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Here’s another playlist for you lot. As opposed to cheating last month and just deciding that Velociraptor’s self-titled album was my music of the month (the album comes out on red vinyl this week!), I made an effort to pull this together.

Volatile – a playlist for September 2014

This month’s playlist, Volatile, has involved revisiting some old classic hits, as well as some unique indie tracks. It seems similar to the playlist I made in July called ebullient, but this one starts and ends with some funky tracks.

  1. If You Wanna Stay by The Griswolds
  2. Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys
  3. Eject by Pluto Jonze
  4. Hand Me Downs by Bob Evans
  5. Latitude 88 North by Electric Light Orchestra
  6. Hungry Eyes by Eric Carmen
  7. Shake A Leg by Go Violets
  8. Do You Hear by Cub Scouts (now Cub Sport)
  9. Is This How You Feel? by The Preatures
  10. Golden Jubilee by Boy and Bear
  11. Material Girl by Madonna
  12. Summer by Calvin Harris

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This A Day in the Life post covers yesterday and today. I got home pretty late last night (and tonight!) as I saw a band last night and today I photographed a festival… hectic stuff. While many others (myself included) like to include photos, I have done that in previous posts, so I decided to be creative and write this as a glossary. This glossary is in alphabetical order (yay!), and describes my days in little pieces. Hope you enjoy.

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Today I interview Singaporean photographer and videographer, Raphael, who stretches the 2 minutes and 40 seconds idea! While he is of succinct, blunt outbursts of rage and humour on Twitter, in this interview he shows that he is definitely not a man of few words.

Well, my twitter bios are 87.3465% accurate representations of me – the last two being “joke of the year 2017” and “designing disappointment creatively”; but anyway, I’m an 18-year-old media student living in Singapore that works on photos and videos for people (and myself) and occasionally designs things. I also really, really love music and film (I run SGNewWave, a film appreciation society with a bunch of fantastic people, and we could do with a little more exposure!) and a little part of me wants to be part of an electropop band. One can always dream, right? 😉

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So, in a really awesome turn of events and what one could only really call destiny density, I met Monica (she also has a ridiculous blog-to-be) in a chance meeting yesterday. Oooh yeah it was fate and it was meant to be and stuff.

I’ve talked to Monica online for practically a decade. I don’t remember how we first chatted (not really relevant right now), but it was when we both blogged and made silly pixel art or something like that. I barely remember, actually, because we talked about everything but websites. I remember hosting her website at some point, laughing at dumb stuff with her, and just being overall really sarcastic and weird, and talking about Back to the Future. Best movie ever.

But as is the case with a lot of online buddies, we hadn’t actually met. Until yesterday.

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James and I went to Canberra over the weekend. I have been to the nation’s capital a number of times, but always like to revisit places every few years. You sort of get a different point of view as you get older. Some places may change, and you change over time too. We went to Floriade, an annual tulip festival.

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Nirvana is one of my favourite bands. I don’t remember when I discovered them, but after listening to their hits throughout my childhood, I became more obsessed with them when I was fourteen. I dated a boy for two weeks (hmm, yes, things didn’t really quite work out), and he played bass guitar and loved Nirvana. My obsession went right into reading the entire history of Nirvana, owning all their albums, singles, and DVDs, and knowing a whole heap of trivial things about the band.

I know Alice was looking forward to a post like this, a more punk/rock-music-inspired number. Hope you like it, girl! I will admit that this outfit is on the softer side – I used to wear a lot of chained accessories, things with skulls and spikes, and had some pretty messy hair.

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I am sitting on a train as we speak. Yeah, it is only a little past 7am, and I’m pretty early. I remember reading about a monthly event where people have a party before work — with breakfast, dancing and working out — before 9am, which is obviously a little out of the ordinary, given that people usually party after work. The idea was a little appealing because I love mornings, and I can see myself getting hyped up and invigorated for a new week.

The event, which I have a bit of trouble recalling at the moment, obviously involves meeting people. About a year ago I decided that it was time to break out of my rather thin shell and get out and meet people. I was also a bit bored. I am by no means shy (well, I used to be shy before, but I have certainly become less shy over the years), and am a bit of an extrovert (you don’t have to be social or super outgoing to be one). I thought that meeting more like-minded people would be a nice experience.

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I just ate fish for breakfast. It didn’t bother me at all.

Breakfast has always been a hard thing for me to stomach. Not kidding, and not a pun. I remember days when I would just struggle to eat anything in the morning, because I would either feel like throwing up, or be writhing on the floor in pain. When I was younger, Weet-Bix was easy, two pieces with milk, strawberries if I was lucky. To this day, I still struggle to eat more than two. You’ll find people grinning about how they can eat six, ten, twelve, fourteen.

When I found out I had a high cholesterol at ten years old, I stopped drinking full cream milk, and moved to soy. I dare say I’ve probably developed an intolerance to lactose because of it. I started drinking milk more regularly this year, when I began eating breakfast at work, but my body hated it.

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I almost feel like Cookie and I would be really bad roommates. We would get along half the time, and the other half probably just complain about each other. Maybe. I feel like we have few things in common (Music? No. Food? No. Travel… oh, yeah… maybe) but we just get along really well. Those friends actually turn out to be the best, and I find that most of my friendships border on having someone who might annoy me a lot, but I love them anyway.

Cookie, of course, is the nickname of Nicholas Cooke, someone who didn’t want to write about himself – but to cut a long story short, he’s a data scientist/product manager whom I work with at work; he likes cookies, Apple, and is good at copying people’s voices. He also recently started his travel blog (1. yay, 2. finally) at A Cookie On The Road, so hopefully we see more posts from him soon.

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