Reflections on your survey feedback

Survey feedback reflections

I recently published a survey for readers of my blog to complete. Thank you to all who did it! I sort of felt like I was asking questions just to get other people to confirm my own thoughts about my blog, but I read each and every response, and I’ve decided to write about the feedback in detail.

Positive feedback

Most feedback was positive. I am really touched by those of you who said that I should keep doing what I’m doing, that I’m your favourite blogger, that you’ve been following me for years, or that you love everything I write. I wish I could thank you all personally, but I did make the survey responses anonymous so that you would feel comfortable being honest.

I think I almost cried when I read someone’s comment, ‘Never go away, please :)’. And the fact that a lot of you, though not subscribed to my blog, have it bookmarked, or your computer remembers it, made me really happy too. It’s crazy to see that over the years, my blog grew with the more tutorials and graphics that I added, and my writing style and my life changed, but even after taking them away, people still continue to read my blog. It seems that all the topics I have explored on my blog are liked by at least one person.

Thank you guys. 💖

Less positive feedback

I won’t say ‘negative’, but there were a few very honest comments about dislikes.

On my attitude (it’s not as bad as it sounds)

Someone said that they stopped interacting with my blog many years ago because I was rude to them.

I’m now 24. I was once an angsty, rude teenager, and I know that in my time I was rude and often pretentious, and I did judge people and I was not nice to everyone. To whomever that was, I’m really sorry that I behaved that way towards you, and I’m sorry to anyone else I might have been bitchy to in those website reviews I used to write; for starting arguments; for criticising your grammar or way of writing in the comments of my blog posts.

While we all have some kind of reputation, I also thank the many people who have not judged me.

On my relationships and personal life

Someone mentioned that I get mushy over Nick (though the same person said they are happy that I am happy), while another person said I don’t blog about my dates as much as I did in my previous relationships. :(

I’ll be honest.

It’s been a tough past two years. The end of my previous relationship, and the beginning of my current relationship – not to mention the problems I had in between – were extremely hard to document in words. But I wanted to write about it eventually, because – like one of you mentioned – I stay true to my blog.

I also experienced harsh discrimination with a company I used to work for, and right now, it still doesn’t feel a hundred percent right to publish the post I have written about my experience (even though I have done no naming-and-shaming).

I spent a lot of time trying to write my feelings in a way that felt right. I was also not comfortable with writing about my feelings because of friends and family who might read my blog, and because I wasn’t ready.

Nick and I have had a lot of dates, and we do see each other every day, but the past two years have also been extremely busy, where I finished my masters degree in 2013 and started working long hours. Also, amusingly, I didn’t want to write about all the dates because I was worried I would sound mushy. I suppose those posts translated into those occasional posts about love.

On my professional life

My blog has become a bit more ‘professional’, as some of you noticed.

Someone said they missed my personal posts. I do too.

I don’t want to head too far in the direction of ‘professional blogger’, and I will make sure of that. Although, as I get older and spend a lot of my weekdays working, I hope you can all understand that I have my dream job working as a web developer for a company I love. I truly enjoy it, and a lot of my posts will be related to work because that is what I love doing. :)

I did consider having a separate professional blog but I love this space too much! And from experience, having separate blogs for different topics has not worked for me.

Questions and suggestions

The LZRGUN Manifesto

Someone asked about the LZRGUN Manifesto. Hardly anyone visits that page, so I’m happy that someone asked about it.

LZRGUN is actually my car plate and I already wrote about it briefly a year ago, in December 2014’s A Day in the Life post. I don’t think the Manifesto will be on its own page anymore, I am thinking of rewriting it in more detail in a future post.

The same person also wanted to see it referenced more in posts. I think that is why I started the Live simply series. ;)

Old tutorials and themes

A lot of you miss the tutorials. I’m not sure if you all noticed, but about 85% of my old ones from 2009 are at I guess that was not obvious since I only linked to it on my 404 page in case someone tried to visit a tutorial by way of an old URL. 😜 (Or by Holly plugging it so many times – thanks girl!) Sorry about that. I was thinking of moving them back here but I’m not sure.

