2 minutes and 40 seconds with Scott Wilcox

Scott Wilcox is a developer from England. He blogs at dor.ky, tweets at @ssxio and also built Tweekly.fm, a service that posts your top Last.fm artists to Twitter every week. I’ve been using that service for at least a few years now. As a busy, busy guy, I’m grateful he still had some words to share!

If you were the frontman of a band, what would your band be called and what kind of music would you sing?

The Electrons, old rock n roll

If your band released an album, what would that album be called?


Name the closest thing to you that is blue.


Would you rather be swimming in the sea right now or flying a kite?


There are two doors. One has a Doge face on it, the other has Jim Carrey’s face on it. Which do you open?


If you could clone yourself, would it be for good or evil?


What programming language do you like the most?


Do you prefer tea or coffee?


Showers or baths?


Favourite alcoholic drink?

Southern Comfort

Would you rather be stuck in a tornado or stuck in a hailstorm?


Pick one of these to stick up your nose: a marshmallow; a piece of broccoli; the end of a toothbrush.


There is a zombie outbreak. You are working in your garage and you’re standing at the top of a ladder. Within reach is an open can of pink paint, an open can of brown paint, a box of nails, a box of old mobile phones, a box of cornflakes and a giant hammer. A zombie enters your garage. What do you do?

Grab the pink paint, throw it on zombie, take giant hammer and proceed to beat zombie to mush

Assuming a cute little puppy walked into your garage as opposed to a zombie, what would you have done instead?

Grab the pink paint…

If you were an animal, what would you be?


Name one person you’d love to have lunch with.


Would you rather have a bag of lemons break open and fall over your head, or made to laugh until you pee your pants?


Would you rather be allergic to chocolate or allergic to pizza?


If I gave you a hundred dollars, what would be the first thing you buy?

A gift for you

What is going to fall from the sky tomorrow morning?


Thumbnail image from Scott’s blog.

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