, if you were going to talk technical terms on colors. However, it is what it is. I still like the outfit. The skirt that you’ve chosen to wear is perfect for it.

It does look peachy in the photos but it is more like a light baby pink. :D

Ooh! What nail polish/color is the yellow, if I may ask? I’ve always liked yellow nail polish, but I haven’t found one that was actually nice and non-cheap-o (e.g. Bonbon’s).

I’ve never thought about how I would feel about light pink… I surprisingly don’t mind pink much in design, like on webpages, because it’s different from wearing it, even if I have to see it. I feel like it works well in designs as long as it’s not too overpowering and either subtle or just as a(n)… ugh, I can’t think of the word right now. >.>

The outfit looks super cute, though! I, too, have that with shoes… I like to wear them if they’re comfortable or make me feel a certain way. c:

(I wear my formal flats in casual, everyday outfits… And I wore them in the pasture on the farm chasing donkeys, etc.…)

Honestly, I adore the right shade of pink…of course, I happen to be one of those annoying people that look good in pastels. :P But I absolutely adore your outfit – you look very cute. ♥ Pink and navy are probably my favorite color combo.

Even though you are not a fan of pink, I think it looks so amazing on you. Maybe that’s just me and how much I like pink…. but really it does suit you. :D