2 minutes and 40 seconds with Domenica Rosina

Domenica is a fun, cheerful girl who is intelligent and ambitious. I’m on a roll interviewing some of my old blog buddies, and I just realised I’ve known Domenica for at least a few years now! I vaguely remember her old blogs, you can visit her blog here, tweet her @domierosina, or check out her portfolio. :D

My name is Domenica, I am a 20 year old university student working on my 4 year BSc Honors in Applied Computer Science and 3 year BA in Geography & Cartography. During the summer I am a intern, and by the fall (aka school year) I teach people the important life skill of swimming. I also dedicate all of my spare time to help my boyfriend run a start up lawn care & snow removal business. On a strict hourly schedule I tend to my loving and attitude filled guinea pig Valentino. When I have a moment to myself, usually before bed, I am blogging and working on web development. It can be hectic, but hey now’s the perfect time in life.

Note: I just realised how dumb the “warm snow” question was. The snow would melt. :P

A photo of Domenica
A photo of Domenica

What is your opinion on it raining warm water?

Oh that would be the best in the world! I am always cold and I love really hot water, so some warm rain while I am at the bus stop would be fantastic!

Would you rather it rain warm water or snow warm snow?

Well I live in a place where we get -40 even -45 Celcius in January, and snow is really a pain in the but to clear out of the driveway and off cars so warm rain it would be.

If you had to write about one of the following, what would you choose: a designer bag with legs; a rigged raffle where everyone wins one piece of a jigsaw puzzle; a spotted pink guinea pig; a dog with four tails?

Oh Georgie you must have been thinking of me when you wrote this question, the spotted guinea pig of course! I love those creatures to bits and pieces.

How many oranges do you think it takes to make two hundred orange cupcakes?

Well for the orange cookies we make (an Italian tradition) we usually use an orange per batch, and I think 24 cookies come out of that so I am going to guess roughly 10 because if you want it really strong you need the extra two!

What book do you wish you could ask its author, “Why did you end it that way?”

The Hunger Games, because I really did not like the way it turned out. I won’t spoil the book for others though.

If you could rename the subject/concept of “mathematics”, what would you name it?

The Number Jungle. Since numbers get moved and mashed and have all this chaos just like a jungle, and yet has a certain place and order in life.

There is a bright green box in a red painted room. What is the colour of the inside of the box?

I would make the inside of the box yellow, since it almost seems like we are at a stop light.

What skill, natural or supernatural, do you magically wish you had right now?

I wish I had the skill to be a dancer. I danced ballet until the ninth grade, but I had wanted to dance other styles before I quit. It would have been nice to keep going, so I wish I knew how to have amazing technique in all styles, especially that new Latin ballroom style that is all over Instagram and is smoking hot to watch.

Pears or pineapples?

I am not a fan of either so I will chose pears, since I have eaten them and used to have a tree in my backyard.

Long socks or short socks?

Short socks! Like the really short ones that you cannot see in your runners. My boyfriend tends to steal all mine cause he likes them too.

Jeans or skirts?

Oh that is a hard one, I only like certain types of skirts and a certain style of jean. If I had to ultimately pick I think I would do the jeans. Especially because I am always cold.

Would you rather be in a room full of balloons you have to pop, or in a room full of pillows you have to escape?

Room full of pillows, I have 8 on my bed alone.

If you could delete one website and its history from the Internet completely, what website would you delete?

I think I would delete my previous blogs, and their archives at any of those archive sites.

What one food would you never eat, or never eat again?

I would never eat lamb. I cannot do it, I just do not like the taste or texture. I cannot do rabbit either.

Last but not least, what is one smell you absolutely cannot stand?

Tuna, I am not sure why, it is really weird, I feel like throwing up and cannot be in the room with the smell. I can’t even clean a dish with the tuna on it.

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So weird (in a cool way) to see this I remember reading your blog back in 2010 and I believe late 2009, is when I first came across it. Five years, that is crazy, I think it’s amazing how dedicated you have been compared to myself, I took like two years off. But it feels so great to be back! And somewhat having a niche now helps. :) This was a fun interview to do. My favorite to answer what the question with the guinea pig. This obsession is growing a little bit out of hand.

I can’t stand Tuna either, as I used to like it, but can’t deal with it anymore, plus a room full of pillows sounds awesome and comfortable all the way around.

Great interview~ ^^

Thank you for introducing me to Domenica’s blog! I really like these “2 minutes and 40 seconds with …” posts, their answers are always really fun to read.