Someone mentioned my free WordPress themes I used to make. I don’t really have time for that anymore – two years ago I did plan to make a new set of simpler and more customisable themes but I never made that a priority. I wanted to, but I’m sorry that I don’t care enough about it to do it. My old ones are available to download, but I won’t be updating them.

Blog design

There were a few suggestions about the colour and design of my blog. I will be making some changes to the design this month. But unfortunately for those of you who hate it, I’ve chosen the colour teal for my ‘branding’, so the colour won’t change any time soon, haha.


I am not changing anything on my blog to try to please everyone, but I appreciated the feedback. It was interesting seeing that people who had zero interest in fashion, web development or any interviews were interested in reading more posts about my life. And those who did not like mundane life posts or poetry really liked my fashion posts and interviews. There was no clear divide.

I’ll be shifting some of these segments around and focussing a bit less on them, but I’ll be revealing more details later. I’m still here to stay – that’s the number one thing! I just want to reiterate the above notes on my personal life – I know I have written about my depression and other feelings in the past but sometimes writing about that kind of stuff is difficult.

Thank you again to everyone who did the survey, you really helped. You can still take the survey if you like, but I’ll be closing it eventually. :D

Comments on this post

I totally remember your Heartdrops days and you have grown/matured a lot since then! And I’m one of those people that didn’t like your fashion posts as much, but loooooves the Web tutorials, Live Simply series, and reading more about your personal life. :D Keep blogging, lady. <3

You are very much welcome for the plugs! As I say, I still use your tutorials, and refer people to them if someone asks for coding help and I know that your tutorial section has the answers.

I love a good mushy relationship post! I just think some people can get a little jealous of other people’s relationships, but I think it’s great that you are happy and that’s the main thing.

I believe I said something like “keep doing what you’re doing” in my survey response so I’m glad to hear you aren’t making too many changes to your blog. :)

Haha I do think my stuff has the answers, but I don’t think they’re the best answers. I had someone email me asking me about one of the old things I wrote about Comment Pagination… that plugin hasn’t been updated in two years and I remember how agitating it was to provide support for tutorials sometimes!

That’s good. :D I think you’re right that some people just get jealous.

A lot of people did say that as well, I’m glad you were one of them!

Georgie, I have loved following your blog over the years and seeing your writing and yourself mature. While this is your personal blog, I think it’s totally fair to keep aspects of your life that you’re not comfortable sharing yet – or ever, whatever. There are some posts I like more than others, but overall I love that you have such a variety! You can’t make everyone happy, but I feel like you do a good job at keeping almost everyone happy. But most of all keep you happy!

Also, I love your mushy posts about Nick and I’m pretty sure I was the one that said, “Never go away, please :)” You’re an inspiration to a lot of bloggers and a good friend! <3

Oh my god, I really did nearly cry. You are awesome Becca. And I know you’re one of those people who understand my relationship as well because you are in a wonderful loving relationship that makes you happy too. 💖

I love this reflection Georgie! I just participated – sorry it’s late, I’ve been meaning to do it (had a bookmark and everything!) Always loved your blog since I started blogging, I had Heartdrops as one of my favourite blogs ;) Although your style has somewhat changed, I know it’s still YOU and that what I love! <3

Keep it up!! <3

Your results are interesting! Thanks for sharing them. It’s clear that you will never please everyone who visits your blog, but that’s not why you blog and have a blog. It’s your blog, so you’re free to do whatever you want. And if someone dislikes what you post, they have every options of not reading it or choose to read what they do like, and it appears that people all like your blog for various reasons ^^

Good to hear that there were some constructive feedback from your survey. Definitely keep blogging and don’t go away, ever! It’s good to watch people grow over time through their blog posts.

Being mushy over your significant other is good. I honestly don’t see a problem with it. The only time I do is when others are “hating” on people who are mushy with their sig’s. “Why are you so upset over their happiness??????” It’s good to see that you’re in love, but some people take it differently I guess @__@. Still, I think you’re fine as you are regardless of the situation :).

It’s great that you’re enjoying your workplace! Professionalism will surely develop with being in the workforce full time. You’re sharing what you’re passionate about :).

