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I would appreciate it if you guys could click for me here. I am not desperate to win but since you have been supporting me so much it would mean more to me than ever. ♥️

Again I haven’t returned all comments from the previous blog, and I do apologise. I’ve had a pretty hectic day helping around the house and such, and I haven’t really attended to the site.

My brother has […]

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Appearing offline on MSN is something I rarely do. I am doing it right now. Don’t use that as incentive to talk to me because you know I’m actually online.

The reason being, I don’t particularly feel like talking to anyone I don’t want to talk to (I am only talking to James and Lilian, my… what do they call it nowadays? Biffles? BFFLs?). I don’t want anyone to bother me. I am not in […]

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I forgot to mention this last blog, but is my new Tumblr URL. Jeff was kind enough to buy me the domain. 🙂

It’s been quite a few weeks since my break/holiday started, and I haven’t pulled out of the house for anything – except work. Sue was also saying how she hadn’t been out of the house much.

I don’t mind getting out of the house. Admittedly my computer pretty much eats my […]

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I received more questions on my blog from my visitors. Just two; which I’ll address quickly before I tell you a story! 🙂

What are your favourite colour schemes for a layout? Why?

(This was asked by Deena.)

I’ve never really had favourite colour schemes; it depends on what I’m working with. I used to like using grey a lot – simple grayscale layouts, that had a bit of colour splashed into the CSS. I […]

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Thanks for not reading my blog, guys. So in my previous blog, I wrote about the types of comments people leave on blogs. I thought it would be more respectful to leave blog-related comments, but some people didn’t seem to notice the “I’ll just ignore your comment”. Ironic.

Anyway, moving on. Vivien timed me returning comments earlier, and it took me 52 minutes. Not terribly exciting. Shows how much time I have on my hands… […]

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It would be really appreciated if you guys could click for me here. I’m up to second place now and it would be awesome if I could at least keep that position! 🙂

And yes, I have obtained some new smilies/emoticons for my blog. Try to avoid going crazy with them; your comment will get marked as spam if you use too many. I got them from a while ago. The website no longer […]

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I’m blogging again, as fast as possible (maybe) because James has an exam tomorrow and has to sleep soon. Wish him luck! 🙂

Speaking of exams… I don’t have any, as I probably mentioned in previous blogs. It’s what you get from doing an arts degree I suppose. As in a Bachelor of arts – I’m not doing arts in specific. I’m doing communication. I know I repeat myself so many times but best to […]

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Happy birthday to my awesome affiliate Desiree! Wish her a happy birthday and visit her site for the Lovetease Blogger Awards!

Most of today, I’ve been browsing the internet with images turned off. Not terribly exciting. My internet is capped (i.e. we ate the entire download) so everything is very slow. Since I often browse the internet without images, I thought it would be sensible. It makes everything load faster, it really does. 🙂

I […]

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Thank you everyone for all the lovely comments on my previous blog. That is, my first WordPress blog! Predictably (and who knows how busy I am even on holidays), I haven’t added new smilies yet. I realised a lot of you remembered my old smilies and the codes for them. I was planning to make some of my own, see.

I miss James right now. I haven’t seen him in a while. Maybe about ten […]

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I know this is the moment you have (not) all been waiting for. WordPress. So how does it look? Do you like my new “theme”? Is it rocking and jazzy and totally cool?

Most likely not.

Man, this is going to be the most idiotic thing to admit, but I miss FanUpdate. I miss my old blogs and the (say what?) streamlined look of it all. Maybe not as pretty as WordPress. Maybe […]

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