Best posts of 2016

It has been a great 2016 in terms of blogging, though I have had about 60 less posts this year compared to the last two years. I do have some posts this year that are my favourites, and this is just a quick post to share them!

Tiny May mentioned that one of her favourite posts was ‘Unfollowing’ people on social media. I gave a little reminder that although following people is opt-in, we tend to think of why we “subscribed” in the first place, and it stops us from unsubscribing and unfollowing. We need to think of opting out because we are no longer interested in the content.

Which post was your favourite? Or did you have another one I missed out on? :D

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I love this round-up post and I like how you make it an annual thing! :) My personal favourites are the blogs where you talk about:
– decluttering. I definitely had a long hard look at all the things I own after reading your decluttering posts and from there discovered the minimalists! I really liked “deal with email effectively” I think after reading it the first time months ago, I’ve been very mindful when I open up my emails!
– your presentations/talks/your career. Seeing how much you’ve rocked in the tech industry really helped boost my confidence in speaking up in tech/STEM instead of cowering away and letting my male peers take the lead. It’s also been an inspiration to see how far you’ve come in terms of your web development skills! :-)

I’m so excited to see what posts you have lined up in 2017! Thank you for the continuous flow of awesome posts Georgie! 😎

I will definitely keep the decluttering posts going! I have enjoyed writing them so far. I think I need to write more about the progress I’ve made (I’m sure it doesn’t interest every person though haha). There are other topics and areas I want to write about like stationery and the general idea of putting value in experiences, not “stuff”.

I’m glad you love my career-related posts – I love yours too! 😉💪

I enjoy all your posts! I haven’t actually read all the ones on your list but your “I Said Yes” post is so beautiful – I love the personal pictures. I love the picture where you’re smiling! You look so genuinely happy, it makes me want to be happy too, haha.

The reader survey is super interesting and I particularly remember your blogging values post because it’s interesting and eye-opening to read about another blogger’s thoughts on blogging.

I especially liked your post for International Women’s Day. I think it’s SO important to talk about women in the tech industry and how they should be seen as equals and acknowledged not /because/ they are women but because they’re fucking talented and badass af.


– You saying yes to Nicholas, because I am a sucker for romance and you two are just <3
– IRL relationships on the internet because lets face it we're all a tad voyeuristic

Really looking forward to your posts in 2017 :)

Aww thank you Chynna, you are the sweetest 🤗 It’s great to have some support around that IWD post as well! 💪

I definitely love all of your posts documenting your trip to Europe and Singapore but my favorite by far is the one on your presentation of how you became a web developer. As someone who’s still in college and still trying to figure out where I want to go as far as my career is concerned, it was really cool to hear your perspective.

I also love the post about your blogging values and I might have to do a similar post in the near future.

Oh man! I forgot about your post about bullying and discrimination, but I do recall really liking that post because it shows you got some balls, woman! :D Keep up the great posts, Georgie! You have accomplished a lot over the year and I’m truly and utterly happy for you. Here’s to many more great things coming your way, G.

I thought you were doing pretty well as far as post count this year XD. I notice a trend that we’re doing quality posts rather than quantity (so that’s one pro). I recognize all of these posts! Hehe, your proposal post better be in the top posts list of 2016 ;). I really like how your posts also share lessons/experiences on how to deal with certain topics. Eg. How I’m not alone when it comes to wanting a workplace that’s safe from any other forms of abuse.

My faves are the posts about the talks you give. You share your knowledge and experience via voice and it can change perspectives for the better :).