Achievement Unlocked: July 2016

Achievement Unlocked: July 2016

I took the photo in the banner above in San Diego. By chance I got a photo of a bird flying in a pretty clean patch of sky.

It’s August, which means another recap of the previous month. As I mentioned in my previous post, I fell ill, and it really hurt to talk, and my nose was on fire all weekend. I took yesterday off work, and I didn’t see myself getting better quickly. But I took today off as well, and I was surprised to find that following my morning coughing fit and spitting up huge amounts of phlegm (gross), I actually feel much better. I still have a dry throat and I’m drinking as much tea and soup as I can, but my appetite has disappeared. I’m trying to stay warm with the heater on and I think I’ll be fit enough to work tomorrow, but I don’t think I’ll survive the long commute, so I am thinking of working from home. It will save me making anyone else ill, too.

I try to make the most of my time when I’m home ill. Sometimes they are the worst days for some people, depending on how ill they are. Usually I’m in bed the whole day, but I usually read articles on the internet, and read blogs. Have a nap every now and then. Today I painted my nails as I read. I painted them white then stuck some nail wraps over them for effect. I’ve posted a photo on Instagram.

Since I missed posting a Fashion Friday Q&A last Friday I am accepting questions to answer for this Friday! So please post them in the comments or send them through. :)

Just before writing this, I was:

Replying to messages from some of my blog friends.

This past month, I achieved:

Nick and I spent our last days of our trip in Singapore. We caught up with our families and successfully booked the date and venue for our wedding ceremony and reception! 🎉 It’s all super exciting and I’m also excited to post more about our wedding plans.

I went to the United States for the first time, visiting San Diego on a work trip. I didn’t get to see many sights, though.

Also saw Hey Geronimo for the thirtieth time – again, I am so proud of them releasing their debut album! Seeing them play live is hardly an achievement, though, since I make sure I go every single time!

This past month, I was grateful for:

My workplace spending money on us to travel to San Diego, even though I didn’t enjoy the trip a lot and found it so tiring.

This past month, I learned:

That I owe $3000 to the government, which makes me an angry child. That’s what you get for taking out a loan on a postgraduate degree and working as a professional…!

This past month, I got bored of:

Reading articles about web development. There has been nothing groundbreaking lately.

But that’s OK, because I enjoyed:

The chilli chai tea that I bought in London. It’s the best. I am crying thinking of what I will do when I finish the whole bag. 😢

Today, something that made me happy was:

Chatting with some awesome ladies – Tara, Liz, Nancy and Chynna. It’s lovely chatting beyond just commenting on each other’s blog posts and catching up with each other’s lives.

Also, I feel a great deal better, so I’m on the mend!

Today, something I could have done better was:

Well, I could have vacuumed my room, but there is still time left tonight to do so.

Tomorrow, I’m going to:

Hopefully feel good enough to work from home.

Next month, I’m looking forward to:

Seeing Aladdin the musical! Nick’s already seen it (boo) but it’ll be hitting Sydney in August. I think it’ll be really good.

Next month, I’m going to make the positive change of:

August is going to be my month where I try to sleep a lot earlier than midnight and get up in time with no stress. I know this is a goal that I’ve probably had for a while, but I am determined about it now. And I’m also going to catch up with a lot of my friends, I can’t wait for that.

One thing on my to-do list is:

To make an appointment with the orthodontist. My bottom retainer/plate broke… I need to get it replaced. :(

One happy photo from this month is:

Me and Nick with Hey Geronimo
A photo with Hey Geronimo!

If I had to write a book or record a film about this past month, I would call it:

Rollin’: Just Taking Life As It Comes

After I post this, I’m going to:

Put on a pot of tea. :D

Also see:

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It’s so cool to have a close encounter with the sea gulls here in San Diego. They can get too close to snap a really good photo! :)

I hate being sick. Sometimes staying home can be okay, but it depends how you feel. At least you can somewhat enjoy it! Feel better!

Wow, I bet you’re tired from traveling but then again, you probably won’t forget it! The pictures and blog posts about your travels are awe inspiring! I hope you feel better~! But I too, met my favorite artist: Vienna Teng. She was so nice and super down to Earth, so I’m glad you met Say Geronimo. They look like a band I might like!

I remember your post about that! Good for you, Michelle! I’ve actually talked to Hey Geronimo so many times, and I got a photo with them a long, long time ago… but I thought, hey, why not get another. They are super down-to-earth. :D

It’s been great chatting with you and the others! I’m glad to hear you’re on the mend now. Getting sick is never fun, so I’m glad you were able to take couple of days off to recuperate.

