Achievement Unlocked: September 2016

Achievement Unlocked: September 2016

I really need to get into the habit of writing these posts on the last day of the month when it makes a little more sense! September had a few happenings:

  • Along with some of my coworkers, I participated in Steptember. We walked 10,000+ steps a day to raise awareness for cerebral palsy. We raised $831.06 and in total, we walked 1,482,130 steps!
  • I went to Indonesia with my family and Nick, for my cousin’s wedding.
  • Nick and I went to a wedding expo and picked up a bunch of brochures… there was nothing else to report there.
  • I bought the new iPhone 7.
  • Nick’s sister graduated from high school! 🎓
  • We saw Hey Geronimo for what was my 31st time.
  • We started going to the gym three times a week! I’m noticing some progress with my biceps and legs.
  • I bought a new handbag (the Emma Satchel from Fossil), my old one is getting a bit worn. I know I really only need one handbag and it’s probably a bit hypocritical of me to have bought another one, but it’s nice to have two options. I bought one that was quite different – a brown one (rather than black), and it’s smaller than my other bag.
  • I got a manicure last week when Amy from Nailed at Work visited our office. I went for a nude muted pink colour with a bit of subtle glitter on top.
  • I caught up with Lilian last week. I know our Best Friend Lunches (and dinners) don’t always have a post, but they are still worth mentioning. 🍱

Just before writing this, I was:

Cleaning up a bit of PHP code on my blog’s backend.

This past month, I achieved:

Other than the successes with Steptember – we came first at Campaign Monitor, too! – I kept up going to the gym.

This past month, I was grateful for:

Nick. Anything and everything Nick ❤️

This past month, I learned:

I’m grateful that at work I learned a thing or two about JavaScript. It’s a bit hard to name anything concrete that I picked up, but the main thing is that I was able to sort out some issues and build some functionality with our email builder at work. 🙃 It has not been easy keeping up with learning JavaScript, and the book I was reading proved to be hard to get through. I need to try different methods like watching videos, and I might do more of that this month.

This past month, I got bored of:

The notebooks I am using that I am trying to use up as quickly as possible. They are quite small and I want to move on to some of the bigger notebooks I bought recently.

But that’s OK, because I enjoyed:

That ravioli I had the other day with the really tasty napolitana sauce. I don’t know – it just left an impression on me.

Today, something that made me happy was:

Experiencing some soreness in my abdominals and my back from the gym. I really pushed hard on Saturday! I already had a day of rest and we’re going to the gym again today, but I’m thinking carefully about what exercise I’ll do so I don’t put my body under further strain.

Today, something I could have done better was:

I’ll answer this question related to yesterday since it’s still morning right now. Yesterday I spent so much time buying clothes online. I did buy some, but look – I’m going to have to clean out some of my wardrobe to make room for the new pieces! I don’t regret buying the clothes I bought, but I hope they are good quality and fit well. I am sometimes unsure about buying clothes online for that reason. I didn’t spend an insane amount of money, but it’s still spending, so I’m going to watch what I spend from now on.

Tomorrow, I’m going to:

Well, today is a public holiday so tomorrow I’ll be going back to work! We usually go to the gym on Tuesday mornings but thought we might as well go today since it’s a public holiday. I don’t really have anything specific planned for tomorrow.

Next month, I’m looking forward to:

I’ll be going to Perth at the end of October. I have never been there, yet it’s on the other side of Australia. I will be there for the Mixin conference and then staying over the weekend to explore the town.

Next month, I’m going to make the positive change of:

I was going to try and do some habit tracking to kick the habit of playing with my hair, but I haven’t yet tried. It’s just really embarrassing and I look really stupid when I play with my hair, but thankfully it’s not as bad as when I had trichotillomania many years ago – that is, the habit of pulling your hair out (it got so bad I even had some bald patches).

One thing on my to-do list is:

I need to work on my talk which I’m giving next week at the Girl Geek Sydney event. It’s titled How to let go of the fear of failure and make better goals and I already have my notes down pat… just have to work on my slides and pulling it all together. And practicing the talk, of course.

One happy photo from this month is:

Me and Nick at Surry Hills Festival
Me and Nick at Surry Hills Festival

If I had to write a book or record a film about this past month, I would call it:

Walking Literally Everywhere. I walked extra distances to the station, walked long distances to grab lunch, and walked from home to the train station so I could up my steps for Steptember.

After I post this, I’m going to:

Make some more tea. :D

Also see:

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Congrats on the September thing!

Sounds like a fairly busy month. I get bad with my spending too. XD Gotta work on that myself. But sometimes you do need to treat yourself!

Major congrats to you and your team for raising $831.06! I feel bad for probably being the reason why your team is at 6 cents :'(… (USD/AUD conversion on Paypal confuses me @___@). Still, this is seriously a good way to raise awareness for CP and contributing to the cause. Go Team Georgie!

Congrats to Nick’s sister on graduating from high school! It’s interesting to see how school systems work in different places. Hurrah on going to the gym 3x a week~

It’s awesome to see how much you’re learning when it comes to coding! Even more when you integrate what you learn into your blog.

