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I am really quite excited to introduce this edition of Fashion Friday, because it was photographed by none other than Nick! He took over from Seb this time, as Seb was feeling rather ill this week (I hope he feels better!). I don’t really know what stance most girls have on their boyfriends photographing them, but all I can say is that I am really glad that Nick was excited to give it a go. I’m really pleased with the results and I think that he should be very proud, considering he hasn’t taken photographs like this before.

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For a while I have been very much into, and obeying – the practice of Inbox Zero. Inbox Zero is the practice of cleaning your email inbox, attempting to get it down to zero emails. Of course, you don’t delete emails since there may be some you really need, but you put them into folders.

I actually never quite got used to folders when I first got into email. I didn’t see it as a sense of organisation. Now, ten years on, it’s very much different for me. I make folders so I can put away emails I have dealt with and don’t really need to revisit, unless they contain something like receipts or shipping information.

There seems to be less on the internet about Inbox Zero sucking than Inbox Zero being the best notion ever invented (at least for email).

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A Day in the Life is a monthly linkup where bloggers document their daily life on a designated day each month to show what a typical day is like. To find out more, click here.

It feels like it was a pretty long day today. In the morning, I woke up before my alarm – actually, I forgot to set it – at about 6:07am. I checked my email and messages on my phone. Checking email in the morning can be a pretty bad habit and make you stay in bed longer, but I do it anyway.

I brushed my teeth and threw on my gym gear, then packed the rest of my clothes for work.

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My friend Coryl is a wonderful writer, but oh so much more than that. I personally find her very creative, witty, understanding and talented. From the early days of knowing her, I remember that she wrote on her website that her name was not an odd spelling, it was her real name. I remember her outgoing personality and the intelligent way she wrote.

Coryl blogs twice a week at I enjoyed giving her some questions pertaining to writing because I knew she would give some interesting answers. Here’s a biography and photo supplied by the girl herself! Also, the thumbnail image for this blog post is Coryl’s pet rabbit.

By day, I’m a Canadian writer and student studying for a double-major Bachelor of Arts in *inhales* Spanish Language, and English Literature & Creative Writing. By night, I’m the same, but with a sprinkling of artist. I’ve been described as a Renaissance woman due to my interest in the arts and the hard sciences. A co-worker said I was a Jack-of-all-trades because I can lay out a mean Excel spreadsheet. I call myself “housewife material” due to my love for cooking, cleaning, organising, budgeting, and design. If not for my strong opinions and outspoken nature, I likely would have been married off as soon as I became legal. Nothing makes me happier than lemon pastries, Jeremy Renner, music, astrophysics, and writing–especially all at once. I dream of being a novelist, but am currently working through poetry and short stories due to demand from peers and professors.

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It wasn’t until this year that I probably fully acknowledged Valentine’s Day as a universal day for just love (or maybe it was last year? I digress). When I was younger I would associate it with family, and later in school, associated it with having a partner; then there was a period of time I was single and just gave my friends a hug on the day; then it just became another day. There are many opinions on Valentine’s Day and what it should be, but those aside, I know that over time, my views of Valentine’s Day have changed without me really knowing.

Most of the time, Valentine’s Day was just another day. Sometimes, I would have a simple lunch with my boyfriend or friends at the time. Nick and I spent Valentine’s Day together this year, and it was the first time someone had actually picked me up and taken me out on a date.

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I wasn’t always a fan of mixing different metal colours of jewellery, nor am I really one to follow trends, but I explored it a little bit in this outfit. I used to wear a lot of gold jewellery, especially earrings, because fashion jewellery tended to irritate my ears. Over the years I have moved on to liking silver jewellery. I prefer silver, but recently I have picked up a few gold pieces because they look pretty classy.

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I feel like lately I haven’t been sharing bits and pieces of my life on my blog, at least not as much as I used to. I like what Holly does with her “The Weekend Blog”. Sometimes I don’t have a great deal to write about, and the weekends sometimes just need a summary.

I think, however, that this weekend was a bit busier than most, even though I could just summarise it in a few paragraphs. I feel like a much longer period of time just passed. My friend and colleague Andrias got married yesterday.

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This is a monthly review template that I got from Nicole. I thought I would share my answers for January-February.

Thinking back over the month of January, I am…

most proud of:

driving to Palm Beach and back home without stress or any kind of panic that I felt on previous road trips

deeply grateful for:

the woman who was happy to buy a bulk lot of my old jewellery for $25

impressed by the way I handled:

a little slip-up at the Highasakite gig that Nicholas and I went to, where my name was not on the door list

so glad I read:

every text message Nicholas sent me

continually inspired by:

people who take amazing concert photos

Looking ahead to February, I am…

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After promising to have him first in line for 2015, developer of blogging engine Chyrp, Arian Xhezairi, says, “I bet I’ve been the most undisciplined interviewee you had to deal with”. I’ve still given him the honours of being the first in 2015, and forgive him for his delayed response in answering these questions. No doubt we all have a life to tend to outside of the internet!

Having been a previous user of Chyrp (I currently don’t use it too often), I was honoured that Arian stepped forward to express interest in an interview. Also working on things other than Chyrp, Arian has supplied a short-and-sweet profile, and a photograph of himself.

Software Engineer with a craving passion for Web and Mobile technologies. Ex military lieutenant. STS analyst. Father of a newly born precious princess.

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