Fashion Friday: Kitsch Hair Ties and Charms

After Liz told me about Kitsch, I contacted them to see if they would be able to send me some products for review. They kindly sent me two of their charm sets and one of their hair tie sets!

I chose the Pretty in Pink hair ties set because I liked the basic colours in it. I chose the Tri Me and So Fancy charm sets because I like triangles, and I like bows. My reasoning for the silver and gold choices is that I just wanted one of each.


I was impressed by the charm jewellery, because it was gold/silver plated, and the price was reasonable. I was also keen to try the hair ties, because Kitsch claims that their crease-less, metal-free hair ties are the best hair bands out there.

When I did receive my charm sets and hair ties in the mail, I was a bit disappointed that the earring posts had bent during transit. Last time I bought earrings online, I bought earrings with plastic posts that had arrived broken. Good thing I got a refund. The items from Kitsch came in a padded bag, but unfortunately, a significant amount of movement resulted in the earrings arriving bent. This is why I much prefer that earrings are either laid flat, or sent in a box (it doesn’t even have to be a fancy one!), because it prevents the posts from getting damaged.


However, nothing a pair of pliers won’t fix! I was impressed (and relieved) that the earrings were still in terrific condition and didn’t snap after being bent. Definitely goes to show how strong they are. Though gold and silver plated, the earrings themselves are made of brass. All the jewellery has a perfect finish, you can’t tell that it’s only plated with precious metal. The quality and detail is top-notch. I am already in love with the earrings and I know they will be kind to my ears, because I normally get nasty reactions from most fashion jewellery. The earrings are simple, but beautiful, and of course I’m glad to mix and match them since I have six piercings. I’m really happy with these, and would definitely consider purchasing their earring sets, which also have skulls, hearts, and stars.


The tiny charms on the necklaces are the same size as the earrings – so delicate. The backing card says “Stack. Layer. Collect.” I am personally not a fan of layering necklaces. As delicate as they are, I would prefer to wear one of these as a feature piece so it gets all the attention. I also don’t find myself wearing delicate necklaces unless for special occasions. I wear a guitar pick necklace all the time and am always pretty reluctant to take it off, so if I wear other necklaces I prefer them to be long-chained and have large pendants.


The hair ties are very nice. Most of the hair ties featured on Kitsch are knotted where the ends join, but I chose one of the few with bows. They look quite delicate, and at first I’m hesitant to tie up my whole head of hair with one of them just in case I snap it. The hair tie goes around twice over, and it’s holding my hair securely and comfortably in place. I’ve had other hair ties that hold my hair tightly in place, but usually feel very tight and like my hair is being pulled back. I’m pleased with the snug hold of these ties.

The hair tie slides smoothly off and doesn’t take any hair with it, which is a plus. Unlike other hair ties, this one has not lost any of its stretchiness. In fact, after a day’s use, they shrink back to their original size.


I have been doing my hair in French braids this week as well, using some of the other coloured ties to secure the hair at the end. It’s been super windy so I don’t want my hair flipping all over the place. :) I’m still a bit unsure that the hair ties will last much more than a few months with daily use, but that’s still pretty good. They are also quite nice for keeping on your wrist (though they look a tad like bandages). I’m always trying to make the bows visible, so if I were to buy another pack I would probably go for one without bows.


Overall I am happy with these products from Kitsch, and I really love the hair ties. I am glad they gave me the opportunity to review those because I wouldn’t normally buy hair ties because they snag, and Kitsch’s are really good! They have me enjoying doing my hair up again. Their website also has a Hair and Beauty Tips page which contains a few tips on how to use and take care of your hair ties.

I am also personally more a fan of their earrings than their necklaces, but anyone who likes dainty necklaces and tiny charms on any form of jewellery should definitely visit their online store. You’ll probably find a hair tie set that has a style that suits you, too.

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I loved those charm necklaces and earrings. They are so pretty. I usually don’t buy hair ties (My hair are short) but I liked these bow ties, they look cute!
You can do a french braid on your own? wow!

You must have to keep your hair short because it’s really hot where you live, right? Kitsch has some hair bands as well, that go all the way around your head. :D

It took me a while to do a French braid on my own. I still tend to get my hair tangled or accidentally pull it while I am doing it. When I had really long hair my mum did it for me, very neatly and everything. It is nice to be able to do it yourself though. :)

Those charm necklaces and hair ties are super cute! How is it you hear about all the good fashion stuff? I’m super jealous :P.

