Raw × Infinity: Remi @ Oxford Art Factory

I used to be into hip-hop. Around the year 2001-2004, I went through a huge phase where I loved hip-hop, rap and RnB. I soon fell out of that phase and dove into classic rock. During that time I was a massive fan of the Black Eyed Peas. I owned all their albums prior to their Elephunk success, a DVD, all their singles that existed, and had many posters of theirs up on my wall. I still like their music, but I don’t listen to it as much, because I’ve grown to like other artists more.

In recent years, I have become familiar with photographing hip-hop artists. Admittedly, they have never impressed me that much up on stage. I make an effort to listen to the lyrics, and I find a lot of artists of the spoken word (or let’s just say rap) really find a way to evoke emotions with their honest, raw and passionate words and stories.

A lot of them don’t perform with very much enthusiasm or passion. Unfortunately I think that is a huge part of how their music makes me feel. Fortunately, when I saw Remi on Saturday night, he performed so well, and was really into his own music. I am not ashamed to say that I enjoyed it. I honestly didn’t expect much from a hip-hop artist, but he’s got a lot of personality, and that is the kind of thing that makes me like artists like him. His friend N’Fa Jones played his own set, too, and he was amusing, interacting with the audience, even making a joke to “stop texting on your phones!”

I dragged my camera along for fun, and I got some shots that I am pretty proud of.


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Wow, there are some really good shots there.
I’ve gone through a lot of phases when it comes to music. I think when I was younger, particularly middle school age, it was ‘cool’ to like certain types of music (mostly rap/hip-hop etc) and, although I did like it, I probably would have enjoyed other kinds more. I listen to a lot of different genres these days. The only thing I don’t like is heavy metal. It drives me mad when I’m at work and people put around ten metal songs on the jukebox in a row. /angry

Wow, may I ask what camera and lens you use? Some of those shots are really crisp and clear!
I listen to a lot of genres now, including rap, years ago I used to be only rock/metal, but my tastes have definitely opened up.

These are really awesome shots Georgie! I’m proud of you :).

I honestly don’t listen to much hip-hop. I’m just not fond of the cursing in the lyrics (even though I intend to curse myself). I guess I’m more of a rock fan, than anything else. But I can tell you that the hip-hop artists and RnB artists out there sing with their emotions and what they know. Unlike most American bands. They sing, just to sing. I guess because of the way they were raised, they have more soul and emotions built into them. Which is not bad. It’s actually pretty good.

The shots again are awesome!

Those are some incredible shots, Georgie! I didn’t know you were into hip hop. Whenever I read about your photography and music loves, you always seemed to mention more alternative bands. I remember when you wrote about Smashing Pumpkins and I think I got more into them because of you.

I haven’t heard of Remi before. Do you have a link to any of his stuff?

Thanks AM! Yeah, that’s what I meant by the introduction, I did listen to hip-hop but not much anymore. Alternative and hard rock is my jam. In terms of photography and gigs, sometimes I am asked to cover gigs with music I wouldn’t normally listen to. It’s a good way to broaden horizons.

Try Remi’s bandcamp, you can listen to some of his music for free. :)

These shots are amazing! Good job! I think all of us had a hip hop phase, I know I did! I used to be so into Eminem back in the day, then I was introduced to Linkin Park and that changed my life.

Linkin Park was probably one of the first mainstream bands I listened to (Hybrid Theory era). I used to listen to ABBA and The Beatles when I was young, but when I spoke about music with my friends, I was introduced to Linkin Park and fell in love. My December was the first song I ever downloaded, given my crummy internet and the fact that I was still on dial-up internet until 2008!

Sadly I don’t listen to much Linkin Park anymore; after Minutes To Midnight I stopped listening to them. I think I just lost interest, and found other bands I liked more.

Awesome shots, Georgie…. I never really went through an hip-hop phase, mostly because I don’t tend to stick to one particular genre of music. It ranges from pop to Bollywood music!

Haha funny that you started with Black Eyed Peas…

Definitely couldn’t imagine you into hip-hop since I think most of us met you when you were very much into Pink Floyd & the like. Can’t say I’ve ever seen a hip-hop performance either…wait, I think I have, yeaah I have, but I don’t remember who…? Whatever, doesn’t matter.

Seems like you had fun! Many mainstream hip-hop artists perform pretty well on stage though, so it’s interesting that you feel the opposite of that with the exception of Remi. Even if many of the mainstream hip-hop artists mostly sing about popping bottles in the club, they really get the crowd going.

I must have missed this when you first posted. Oops! ^^;

Hip hop and rap are some of the genres that I just don’t listen to. I have loved pop, rock and even punk at many stages in my life, but could never see (and listen) the appeal in hip hop. But he’s changing my mind about it. Remi is that amazing. Not just to photograph (as you’ve experienced) but his songs are quite fantastic as well! And he was on fire that night.

Also glad my pancake lens did well for you! And whoa these shots are really close haha. I couldn’t zoom all in with your Sigma lens because they were moving so much (and zooming in and out is quite distracting, really). A fixed lens does give you an amount of freedom even if it comes with some constraints hehe.