Oh man, I have an issue with playing with my hair. I try to stop when I’m around people from work but thinking that my hair is tangle is agitating!

Have a good October!

Hahahaha don’t feel bad. You made a donation and we are super thankful for your support! :D

I didn’t know you have a problem playing with your hair too. 😮 I have been actively trying to stop it lately and I keep touching my hair and just undoing a tangle so I don’t look dumb… who am I kidding? Haha. But as long as I tell myself, ‘Just gonna comb my hand through my hair and be done with it’, I will stop the urge to play with it. Gotta start small!!

You and your team did a fabulous job with Steptember! I am so grateful that you guys did this! $800+ and 1 million+ steps? Those are impressive numbers! Congratulations on the amazing achievement.

I have to say, you had a pretty busy month with that travel to Indonesia and all that walking you did along with your gym time and work! Do be careful with your exercises! I don’t want you to get hurt from overdoing it.

Your new bag is also cute. That fits you wonderfully :) I love that photo of you and NIck :D

I’m glad you’re able to visit a new part of Australia! I don’t know much about Perth (other than the fact that is on the other side of the continent!), so I can’t wait for your blog post on that to see what Perth is like :D

Congrats on Steptember! $800+ and over 1 million steps is amazing.

Ah, the iPhone 7. I’m interested to hear your thoughts on it! I recently bought an iPhone 6 in March so I’m not up for a new phone for ~2 years, but I love my 6 so I’m not particularly miffed about it. The iPhone 7 is gorgeous, though. I’m a big fan of the all black option and wish they would’ve done that for the 6. I don’t mind the steel gray, but I’m particularly biased towards all-black things. 👀 Electronics included! I’m also a little worried about the lack of an audio jack since I listen to music through headphones ALL of the time, and I hear the wireless headphones are $100+ (USD).

Congrats to Nick’s sister! I think graduating high school is a pretty big achievement. You can only do it once. ;) Congrats to your cousin as well. I’m a fan of weddings that involve a bit of travel, and I bet Indonesia is an interesting place to visit. I hope you all had fun!

Here’s to a good October!

You can still use your headphones because the new phone comes with an adapter! Which was really nice of them to include, I thought. You get the earphones with the new connector but then you get an adapter so you can still use the ‘old’ ones with your new phone.

I do love the matte black phone. I almost wish I got that one instead! I have never liked the ‘space grey’ because it just wasn’t completely black. 😳

i should really move my body and go to the gym too but i’m just too lazy for that even though my bf and i need to exercise :))) we’re such sloths.

well, won’t you look at that classy handbag ;)
I’m not a fan of lady handbags but i think that satchel you bought is classy and pretty :D

After I post this, I’m going to:
Make some more tea. :D

because tea is important, tea is life. i’ve been drinking so much tea lately too and drinking it with milk and sweetener. i don’t usually drink them this way, like…british style and. i usually drink them raw and bitter, just tea and nothing else but lately the british way has been my go-to method xD

Haha once you start, you will get motivated and will want to keep it up.

I used to not like girly handbags (or handbags at all, as I preferred messenger bags) but I really wanted a more ‘cute’ small one.

I loooove tea! Don’t get me started. I could go on forever about tea. 😂 I don’t usually drink it with milk or sugar, though. Black and bitter FTW! I have to have soy milk because normal milk makes me sick. Sometimes a sweet chai latte is a greaaaat pick-me-up from plain black and bitter tea. Hahaha.

The header is so pretty, btw. Also, congratulations for Steptember! So awesome how much you guys raised :) That is a lot of steps!

How is the iPhone 7? Will you be writing a review for it? I saw your manicure on Instagram and loved it. I like how the glitter was subtle :)

Good to hear that the gymming is going well. I’ve really been slacking off, and since my friend can’t make it to our gym anymore because it conflicts with her schedule (she’s moved to a new office), I don’t have a gym buddy anymore :( Definitely need some motivation, and you’re definitely serving it!

I didn’t know what trichotillomania was until a couple of years ago when I stumbled across a YouTuber who had it, and I finally put a name it. I can’t lie, I do it now and it doesn’t help coupled with my alopecia. It helps relieve stress, though :(

Hmmmmm, tea.

Thanks! I got the photo for free from, but I put the text on it. 😆

I wasn’t going to write a review but a lot of people have been asking what I think, and I wrote a quick post last year about the 6S, so I just might!

That’s a shame about your gym buddy! Although Nick and I go to the gym together, we do our own thing. You can get back into it! 💪

Oh no. 😞😞 I really don’t remember how I stopped pulling my hair out but I still pull a hair here or there… I have tried to play with it less but it is soooo tempting. My coworkers suggested finding a stress ball to squeeze to distract my hands. I have been trying, but I need to find a better tactic and just stop. 😦

Congrats on another successful September! You certainly walked a lot ^^ I’m trying to walk a lot and even track it daily. Man, that’s impressive and you and Nick are so beautiful together ^^