Illness, post-San Diego

Remember that time two months ago when I was ill?

Sad looking pug dog in bed.
Remember this guy?

Here we go again.

I went to San Diego for a work trip last week, where we had conferences for two days straight. I was only there for about three whole days.

The jet lag struggle is real. The flight from Sydney to Los Angeles was about twelve hours. It ended up being delayed. We spent four hours on a bus from Los Angeles to San Diego. I had a Monday that lasted almost 48 hours. On the way back, it was the bus all over again and a flight that was fifteen hours. Friday didn’t exist for me because I was on a plane.

The trip was full-on and our days were packed with conferences. It was nice having everyone in the same place, from our offices around the world, though I honestly didn’t get a chance to talk to many people. It was great hearing from customers who use our product. At the same time it was tiring and a lot of time spent travelling on a plane across the world for what was only a few days’ worth. We had the option of extending our trip but of course it would not be paid for by the company, it would have to come from our own pocket.

I did not have very good flights because on the way there we had to deal with a lady who kicked up a fuss about wanting an empty seat next to her (where my friend Pat was going to sit), and on the way back, the guy next to me kept throwing up and still using his light to read a book. The plane smelled.

I am now ill, without a voice, with a blocked nose, and I feel horrid. I didn’t have an opportunity to eat healthy food so I feel a bit gross. The air conditioning was super intense on the bus and in the conference room, and I was glad I had a fluffy coat to keep me warm. I think I fell ill because there was a bug going around, or perhaps because my body was stressed out.

We didn’t have a lot of free time, and I found myself roaming the city in the afternoon and at night for only a couple of hours. There was no time to go to the zoo and I didn’t find any time to go to the mall. We stayed in downtown San Diego but after the great things I’d heard about it, I was disappointed. The area was not the bright, resort-like place I imagined. Some people likened it to my hometown, which was, in essence, kind of hilarious.

I got very homesick and tired. It feels good to be back, but not good to be ill. I only hope I will recover quickly, and that it won’t take a while like last time. I also look forward to returning to the States for a longer trip, and not a work trip, but a holiday!

Now I’ll sleep. 😴

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:( Poop.

I hope that you recover really soon.

*HUGS* I’m really sorry that you’re sick :( Wishing you a speedy recovery.

And yeah, I saw your Tweets about the conference and how San Diego just wasn’t as exciting as you’d hoped! :( I’m sorry you never got to see the Zoo – that’s what I would have suggested you visit. It’s probably the only tourist attraction I know is there lol.

How ridiculous are some people (re that woman on the plane)… honestly. And also sorry about the man next to you :/ I think I would have thrown up myself at the smell. You poor thing.

Rest up this week, and hope you will be feeling better by the weekend! xx

I’m sorry your trip didn’t go well. That’s a real bummer. And I’m sorry you’re sick. Hopefully it won’t last too long and that you’ll feel better soon.

I’ve never been to San Diego but from my experience, downtown can get old real quick. Sometimes it’s better to break out of the city.

Hope you fell better soon!

That sounds insane and confusing- all the hours spent on a bus or a plane and it’s probably worse for you since you had just gotten back from a trip!
I hope you can get some time to finally relax after all of this! You really should rest up. It’s certainly well deserved.

Again, I’m so sorry you didn’t have a great time while you’re here in San Diego. When you get the chance to go back, I hope you’ll find more time to explore other parts of the city. :) Anyway, get well soon, Georgie!

The only thing good I can think of about the road trip from LA to SD is the opportunity of passing by Disneyland XD… Unless you guys took the 1fwy right next to the ocean (much pretty). I’m sorry to hear about the poor flight experience. Ugh, it’s gross when people have to vomit and spread the invisible germs. Hope you’ll recover soon!

Definitely come back and visit the San Diego Zoo! Don’t forget about the Aquarium of the Pacific ;). LA Zoo is pretty decent, but it’s not as big as San Diego’s!

Hahaha I think we passed Legoland. It was such a long drive, and not near the ocean, unfortunately. I do want to see more of LA some time in the future, and maybe I will put aside some time to check out that awesome zoo. :D