Things I Miss: Festival Cookies

Festival cookies were something I discovered back in high school when my mum still made packed lunches for Brandon and myself, and had an endless supply of snacks and fruit for recess/morning tea. I’m not sure where she bought Festival Cookies from (probably the local supermarket), but they were delicious and I am not sure if they are still obtainable now. They are probably hard to get in Australia, because a quick internet search shows me that they are from Europe.

Lemon flavoured Festival Cookies
Lemon flavoured Festival Cookies

These cookies are much like Oreos: two flat pieces with flavoured cream inside. The flat pieces of the cookie are fairly standard flavoured. If I recall correctly, they had small four small holes in the top, arranged in a square. The cream inside was sometimes two different flavours. I think the green and pink one was my favourite. Each packet had four festival cookies. They might have just been cookies, but they were amazing cookies. They tasted fantastic and far better than Oreos, though I know some people live for the classic chocolate taste.

I found the photo of them from an image search. It looks like the brand that manufactures them is called Noel. Festival Cookies has their own website. It’s really interactive and has nice photos of the different flavours.

Screenshot of
Screenshot of

I don’t remember how I remembered these cookies again, maybe I was just thinking about cookies and festivals repeatedly (it happens). Ah, actually, now I remember – I had been cleaning my room. I came across a large folder of sheet music and both typed and handwritten lyrics. I had written a song called Festival Cookies, and reading the title immediately brought all the memories back.

I recall eating these cookies all throughout class, sharing them with my friends and just raving about them. They were honestly the best things I had eaten in all of high school (after any stupid canteen junk food I dared to even call “food”).

I hope I can get my hands on these cookies again. Yum.

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that’s an adorable cream sandwich XD i’ve never seen biscuits with green colored cream though even when it’s lemon flavored, the cream’s usually pale yellowish in color haha

as a child, i don’t know why oreo was so popular. i never loved it as much. oreo flavored ice cream, yes but the biscuit? nah. they’re bitter, imo. i prefer biscuits like ritz :P