Oh yeah, I knew you stated why and how you got the fish guitar necklace, and see you wearing it in every picture for Fashion Friday, but I forgot why you have it. Can you tell me again?

Haha Liz told me about this one! I guess a lot of excessive Googling got me finding where all the fashion is online.

I started playing guitar around 2004, and in 2005 my friend and I played together, and had a bunch of guitar picks from the school music room. I decided to take one and make it into a necklace. The fishbone is from a shirt I had when I was a kid — I don’t have the shirt anymore, but it had all these charms on it, and I kept the fishbone. I’ve had to change the chain a few times, but I can’t bear to part with the necklace (yet) haha. I suppose the fishbone is also relevant now because the only meat I eat is seafood. :P

I really like the look of the bows. I think they are a simple way of making your hair look super cute. And by the way, you look great with a French braid. :) I think the triangle necklace and earring set are my favourites.

I’d love to be able to review products like this but I have no idea how to get into it.

This is a pretty late reply (oops). I’m not sure what made me want to review products; I was approached by The Snugg to do a review on one of their iPad cases, and then they continued contacting me for an iPhone case review. Reviewing products is a good chance to get free stuff, but a lot of websites have very high requirements for their blogger programs (1000 followers on Bloglovin, which I don’t even use; over 5000 followers on social media, and I consider myself to have a fair amount but it’s not even 1500). They obviously turned me off straight away.

I did a lot of searching for fashion blogger programs because that is primarily what I am interested in. (I also searched for others, though.) I found a lot of programs but a lot of them weren’t to my liking or had the high requirements I mentioned above. I think one of the best things to do would be to review anything you buy from a website, link to their website and hopefully give them a few hits, then you could contact them and ask if they would like any of their products to be reviewed.

I honestly enjoy sharing my own experiences, and I’m sure you do too – you don’t need to get products for free to do so. :)

(Trying this again…)

I’m glad it worked out for you!

They have pretty cute stuff, but since I’m allergic to most jewelry, I wouldn’t be able to buy from them. Their hair ties, on the other hand… that’s a slight possibility. I don’t think I could do the ones with the bows, either, though.

Christine ( mentioned on my Facebook post something about tied/ribbon hair ties, and I thought it was weird. I received one by Simple from the Simple event on their flyer card/thing, and have since been using it. It’s pretty interesting, and it doesn’t crease my hair or stretch too far/too much. It hasn’t taken any hair with it, either, and when my hair is damp, it works the best. It’s become my new favorite, so I’ll have to get some more soon (I mean, a /white/ hair tie is quite visible with dark hair).

That’s too bad the earring got bent, but I’m glad you were able to bend it back in place! They’re so cute, and the necklace charms are too. I’m the same way about necklaces though. I’m not a fan of layering them, and I always wear a long chain necklace with a jade pendant at the end.

I really love how the hair ties look. I went through a few different hair ties before I found one that didn’t snag my hair, but they aren’t as pretty as these. I also like to have at least one hair tie on my wrist incase I want to tie my hair up later, and these would look a lot nicer on my wrist too. I didn’t know about Kitsch before, but I’m going to look into them now for the hair ties :)

The hair ties look cute! I although prefer simple black ones, in which I obsess over. However, I like it better when the ties are worn on your wrist, despite that it looks like bandages when worn that way.

I really like the earrings. It’s so minimal but pretty that it can be worn alone or mix-and-matched with. So as their necklaces.

By the way, I’ve visited their shop, and I would want to review their products too. :)

Shit, you sold them well. I’ve been searching for cute, affordable layering necklaces. And I love the hairties. Ugh, I’m going to spend so much money here…. oh wells!

The bow hair ties are SO cute! I think I might have to buy myself some of those. The earrings are also super cute and it’s great that the earrings were in great condition!

I could use the hair ties for my hair. I have curly hair, and my stylist keeps telling me to stop tying my hair in a bun! These look awesome, thanks for the suggestion :)

You’re welcome, Christa! I love putting my hair in a bun but it can really pull on hair. These ties will definitely be kind to your hair, I am personally falling more and more in love with mine. :)

So cute! I love everything that you got to try, and I’m definitely on my way to check out their shop. Knowing me, I’ll probably have way too much trouble narrowing down my choices. :(