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I used to be into hip-hop. Around the year 2001-2004, I went through a huge phase where I loved hip-hop, rap and RnB. I soon fell out of that phase and dove into classic rock. During that time I was a massive fan of the Black Eyed Peas. I owned all their albums prior to their Elephunk success, a DVD, all their singles that existed, and had many posters of theirs up on my wall. I still like their music, but I don’t listen to it as much, because I’ve grown to like other artists more.

In recent years, I have become familiar with photographing hip-hop artists. Admittedly, they have never impressed me that much up on stage. I make an effort to listen to the lyrics, and I find a lot of artists of the spoken word (or let’s just say rap) really find a way to evoke emotions with their honest, raw and passionate words and stories.

A lot of them don’t perform with very much enthusiasm or passion. Unfortunately I think that is a huge part of how their music makes me feel. Fortunately, when I saw Remi on Saturday night, he performed so well, and was really into his own music. I am not ashamed to say that I enjoyed it. I honestly didn’t expect much from a hip-hop artist, but he’s got a lot of personality, and that is the kind of thing that makes me like artists like him. His friend N’Fa Jones played his own set, too, and he was amusing, interacting with the audience, even making a joke to “stop texting on your phones!”

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After Liz told me about Kitsch, I contacted them to see if they would be able to send me some products for review. They kindly sent me two of their charm sets and one of their hair tie sets!

I chose the Pretty in Pink hair ties set because I liked the basic colours in it. I chose the Tri Me and So Fancy charm sets because I like triangles, and I like bows. My reasoning for the silver and gold choices is that I just wanted one of each.


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After reading Liz’s post “I Don’t Age”, I was motivated to write about my own similar predicament. Liz mentioned a recent encounter where someone asked if she was at least eighteen. I have received that question more than a handful of times in the past few years. The one thing that irks me about that question is not that I don’t look eighteen – it suggests I don’t even look eighteen.

I’m twenty-three.

Liz is the same age as me, for the record.

I still get asked for ID in bars and other places. If I am with a friend, sometimes I don’t even get asked, likely because said friend actually looks like they are of legal drinking age, and people might as well assume that this friend is with someone who is roughly the same age.

I automatically get my ID out of my bag before I walk into an over-18 venue, and don’t just walk straight through, simply because I know they will check, and if they don’t check everyone, they will ask me.

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This is another experiment into a stream of consciousness, much like my other post, “Seventeen teas later”, which explored how mood affects stream of consciousness.

This is a list of things that irritate me, based on my current state of mind (sitting on a train on my way to work in the wee hours of the morning).

Immature people.
Commercial television.
When necklaces get caught in scarves.
When you pull a thread on a scarf and you spend ages trying to get it back to normal.
When your thread of your hoodie disappears into the hoodie and you have to dig it out.
When there is no more toothpaste in the tube.
When people have very bad body odour on public transport.
When trains run late to the point where you don’t even know where the services are going.
Carrying a lunchbox in your bag and trying exceptionally hard to hold your bag upright at all times so that your pasta doesn’t roll around and get sauce all over the lid and not in the pasta itself.
When the doors to a bus close on you.
Idiot bus drivers.

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I started using Spotify a short time ago. I actually had an account for a year or so, but no one properly convinced me to use it regularly. It’s nice moving away from your traditional iTunes and media players and ripping CDs, and just having the music there for free. The free version is good; if I had to point out a downside it is probably that I get too many irrelevant donut advertisements when I hate donuts.

Sometimes I can find a lot of obscure music and not a lot of well known music (I mean, how is it that there is no original version of Yvonne Elliman’s If I Can’t Have You?), but it is good for sharing music and curating playlists. Since May, I have been making a monthly playlist of songs I love within that month. In this post I’m going to be sharing a handful from my May and June playlists.

Most of my readers know that I love Brisbane band Hey Geronimo, and that my music taste is “stuff you’ve never heard of”, “almost hipster” and “the occasional metalhead”. When I share my experiences about concerts, people often wonder what kind of music the bands play. I hope that sharing these playlists opens your ears to some more music or at least gets you a glimpse of what I like (which is pretty much anything).

1. Stevie Wonder – Isn’t She Lovely

I’m on a bit of a jazz roll this month, with at least two of my workmates favouring the upbeat but versatile genre. I listened to a lot of Stevie Wonder at the beginning of this month, and this classic happens to be one of my favourites as well.

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I guess I have a pretty quirky style when it comes to fashion. I like elegant pieces, but sometimes I like to toss it up a bit. My mum says that I always wear t-shirts with really nice, formal and dressy skirts. I think I’ve been doing that ever since I used to dress like a “rock chick”; I had a habit of wearing band shirts with a girly skirt, and sometimes wore patterned tights with aliens, skulls, dogs, or what have you. I thought they were pretty cool, but it’s interesting how quickly you go in and out of phases. I now can’t imagine wearing my dog-patterned tights outside of home.

