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The infamous Robot Restaurant in Kabukicho is a hot spot for tourists and celebrities. We decided to check it out, not really knowing what to expect. […]

On one particular day on our honeymoon, we hit up the fish market, the biggest Uniqlo store in the world, and caught some lovely views of Tokyo at night. Oh, and I got a photo with someone dressed up in a costume that I couldn’t figure out what animal it was supposed to be. […]

We stayed in Shinjuku while we were in Tokyo for our honeymoon in November. It was a great central area, and I’ve decided to write about certain areas and destinations rather than follow a traditional day-by-day recount. […]

I owe you another post on our honeymoon in Japan! This one about our one night stay in Hakone comes three months after the fact. 😜 Still very much worth it, I promise! […]

Our three days in Kyoto included Arashiyama bamboo forest, monkey park, Nara deer park, Fushimi Inari-Taisha (the thousands of torii gates), and several temples. Kyoto is the place to go to experience a lot of the traditional side of Japan. […]