Fashion Friday: Wine and skulls

I guess I have a pretty quirky style when it comes to fashion. I like elegant pieces, but sometimes I like to toss it up a bit. My mum says that I always wear t-shirts with really nice, formal and dressy skirts. I think I’ve been doing that ever since I used to dress like a “rock chick”; I had a habit of wearing band shirts with a girly skirt, and sometimes wore patterned tights with aliens, skulls, dogs, or what have you. I thought they were pretty cool, but it’s interesting how quickly you go in and out of phases. I now can’t imagine wearing my dog-patterned tights outside of home.

Today I’m sharing one of my more casual outfits, which I suppose is a bit on the quirky side as well. These tights aren’t patterned, but they have a cherry-blood-red sort of hue (I bought them from Cotton On). I have never owned any red tights – a couple of years ago, James’s mum gave me a pack that had yellow, green, purple and pink in it. They were really subtly coloured though, and not as bold as this colour. In fact, I wore the green ones once and Cal did a double take, noticing my legs were a slight green and wondering if I was seriously ill or if I just had green tights on.


I suppose my tights match my hair colour a bit.

I’ve featured these boots in another post; they’re the pair I got in Japan when my boots were still soaking wet from the snow. I love them! I especially love the concealed wedge heel. They’re getting a bit scuffed, but I still love them. I’m hoping to find a pair to replace them if they ever get completely ruined. I’m like that with clothes – if I really, really like a piece, I will start to worry and consider buying a replacement if it starts to wear out.


The dress is one I bought in Hong Kong. Admittedly, I wasn’t too sure about how it would look on me, but it looked good on the mannequin – it’s always risky buying clothes that you haven’t tried on first, and even more risky just thinking “ah yeah, looks nice on that…” It worked out OK, I guess – it’s not the greatest item of clothing but I like the loose fit. I like the small details in it that make it more than just a slouchy dress. It has a hood and ties up at the back.

I got the skull scarf from my mum, she bought it at the department store she works in. I didn’t want to distract from the already very bold tights, so it’s a good thing the scarf is a dull grey like the dress.


The silver set of rings is a birthday present my mum bought me last month. She knows I love stack rings and bought me this sterling silver set of two, more sturdy than the cheap pieces I buy. The other ring is one that Emily got for me. She asked me to pick one out of a box but I couldn’t decide, and she said she thought I might like this one, so I trusted her judgement. :D


Comments on this post

That’s such a lovely outfit! The colour of your tights is lovely and pulls the outfit together. I can’t get over your nails though, they look so elegant! How much filing do you have to do to get them that shape? I’m very jealous!

Haha thank you! Yeah, I think I am used to filing them every time I trim them, so it doesn’t seem like a big deal. It takes a lot of time, and I don’t trim my nails that often. They grow quickly but I usually like keeping them long.

If you file them once, then each other time they will gradually grow to that shape. I got into the habit because I wear tights/stockings a lot, and nothing is worse than tearing them just because of even a slightly unsmooth nail. The edges are tricky. I’ve only ever had a professional manicure once, but I made sure to note how she filed my nails because she really made her way around the edges. :P

Where do you get your rings from? I’m envious of you and your rings! Lol. I keep trying to search for them on Amazon, but sadly, no luck.

Haha I usually get my rings from Lovisa and Equip. They ship to the US but is pretty expensive. One of the ones in this post is from my friend Emily, the others are from my mum, and I think she bought them from Bevilles. :)

I love your outfit, especially the colour of your tights and your rings. Where are your rings from?

Thanks Rachel! As I mentioned, the rings in this post are gifts from my mum and my friend Emily – my mum got the stack ring set from Bevilles. I usually buy my own rings (featured in other posts) from Lovisa and Equip.

The bold-colored tights and the scarf are a perfect match. I also love those rings. Great touch to the style.

The whole style reminds me of an Anime character, I just can’t recall her name. All I remember is she’s innocent but bold and edgy.

Overall, I adore it, so much. ;)

Love the outfit and love your rings! You look so pretty!