Review: Helene Jewelry Subscription Box (January 2015)

The January shipment of my Helene Jewels Arm Party Club subscription arrived yesterday, which was strangely late… probably just got held up in the post. Elena (the owner of Helene Jewelry) told me that she saw these tiny turquoise beads and thought of me, because I love the colour, and they would be perfect on my small wrists.

The familiar cute box

I had the box sent to work and picked it up from reception. Our office manager asked, “How did you know it was for you?!” I said I knew because of the size of the box, and she said, “Ah yeah, all those cute little boxes are always for you!” It’s really nice that all the boxes are the same size and shape. I really appreciate when companies put effort into their branding like this.

The January box still had the same pink zig-zag confetti, and came with a few extra goodies, as it has for the past couple of months. A hair tie, a strawberry flavoured Jolly Rancher, and a bottle of deep red nail polish. I’m keen to try the polish some time soon because of the deep colour. I only have bright reds.

A note from Elena
The contents of the box

I just realised I haven’t tried the glittery polish from my last box yet either. The hair tie in this box would go well with my chevron print top (featured in Fashion Friday: Chevrons), or anything simple and light grey.

As for the bracelet itself, I really like the silver finish – it’s really bright. I also think the tiny beads complement the round links in the chain. It’s a nice mix of conservative and casual. While I don’t totally love it, I’m taking a liking to simple multi-layered bracelets like this one, as opposed to wearing a stack of separate thin bracelets. It’s a nice touch.

Flat lay of the box contents
The bracelet on my wrist

I think I only have two instalments left, I will probably renew my subscription again. I really like that Helene Jewelry adds to my jewellery box in an interesting and unique way. It saves me from spending money on a lot of rushed purchases, and while I was a little unsure about the surprises I would be getting each month, I am really liking them as of late. :)

Comments on this post

You know, I have several hair ties like those but I can’t really seem to use them right. Are they meant more for thin hair? Because my hair is pretty thick, so it usually rips hair ties apart in the first or second use. :|

“Teeny tiny wrists” hahahaha, I’ve always bristled when people say that to me. For some reason I don’t like it?! :D they do look very nice, though. This company seems great and very dedicated; Elena seems like she puts great care into the monthly selections :D I sort of wish they did rings and that sites like these allow subscribers to choose for specific categories (like just rings, or just bracelets, etc.). But I need to keep my spending in check right now D:

I have really thick hair and they have sufficed for a messy bun, but they don’t tolerate as much stretch as people say they do. I think some are also better quality than others. I got some from and I would leave them after a day and they would shrink back to their original appearance. They don’t last very long and don’t have a 100% tight hold. I mostly use them for braids.

Haha well I don’t mind, I definitely do have small and skinny wrists. My mum’s are even skinnier!

I am a huge fan of rings – I used to be quite obsessed with them. However, I kept buying cheap ones so I needed to get rid of them because they tarnished after a while. Also, I have trouble finding some because my fingers are really small as well. There are some jewellery subscription boxes that cover different types of jewellery and accessories. Try once you have some spare cash. :D

I love how that turquoise ring goes with it. :)

Yes! It’s a sterling silver one I wear daily now, and I was pretty happy that it matched. :D

I am glad that you have been liking what you are getting. It’s exciting with a subscription box, because you a greeted with a surprise each month.

This one seems kind of simple. But maybe that is just my taste, sometimes simple can be good. /wave