I’ve seen many people asking for your old themes and loving the cleanliness of it!

At the end of the day, the only person you have to please is yourself :). But it’s good to know what people prefer, but don’t cater entirely to it unless you’re okay with it~

Hahahaha, you make me laugh! I gotta admit, in the past I wasn’t too fond of relationship posts because I did get quite jealous. Holly mentioned that some people just get jealous, but don’t we all. I didn’t go hating on people though, but I’m glad you don’t mind the mushiness.

I laugh at my old themes too and the fact that people still want to use them, but if it makes them happy then that’s all good.

I’m definitely happy with my blog, there are things I would tweak, but I wouldn’t do anything to make certain readers happy if I didn’t like it myself.

Honestly, I would find it so weird if there was an online world where your blog was not part of it. I have been reading your blog for a long time and it has been so great to see you grow and where your life is leading. Whoever said “Never go away, please :)” was absolutely right.

For me, I don’t mind the type of posts that you publish because I think it represents your varied interests. As you grow, your perspective changes as well and there will be a professional tone, because that is also a part of you and how you represent yourself.

I visit because I want to know about you and have an interest in what you write. It doesn’t mean that I expect personal posts or any specific type. I am the observer, not the director.

I would find it weird if you weren’t around either! I mean, my blog wouldn’t actually be online if it weren’t for you. 💖 It’s also been a huge privilege to get to know you better and better over the years. ☺️

I really liked what you said about being the observer, not the director. That’s the way everyone should see everyone else’s spaces on the internet. Thank you for always being around, Kya!

I agree with you that depression is a tough topic to write about, and I will let you know that I deal with A LOT of things that I never write about on my blog. I want to keep my blog a positive place to encourage other people with what I LEARN from my tough experiences. :) One could say a blog is a place to freely write those feelings down and not get judged because it’s “my blog” but this is the internet, and we don’t have to share what we are not comfortable with. I think you’re good to go with the divide between your themed posts and personal posts since you update so often! Whichever person doesn’t like what you’re writing about only has to wait two more days for something different. ^_^ I need to work on that for my blog.

Back when I started my blog in early 2011 – not sure if we read each other then since I can’t remember when I met who since I deleted my posts before 2014 for this very reason – I was a very angsty teenager. I was 18, fresh in college, and actually made post categories where I rambled about things I couldn’t stand, who bugged me, professors I had. I lost a few readers because they commented on my attitude. And I agree with them now! I wish I had someone back then who didn’t judge me and instead let me be vulnerable to them so that I didn’t have to use angst as a defense mechanism.

I don’t have a sense of time but I’ve definitely seen this blog go through a lot of change. Keep it up for sure!

I want to keep my blog positive too. I have looked back on previous upsetting posts and they aren’t nice to look back on, and they make me sad. Even though I leave negative things out, and don’t always write everything, it doesn’t at all mean I’m not staying true to my blog. I have just found better outlets for negative thoughts rather than writing it all out in a massive rant. I suppose it’s from experience and ‘growing up’ with my blog that I’ve happily decided to leave negativity out.

I love that you pointed out that people only have to wait a couple of days for something different on my blog. I really did put a lot of effort into my blog last year to vary the posts. I actually had it in my mind that if someone didn’t like a certain post, hopefully they would like the next, because it was likely to have a different topic. I actually have a sort of schedule and fill in a calendar to organise when I publish my posts. I’m planning to write a bit about that soon, so maybe people can get ideas and be inspired.

It’s a shame you lost a few readers but it’s probably also a better thing that you have some loyal readers now! I got in trouble because of some posts I had written in the past, but you don’t go through that kind of thing without learning, so I’m glad you did as well. I can’t bring myself to delete what is already here, but pre-2009 I also had some really angsty, fired-up posts where I did nothing but rant about people I encountered in my day. (I didn’t use WordPress back then so they are gone, as far as I know. LOL.)

