Hey Girlfriend!

After two years of seemingly non-stop interviews every two weeks during 2014 and 2015, my interview series 2 minutes and 40 seconds took a hiatus in 2016. I decided to put it down indefinitely, and introduced Hey Girlfriend!, an interview series which relates to a movement that is very close to my heart: that of women working in tech – in information technology, with computers, with computer science, or with science in general. Anything that pertains to a woman basically going against the stereotype and doing what society believes to be a “man’s job” (newsflash: it’s not a man’s job).

I have been working as a web developer in the industry for about six years. It’s no new news that I love what I do, because I talk and write about it all the time and have great passion for the things I build and develop and code. I spoke about my journey becoming a web developer, and how I never thought it was unusual that a girl was working with computers until someone pointed it out. To this day, I have noticed a shortage of women working in tech, and I have often been the only girl in my company or team.

I love to encourage more women out there to learn to code or get involved in programming and with computers, and Hey Girlfriend! aims to do just that. I will be interviewing women from all around the globe, of varying ages, who work in tech.

Interviews are posted on the fourth Tuesday of every month. In 2018 they will be posted on the last Tuesday of the month. (Note that there was a small inconsistency with interviews between August and November 2017.)