Fashion Friday: Between the lines

I am really quite excited to introduce this edition of Fashion Friday, because it was photographed by none other than Nick! He took over from Seb this time, as Seb was feeling rather ill this week (I hope he feels better!). I don’t really know what stance most girls have on their boyfriends photographing them, but all I can say is that I am really glad that Nick was excited to give it a go. I’m really pleased with the results and I think that he should be very proud, considering he hasn’t taken photographs like this before.

Crossing George Street
On wooden steps

These photos were taken around The Rocks in Sydney, a location I believe Kalliste suggested some time ago. It just so happened that, while we were on our way to somewhere near the Harbour Bridge, we spotted the Nurses Walk that she mentioned. Since it was quite cloudy we decided that the alleyway would perform better as a background compared to a cloudy, washed-out sky.

I’ve been wanting to do a shoot and write about this dress for quite a while and finally a day came when it was almost perfect to wear it. It’s a Le Breton dress from Popbasic in their Amelie collection that was available for purchase a few months ago. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on the dress, actually – I’ve had a couple of people at work, both male and female, comment on how nice it is, and a few strangers as well.

Smiling on the brick set of stairs

What drew me to the dress was the striped pattern. Normally I don’t fall in love with dresses, I just take a look and it might not bowl me over the first time round. However, this dress was something I wanted to buy right away. I thought the pattern was lovely, and the medium-length sleeves looked comfortable and flattering. The dress also has pockets! I can’t put much in them without them being weighed down, but it’s alright.

I love, love, love the soft fabric of the dress. It’s very soft to touch, and the skirt of the dress flows nicely. The length is perfect; I think for my petite frame it might have suited me better if it was just an inch shorter, but I tried to balance it with high heels. I’ve worn these heels for quite a few previous Fashion Fridays, I love them.

Full body shot

I wore a belt with the dress to accentuate my waist. The dress is quite loose fitting on me even though I bought the smallest size, so sometimes the waistline of the dress falls below my actual waistline (where the belt is).

It was a bit hard deciding whether to wear my hair up or down. I chose to wear it up to reveal more of the dress, but also because I haven’t featured a lot of photos recently where my hair is up.

Side view in Nurses Walk
Close side view of hair in pony

I painted my nails a blue called Blue Marlin (by Ulta3). Nick likes how I do an accented nail using glitter. Ever since I saw a really nice photoshoot with a girl with dark purple nails and diamond cluster accents on her fourth fingers, I have been attempting to do the same with some of my nail designs. Sometimes I just do my nails the same colour but this time I tried something different. Because I chose gold glitter for the accented nail, I chose to wear a gold watch and necklace to match.

The gold necklace just has a plastic ring on the end of it. I remember when rings on necklaces were all the rage. As for the silver heart necklace, it’s the one Nick gave to me for Valentine’s Day.

Arm and finger bling

The blue beaded bracelet is one I got from my friend back in high school. Most of my rings are from Lovisa. Some are just cheap fashion jewellery and a couple of others are sterling silver. I picked the teal bangle (you probably can’t see it in the photo below, but can see it in some others) for this outfit because it stood out while still following the blue theme. I bought it from a stall in Paddington Markets. I had always wanted at least a few resin bangles because they don’t change colour and are fairly durable, not to mention look lovely. I bought mine for $18.

If you’re looking to buy something from Popbasic, you can use my referral link and we’ll both get $15 towards our next purchase.

I look forward to doing more Fashion Fridays with Nick, I think I might alternate between Nick & Seb, but I’m not sure yet. I had quite a lot of fun with this shoot. We were close to getting rained on, but luckily the rain stopped.

Head shot
Crossing George Street

Comments on this post

Wooo! Awesome photos and awesome post hehe. The second and fifth shots are my favourites I believe. :D The necklace Nick gave is so lovely too!

Great photos, I love the first and last (the crossing photos), especially your hair in the last one.

I think, I could be wrong, this might be the first FF that you’ve done where you have smiled big, teeth flashing smiles.

You look lovely :)

A comment! A comment! My kingdom for a comment! 🙄

You look stunning, G. I love your hair! I cut mine really, really short about a month ago and ever since I’ve been nostalgic about it. /oh I love it short, I really do – the ‘bedhead’ look suddenly works – but I keep wanting to buy hair clips and grips and experiment. What’s funny about it is, I’ve never bothered much with hair styling anyway. I was thinking of getting some hair rings from Regal Rose, though I’m not sure how I’d style them.

You should have your hair up more often. It really suits you, man. /bounce

Take care! ♥

Thanks G! I personally don’t bother too much with my hair, I just run a brush through it and I’m good to go. The most I will do to “style” is putting it up in a ponytail, or braid it (which I don’t do as often). When I cut my hair short I thought it was great for a while but I did miss my long hair. At the moment my long hair isn’t bothering me at all so I will just keep growing it!

love the dress and love the photos! and i really really love the colours of the nails and yes, the accented nails with glitters fits perfectly with the other jewelries you wore~ i haven’t been visiting your blog for a while (i am sure it’s for almost over a year lol) so i guess i just can’t wait for the next fashion Friday! XD

Thanks Chazz! Yeah, I remember hearing from you a while ago! Fashion Friday has been active for the past year and I have no plans on stopping it any time soon. :)

Smiling is contagious, as I always say and try to tell people. I’m glad you had a blast with Nick taking the photo’s. He did a great job. I think that Seb, has competition.

I’m really digging the striped dress. I have at least one dress, that I’ve been told I look good, and it was a hand-me-down from a neighbor. I wore it at my Christmas party one year at the Apartment’s. I got compliments from it, and from Tristan’s grandfather. :) .

I really like the idea that you placed a belt on it, it makes it look more sophisticated. In fact, because I have a long friend and reader of your Fashion Friday (and hope that I was one of the friends that convinced you to doing these FF), I helped another friend with some ideas with a dress she bought recently. It was a zebra type of dress print, and she was wondering whether or not to wear necklace and/or earrings. I stated along with everyone else NO necklace, and wear the earrings, but I said to add a belt. It will make it look nicer. However, I guess she went with the necklace instead. It looks kind of horrible with the necklace, but whatever floats her boat. Ya know?

Haha I am definitely really proud of Nick, and Seb does have competition, but they both have their own styles of photographing and I want to help them both by being a subject of their photos – so I guess it can go both ways & benefit everyone. I get my photos and they get some practice!

Good choice Jamie! A zebra print would be very bold and a statement in itself, a necklace would probably be too much. I can imagine it would be difficult to find a necklace to match that, even a simple one would be swamped by the print. I don’t wear belts often but sometimes a belt does accentuate the waist, or add to the outfit in a subtle way.