That seagull photo is breathtaking! What good timing!

That $3000 you owe . . . OWWWWW. I’d be one angry child, too! I absolutely don’t like owing anybody anything, so that and the amount alone would have so made me want to smash something breakable!

Good luck with your August goals. I hope you will succeed with your sleeping schedule. That one’s a tough one for me!

Our group chat probz. doesn’t help with the sleeping-early thing. 😂🙃

Talking to peeps outside of comments is fun. 🤗 It leads to unexpected discoveries and reminiscing.

Your job lets you work from home sometimes? That is cool! I’ve heard of a few companies doing that here, but…eh, I think Dallas is too technically behind for its own good sometimes. 😕

Glad to know you’re feeling better! ❤

I guess it depends on the job – I have the same role I’ve had at other companies, but because of the technical setup of our system, bundled with the fact that we get laptops and not desktop computers, it makes it easy to work from home.

The banner looks too legit! I thought the bird was a photoshop effect XD… It’s something better!!

Good that you’re taking it easy to heal up :). Even though it’s a bummer to miss out on work, it’s better to do work when you’re 100%. Looking forward to your Q&A session!

Congratulations on booking the wedding venue and date! I’m excited to see more unfolding :D! I’m sorry to hear that the San Diego wasn’t all that adventuresome. Hope you’ll have a chance to come back and make up for that restricting trip!

Good luck with your August goal! Sending you lots of love ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

It’s definitely not fun being sick, but I’m so happy you’re starting to feel better!

$3000 – yikes that really stinks. I’d be really angry too and maybe calling the government offices up and wreaking havoc, etc. :P

It’s so cool that you’re so close and personal with one of your favorite bands. I’d love to be that close with Coldplay. But then again, so would thousands or other people

I guess I’m lucky that I like a band that used to be very small with few fans, and I’m not really into bands like Coldplay, who have large fanbases. But it is a shame that your dream is just far away. :( I hope they have a meet-and-greet you can be a part of one day.

I’ve also had the experience of being a fan-turned-friend of a very small band, The Griswolds, who became utterly huge. They are from Sydney but have made it really big in the States. I saw them about a year ago at a show in Sydney, their hometown obviously, and saying hi after the show was just impossible with all the screaming girls who were never there in years gone by – before they had become ‘famous’. It sounds silly but it seems like the band was ‘taken away’ from me. :P But as someone who saw them reach success, I hope they don’t, you know, forget the people who got them there in the first place.

Glad you here you’re feeling much better! It sucks when you get ill – I feel like the world is ending because I rarely get ill. Nothing heals the soul better than tea and soup. Especially chicken soup… hmmmm. Love the nail wraps, btw!

I’m so excited to hear about your upcoming wedding plans. I am a sucker for weddings, and I get super excited when my mum gets a customer who’s getting married. She’s a seamstress, so I always hover looking at all the dresses she makes, etc :3

It’s a shame you didn’t enjoy San Diego more, but maybe it was because it was more for work? I really want to go for San Diego Comic Con… one of these days, it will happen! I got a letter from my student loan company, and I just faked cried/laughed and chucked the letter in the corner of my room, haha.

It’s so lovely talking to you guys outside of blogging comments. I love the internet and how it gives people who never normally meet in RL an opportunity to connect!

That’s so cool! I have an aunt who is a dressmaker, but she mostly does muslim weddings. Since she’s overseas, it will be difficult for her to make a wedding dress for me, but I’m quite happy to shop around. It doesn’t have to be made by her. :P

We did have some time to explore San Diego and I walked around a lot. But to be honest, I wasn’t really a fan. Downtown wasn’t very exciting, and it was like a lot of cities I had seen before. It felt like my hometown actually. LOL.

Oh god haha, yeah, student loans are shit because of how much you have to pay. But I guess it’s good I don’t have to pay all of it now. :P

YAY! I’m so excited you guys booked your venue! What a great thing to check off your list, and I’m sure you can release a big sigh of relief! I can’t wait to see all of the other wedding planning you’ve done!

You might look online for the tea! My friends bought us a bag of coffee from Puerto Rico that we LOVED, but I knew we wouldn’t be able to find it here. I looked on Amazon and they sell it for pretty reasonable, so we have converted to the Puerto Rican brand, haha.

Haha I literally buy any tea I find. I know there are some overseas brands that you can get online but nothing quite beats smelling the tea leaves in store and being in that environment. 😂