Today I’m sharing one of my more casual outfits, which I suppose is a bit on the quirky side as well. These tights aren’t patterned, but they have a cherry-blood-red sort of hue (I bought them from Cotton On). I have never owned any red tights – a couple of years ago, James’s mum gave me a pack that had yellow, green, purple and pink in it. They were really subtly coloured though, and not as bold as this colour. In fact, I wore the green ones once and Cal did a double take, noticing my legs were a slight green and wondering if I was seriously ill or if I just had green tights on.


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Scott Wilcox is a developer from England. He blogs at, tweets at @ssx and also built, a service that posts your top artists to Twitter every week. I’ve been using that service for at least a few years now. As a busy, busy guy, I’m grateful he still had some words to share!

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This post is another entry for Manda’s A Day in the Life linkup. Feel free to view my previous entries.

I woke up late. 7:30am. Yuck. It’s worthy to note that the past week I have been sleeping rather late and getting up rather late, so my regular waking-up-at-5:30am is not working. Normally I would be on a train by 7:30am… I’m pulling myself back together, slowly. I did have a good sleep though, and rested well.

I pull on a similar outfit to what I wore to work last week ‐ dark red tights, a grey dress and some handwarmers, take my medication, brush my teeth, grab my lunch box, and hop out the door.

I take a squiz at my new car in the driveway. It arrived yesterday. I’ll get to drive it soon, after I attend a demonstration and get used to it. I’ve been driving James’s car for the past month or so, and drove Tristan’s a few times. I’m a bit reluctant to share a photo of my car at the moment. I’ll write about it another time.

I decide to take the bus that’s further from my house, I guess I feel like a good walk. I get to the bus stop and only have to wait a minute or two before the bus comes. I can get a seat because it’s not that crowded. I’m messaging James on my phone and checking my email when someone sitting near me waves at me to get my attention and says hello. I’m surpised to see it’s my old friend Jess! Sure, she isn’t wearing glasses anymore, but I definitely recognise her.

We spend the rest of the bus ride chatting and catching up. I don’t remember the last time I saw her but it was at least four years ago. Only now do I realise that if I hadn’t woken up late, or decided to catch the other bus, I would not have bumped into Jess at all. She made sure she followed me on Instagram before I went through the gate at the train station, and she went to line up because she had to buy a ticket.

Listening to Ramona by Velociraptor on my iPhone
Listening to Ramona by Velociraptor on my iPhone

On the train I realised my iPod (classic) had died. I remember charging it yesterday, and not using it at all, but it wouldn’t turn on, even when I tried to reset it and press all the buttons.

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I’ve been using WordPress since 2009. It is what I use to run my whole blog and all its related pages. Five years is not really a long time when you consider the fact that WordPress is about eleven years old. It’s also not really a long time when I realise I have been blogging alone since 2001 or so, which is about thirteen years.

I first heard of WordPress in 2007, when our school blog ran on version 1.5 or so. I had never really heard of a proper blogging system. I had used LiveJournal and MSN Spaces. MSN Spaces later moved its users to WordPress, but instead I chose to drop my ridiculous “jhorjii” alias (not really an alias, just a bastardisation of my name) and blog in pure HTML on my website, which, at the time, was a pixel art website.

WordPress takes me back to when I had my first domain (, saw websites built on this wondrous platform, and I simply followed suit because WordPress was more robust than what I was using at the time. I love WordPress for many reasons, and there have been times when I thought about using another platform – but I love that WordPress is open source, there is a wonderful community for it, and it really hasn’t let me down after all these years. That’s what you want in a CMS, right?

I had the opportunity to meet Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress, today. Had Daniel not linked me to Matt’s post about this tour of Asia and the Pacific, I might have missed out! So I’m thankful that he shared that with me – and yep, I need to be on the ball with these things. 😛

Some WordPress swag.
Some WordPress swag.

I really enjoyed Matt’s talk – he shared with us how WordPress came to be, and answered questions from the audience about the past and future of WordPress.

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I was asked to review another product by The Snugg. I was about to try a case for my MacBook Air, but I love the one I currently have, so I went for an iPhone case instead. Rather than getting a pouch or a silicone case (I have enough of those that I am happy with), I chose the thin snap-on cover.

They didn’t have the clear one in stock, so I got the black Ultra Thin case instead. I initially wanted the clear one to show off the colour of my white iPhone 5c, but I’m actually really, really happy with this black case.

It arrived about ten days ago, and when I opened the packaging I wasn’t expecting much. I already own a snap-on case with a fabric design and it is rather fragile. The Snugg case looked very thin. Impressively thin, actually. I put it on my phone straight away and I was amazed at how snugly it fit.


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