Monthly Review: January 2015

This is a monthly review template that I got from Nicole. I thought I would share my answers for January-February.

Thinking back over the month of January, I am…

most proud of:

driving to Palm Beach and back home without stress or any kind of panic that I felt on previous road trips

deeply grateful for:

the woman who was happy to buy a bulk lot of my old jewellery for $25

impressed by the way I handled:

a little slip-up at the Highasakite gig that Nicholas and I went to, where my name was not on the door list

so glad I read:

every text message Nicholas sent me

continually inspired by:

people who take amazing concert photos

Looking ahead to February, I am…

super excited about:

my friend Andrias’ wedding; catching up with my old friend Dylan; Valentine’s Day

choosing to let go of:

some CDs and old shirts that I once loved but no longer use or wear

fully committed to:

spending weekends with Nicholas

consciously prioritizing:

a good night’s sleep

going to ask for help with:

motivation to eat well and resisting urges to eat unhealthy foods

keeping this quote in mind:

“Anger is never without a reason, but seldom with a good one.” –Benjamin Franklin

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