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I have a pretty wide range of interests that span music, dance, reading, writing, bushwalking, art… I love reading novels, poetry, blogs, movie plot summaries (I don’t really like watching the movies themselves) and sometimes really dumb conversations on forums. But one of the things that intrigues me the most is reading about people who have gone missing – or missing persons, as the term goes.

It might sound very strange, but from a young age I was curious as to how people just went missing. When I first went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show with my family, I was about ten years old, probably younger. I was watching someone try to hit a target with a ball. By hitting the target, someone sitting on a seat above a large container of water would be released into the water. I was interested, and continued to watch this before I turned around and realised my parents were no longer behind me. They were not far off, but there were so many people around me that I panicked for about two minutes before I saw them at the next stall. During that two minutes, thoughts went through my mind of getting lost, my parents being unable to find me, and that I would be listed as a missing person.

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This is the last Fashion Friday of the year. I want to thank Seb for having the patience and kindheartedness to take photos for this segment of my blog throughout the whole of 2014 (or at least, since February!). This certainly won’t be the last of it, and I definitely want to continue the segment throughout 2015. I haven’t decided when the segment will return exactly, but it will return some time in January. There are a few things I am organising on my blog, but rest assured, you haven’t seen the last of it. If you have any requests or ideas just shoot me a message.

FF Chevron-1

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2014 was, without a doubt, a complete rollercoaster. All that babble for another day though. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas, if you do celebrate it. If not, then I wish you a great holiday season! I did this year in review for 2013 and 2012, after having done it privately since 2005 or 2006. I think that I will change it up a bit next year, though. The questions are getting a little bit dull and Daniel has ideas of thinking up our own questions.

I guess these questions also don’t sum up my year a hundred percent, because there are so many bits and bobs that can’t be detailed in these questions. I suppose that is why I started summing up the previous year in the early days of new year, which I started in 2012. You can look forward to a bit of that on the first of January I suppose! 🙂

Here is a photo of the Christmas cards I made this year. It was a bit hard thinking of something unique compared to the paper star I did last year, and the Christmas tree I did the year before. Instead, I went for the blue and the silver, with all the cards having a random arrangement of a big blue star and three small silver ones.

Christmas Cards 2014

Anyway, onto the questions.

1. What did you do in 2014 that you’d never done before?

Drove to a faraway town, more or less just to see my favourite band. I drove with my own car!

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Does anyone else remember paper dolls? I remember buying paper doll books when I was younger. The dolls were literally just sheets of card, sometimes with a foldable tab at the bottom for it to stand on the table, and without any of the paper clothes, was just a girl in underwear. I remember most paper dolls being nice designs, watercolour-paint style, rather than being exceptionally cartoony. They were well illustrated.


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I received my December shipment of my Helene Jewels Arm Party Club subscription earlier this week, which is pretty early for December. I suppose that’s because it’s Christmas soon and the postal service will be super busy around the world. I haven’t sent my Christmas cards yet, so I am already feeling intense guilt that everyone will get their cards late! 😞

Helene December-6

Anyway, I was pleased to receive my box and was excited to see what I would get. I ended up getting the Grass Green Victoria bangle. The green is powder-coated brass. It is very solid and the green finish is flawless. There are six small cameos placed evenly around the bangle.

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‘2 minutes and 40 seconds’ will return in 2015 after its success in 2014. Thank you to everyone who participated this year! The segment will not return on the 1st of January (which is in two weeks), but it is scheduled to return the week after (8th January 2015) and will continue to be posted every second Thursday from then. I am looking for interviewees, so to apply for a possible interview, visit this page.

Sayli blogs at Pensieve and we met online quite a while back. I hosted her blog at some point as well! She’s returned to blogging, and during the time she’s been away has been working on a Bachelor of Engineering.

I’m Sayli, a 21 year old Indian currently in final year Bachelor of Engineering. I love web-designing, cooking and baking. I’m currently preparing for entrance test to study MS in USA 🙂 I also like to read books, play chess and spend time with family and friends.
I’m a very sensitive person and friendly. I can’t tolerate rude and hypocritic people.

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I can imagine destroying any kind of obsession is difficult, and in each case, depending on what you could be obsessed with, it is different. I have had recent obsessions with clothes and accessories, in that I buy anything that is remotely cheap, and think, “Wow, I now have loads of things to wear”. The uncool thing is, I’m a serial bargain hunter, so I look for things on sale almost all year round. My habit was particularly awful though, because getting more bang for your buck was something I took literally. If something was on sale, I wouldn’t just buy it – I would buy all associated products and walk out with a giant load from that store.

In essence, my habit of buying cheap things encompassed the following:

  • Buying stuff I don’t need
  • Buying cheap stuff I don’t need
  • Buying cheap stuff in bulk
  • Buying things in bulk
  • Buying things I don’t need in bulk

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This post is another entry for Manda’s A Day in the Life linkup. Feel free to view my previous entries.

Tristan sitting at the desk

This is the last A Day in the Life post of the year. Manda has decided that she no longer wishes to host the linkup and has kindly passed it on to me to host. After sorting out a few bits and bobs I should have a page ready for it, and I would love for you to all participate in 2015! It was lovely seeing the number of people who participated this year, and I really want to continue that.

I am writing this for Saturday the 13th December.

I woke up at about 11am, and ate a lot of apple danish for breakfast. I tend to eat less healthy foods on weekend mornings. Sort of like my treat/cheat day. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and tired. After messaging some of my friends on my phone, I put my sleep tracker on and decided to nap. I didn’t intend to nap for that long, but I set my alarm for an hour. I woke a little past 2pm.

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I actually really hate the colour pink. I am not sure when I began to dislike it, since my first prom/formal ball thing/dance dress was completely pink. I didn’t pick it out though, so I suppose it doesn’t matter. Pink is Lilian’s favourite colour but I have never really liked it. I had always liked blue.


I steer clear of pink clothing because I don’t think it looks good on me, or I just don’t feel good wearing it. Whether it’s hot pink or light pink, I just think it’s yucky. I owned light pink lipstick once and I thought it looked horrid on me. However, for this Fashion Friday I decided to wear pink accessories to match my light pink top.

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I suppose it’s sort of well known that I wear this purple guitar pick necklace all the time. People noticed it was me when I wore it. They said it was like a part of me and I wore it all the time. They asked if it meant something.


It was a part of me. It did mean something, but I didn’t know what that something was. I don’t think I ever got into the backstory of it; I may have mentioned it in passing, somewhere on my blog, but I don’t ever remember writing a post dedicated to it. There isn’t much to the necklace, I just happened to wear it every day for almost nine years, since 2006.

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