Depression is a hard topic to write about and I too, try to document it, as it’s not easy…but I think it’s worth sharing and trying to convey that feeling to people. I think this survey was very positive. I know I put a lot of positive things on it, while trying to be honest and yet fair at the same time. It isn’t easy, but alas, I’m glad that you did this survey. It probably helped you a lot, and you’re allowed to be mushy about Nick :D

I used to be really rude and judgmental, too, but I’ve come to realise I wasn’t fully an adult yet, mostly because I was never able to be before…I was also around people who fueled my anger, in a household where hate was love. A lot can change in several years, though…there’s one blogger in particular I still avoid, because she called me out during one of the hardest times of my life and was a flat-out bully, but otherwise, for the most part, I think a lot of us (the people in our mutual “circles”, as someone once called it) have grown and matured greatly.

The more life experience a person has, the more they evolve. Some just take longer than others.

I don’t remember what exactly my answers were, but I know they were positive; I wished there was an answer for you to keep doing what you wanted to do, because at the end of every day, it’s your blog; you should have fun keeping up with it.

As for writing about depression, it really is hard to write about. It’s such a touchy subject and can be so different for other people. Someone called me “cutthroat and dry” once in regards to how I shared my opinions of things, but I couldn’t sort out whether it was meant positively or negatively. Either way, there are loads of mean people on the Internet, especially when it comes to mental illnesses and disorders. I stopped blatantly sharing about my autistic tendencies so much after receiving hateful feedback from my aunt—through my cousin (she was talking behind my back)—who did the very thing I was blogging about in that particular post: starting rumors after learning I’m autistic. They were awful, along the lines of me stalking family and trying to mimic (not steal) a cousin’s identity.

Talking about something as personal as what is in your head is horrendously difficult; it’s so vulnerable, as if you’re stripping yourself bare, and a great number of people using the ‘net do not respect it. I didn’t realise the lack of posts on your depression until reading this post, but I understand why you wouldn’t want to anymore/feel comfortable/etc. They were personally relatable, but not why I’ve followed your blog.

We’re going on about six years (at least) of knowing each other here, and I’m grateful to have been permitted and able to be a part of your life (even if online) for so long! You’ve changed a lot, and it’s actually your blog that has played a large part in me maturing. You and Stephanie made me think and see beyond what was in the backyard of my quaint town, Texas home. I don’t get to talk to Stephanie much anymore, but you two inspired me to think, and your posts still inspire me to think and look at things from another perspective.

Whilst I’m still slightly struggling to part with the plugin, I did change my own external links to not necessarily open in new windows. Additionally, I’ve come to realise it is definitely an invasion/disregard for a user’s preferences when it’s forced and decided for them (I came across a site wherein every link, even internal, was opened in a new window/tab).

I wish you a lovely year of blogging in 2016! ♥

I’m sorry to hear about the bully. There are always going to be people like that but I feel upset for you that that person decided to give you a piece of their mind at a time you were very vulnerable. We used to have a lot of trouble at home too, and now that I take a step back and look, I wonder what really made me so angry with my family a few years ago when I wrote about it a lot. It seems to have improved, but I can’t tell if it just improved, if other factors contributed, or perhaps it was me all along that was the problem? It’s bizarre.

It’s a shame you can’t blog about that anymore but I hope it hasn’t affected you too greatly. After my mum told me she read my blog, I did get a bit embarrassed and for a brief period of time I filtered what I wrote, but that feeling died quickly. I did, however, realise I should have been a bit more considerate when writing about – or posting photos of – my family, which is why I don’t do that much anymore, and I do my best to respect their privacy.

I am so grateful to have known you over the many years we have. I vaguely remember being snappy at you in the beginning, I’m sorry if I did sound kind of snobby and rude back then. You’re truly a nice person and I must admit I’ve seen you mature quite a bit as well. I haven’t heard from Stephanie and the last we spoke was maybe a year ago, but she was another awesome blogger.

That’s a good way to think, haha! I never thought about opening links in new windows until I learned more about user experience and interfaces during university and at work – glad I could educate. 👍❤️

I did participate in your reader survey, I don’t remember most of the things I said/recommended. Huhu #terrible :(

I don’t think I saw the survey, sorry! Sadly I only dip in and out of your blog due to the maelstrom that is life, but I always find it at least a heartening read if not outright inspirational as it has been for me on occasion; a solid positive influence. Keep doing what you’re doing 👌