2 minutes and 40 seconds with Sayli

‘2 minutes and 40 seconds’ will return in 2015 after its success in 2014. Thank you to everyone who participated this year! The segment will not return on the 1st of January (which is in two weeks), but it is scheduled to return the week after (8th January 2015) and will continue to be posted every second Thursday from then. I am looking for interviewees, so to apply for a possible interview, visit this page.

Sayli blogs at Pensieve and we met online quite a while back. I hosted her blog at some point as well! She’s returned to blogging, and during the time she’s been away has been working on a Bachelor of Engineering.

I’m Sayli, a 21 year old Indian currently in final year Bachelor of Engineering. I love web-designing, cooking and baking. I’m currently preparing for entrance test to study MS in USA :) I also like to read books, play chess and spend time with family and friends.
I’m a very sensitive person and friendly. I can’t tolerate rude and hypocritic people.


What was the first thing you learned how to bake?

The first cake I baked was honey sponge cake. I saw it on a cookery show and fortunately it turned out to be awesome

If you could make a giant version of a board game, what game would you choose?

Snakes and ladders perhaps

You are in a tunnel and there is some light at the end. There is a blue tiger coming at you from the light. Why is the tiger there?

To prevent me from reaching the end of the tunnel.

If you could click your fingers and transport to any place in the world right now, where would you transport to?

I’d like to go to Mansarovar. It’s an amazing place in the Himalayan ranges known for its sheer beauty and as a religious place.

You have three containers in front of you. They are sealed with lids. One is full of ants, one is full of coffee and the other is full of sand. You need to find the one filled with coffee. Do you strategically shake and rattle each box, pick one at random, or just open them all?

I’ll lift the containers and compare the weights of each and then decide. Also, if some smell is leaked to the surroundings, then it will be coffee.

You get to cook a meal for your family, but it has to be something they have never eaten before. You have exactly 90 minutes to prepare the whole meal. What do you cook?

I’d cook them a nice chicken tart. That’s because I’ve never cooked meat as I’m vegetarian but they love it.

You have it swim in a tank with one of the following creatures. Giant turtle; octopus; jellyfish. Which one do you choose and why?

Giant turtle. Because jellyfish is poisonous and octopus is dangerous. So I’d choose a safer option.

Do you prefer to wear clothes with spots, stripes or floral patterns?

Depends on various other parameters like colour, type of dress, etc. Still if I got to choose one then it would be stripes.

You need to pick your nose. No tissues are readily accessible. What do you do with the booger/bogey that is now on your finger?

Weird question but well I’d wash my hand with water :/ :p

Gingerbread or banana bread?


Fairies or mermaids?


Black or ebony?


Would you rather fall into a pit of cacti or be buried neck deep in sand for an hour?

Buried neck deep in sand for an hour

Would you rather sleep in a bed of cooked rice or a bed of cooked potato?

Umm…Cooked rice maybe :p

Last but not least, let’s create a superhero name for you — the name of the last thing you ate plus the name of the first website you owned. What is it?

pakodas+hermione :p This is totally insane :p

You can catch Sayli at:

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