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I went for a more casual look for this FF. I have to admit I don’t dress casually very often, and even this outfit might not be casual enough for some. This is the outfit I wore to see The Wombats on Monday. It’s rare that concerts are held on Mondays. I know I didn’t really feel like putting much thought into this outfit so it’s a real mix and match.

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It’s been a while since I have written a Things I Miss post, and I have been thinking of so many things lately. I find that when I talk to Nick, we always come across things from our childhood or from our past, and we start a lot of sentences with “Do you remember…”

Today, though, I’m writing about something that I completely forgot about until recently when I was chatting with my friend Rachel. It’s called A Letter to a Domain, and was a series of letters I wrote on an occasional basis (basically any time I felt like it), starting in 2009.

The quaint thing about these letters was that I wrote them to various domain names that I owned: expressing my thoughts about them, their purpose or their planned purpose, or even ones that I had let expire and wished I hadn’t. As a domain name addict, the letters were amusing but fitting to my personality, and I was even more amused that people enjoyed reading them.

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Back in 2012, I made a mental list:

Huge bands I must see

  • Blur
  • Weezer
  • The Smashing Pumpkins

I only started seeing live music regularly that year, so I had a small list. I’ve only ever really been into seeing local bands, so that list of the ‘big guys’ has remained small.

On Saturday I had crossed off all three of those bands, finally seeing Blur live, at the same venue I saw Weezer and The Smashing Pumpkins.

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Brandy is a vibrant soul who shares almost the same birthday as me. As we live on opposite sides of the earth, our birthdays pretty much fall on the same day instead of being a day apart. She is an awesome gal with a big, big heart, and knows how to make people laugh.

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This series has been a long time coming, and it has been sitting on the back burner, mostly because of how much time I’ve been spending actually digging my head into this apparent way of life most commonly called ‘minimalism’. I had this post sitting there for a while to serve as some kind of introduction but my list of planned posts for this series isn’t going to go anywhere if I don’t start.

I was encouraged by Michelle and Bhairavee to write blog posts on this topic. Both of them really wanted to hear about my decluttering experiences.

First things first, though…

Nick told me to stop calling myself a minimalist, stop saying I’m trying to be a minimalist, and stop referring to it as such – and, of course – stop getting brainwashed. And I think that that is the place to start. Labelling things can make you lose sight of the real point or real meaning. Labelling something does not give more credibility to what is actually involved.

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I started building websites in the early 2000s and most websites would be updated with: “refresh if you can’t see the new layout”. Because some browsers cached CSS like a demon, you would have to force (or in this case, invite) users to clear their cache manually to be able to see updated code.

I usually left it up to the users’ browsers/machines to magically return the most updated CSS and didn’t think about combatting this issue on my own websites until recently. Renaming the file to something like style-v2.css was a common hack and certainly not the most ideal.

If your file is in PHP, you can use the function filemtime to attach a timestamp to the end of your CSS file.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="style.min.css?<?php echo date('Ymd', filemtime('style.min.css')); ?>" type="text/css" media="screen">

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Last year I wanted to include my grey coat in one of my Fashion Friday posts but the weather got too warm before I got a chance, so here it finally is! It was given to me by one of my aunts, who had bought it online but found that it didn’t fit her. She’s very thin, so I don’t know why something that didn’t fit her would actually fit me. It was originally from China so the sizing was a bit off. Even though the sizing doesn’t follow a standard, I have to admit that this is a beautiful coat.

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My friend Tara wanted to try the Wantable Accessories Subscription box, and invited me to try it too. She was lovely enough to pay for half the box for me.

Wantable has a few different monthly subscriptions for intimates, makeup, fitness and style as well. I had heard of the company before but was not keen on subscribing because of the price. It costs $40 for your first box, and $36 for each month thereafter. Since I live in Australia, I have to pay $10 shipping on top of that.

I have heard both favourable and unfavourable reviews of Wantable, so I’m going to be completely honest in this review and outline all my pain points as well.

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Back at my old workplace, one of my fellow engineers liked to tell people how great my commit messages were in Git. He was the kind to write “wip” (“work in progress”) before squashing all his commits. Every incremental, valuable change, for me, would be a separate commit.

I almost feel like the title of this post reads like a commit message. I tend to write fairly descriptive commit messages. I also wrote extensive and detailed diff summaries – something my fellow front-end developers would applaud, too.

This is just a post to outline the update I made to my blog layout recently, which only looks like a small change, but does encompass a bit extra in terms of updating some microdata and cleaning up some HTML.

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