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Seb was lovely enough to help me out with Fashion Friday for this edition. I was hoping to do Fashion Friday more than once a month but this will have to do for now, haha. I don’t want to stick to a strict posting schedule for it or anything, so for now, Fashion Friday will be a pretty erratic segment.

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Today I interview Stephanie, who is a girl with a variety of interests. Here is a little introduction she has written:

Hi, everyone! My name is Stephanie and I am an American graduate student working on a master’s degree in engineering. I was born and raised in the northeastern US, but moved to Los Angeles to attend a university there. My primary interest is in working on automatic controls in aircraft and robots, but outside of that I practice karate as a member of Shotokan Karate of America, play piano and play flute. I can kinda-sorta play the ocarina too, but not well. But all in all, I just another chill and silly person on this planet.

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‘Things I Miss’ is an occasional segment on my blog about things that I miss. It could include places I have been, things I bought as a child, things I used to do, things that have become obsolete or are no longer produced like old television shows, foods, toys, and the like. Other posts in this segment are under the Things I Miss category.

Today is James’s birthday, happy birthday James! ♥️

A while ago, Cat asked me if I miss my previous websites. Of course I do. I don’t miss them for their quality, really, because my skill in graphic design was extremely basic, and I built things in MS Paint. The reason for this was because my website was mostly centred around pixel art and I didn’t really need anything fancier to paint with.

My pixel art was not very good, but I think that is mostly what I set foot in. I was terrible at designing a website, and I would use crappy backgrounds and photographs, but I did try to use my own photos and personalise my website as much as possible. Pixel art just became a thing I did on the side, and a small section of my website (merely a page or two) was dedicated to the sub-hobby.

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Happy birthday to my sweetest, dearest, and sometimes idiot neighbour, Tristan, who turns a glorious 21 today. 😘

I took the day off work today because I was in excruciating pain this morning. I had trouble sleeping because I was woken up by my stomach putting me into maxtreme pain, and that’s really not cool, and I was also on the verge of throwing up which was also severely uncool.

While most people like […]

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written 17th January 2014

I wish I could feel the glitter fall,
The same way it flowed from that brush onto my fingernails,
The little pieces crashing effortlessly to the ground
And your teeth, they clamp lightly on my fingertips,
And your breath, dancing on my skin,
Aimless grace held forward by the tip of your nose…
‘Love from’, I wrote,
   penned my name,
   wrote ‘x’ then ‘o’ —
The moment caught me,
The echo stopped me,
I touched my lips to yours
   but you held a finger before mine.
Your hand,

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Disclaimer: This post may not make sense. This post has a really inaccurate title. This post does not exactly encompass the least romantic things I have ever done. This post may actually include the cheesiest romantic things I have ever done, thus meaning it belongs in inverted commas like so: “romantic”. These things (and slash or incidents) are not directly supposed to be related to romance or even related to people I have actually dated.

So, in a nutshell, you’re reading this for pure humour. Or at least, I think you are.

These are in no particular order, and the numbers only serve to feign suspense and make you think that there is a certain order. So, yeah, don’t be fooled. What a perfect post for the shadow of Valentine’s Day, right?

#7: Made a glorious stack of love notes leading up to someone’s birthday.

I am positively sure I did this only once

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I wrote this whilst sitting alone in a busy shopping centre on the evening of Valentine’s Day.

written on 14th February 2014

earth circles,
globe triangles,
rice paper rolls on a fake mosaic table..
floating remedies,
simple goodbyes,
and the silence before a night disappeared.
a cold drink,
an icy path,
a former lover with the mark of a warrior on his shoulder.

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This year I did something different for Valentine’s Day… but before I get into that, as always:

Story time first

When I was a fair bit younger, I had a really nasty person give me back the rose I gave to them on Valentine’s Day. I had crushed on this person for a while, and then, of course, happily moved on. Might I add, I was in secondary school at the time, and secondary school is a very shitty time, because everything seems like a big deal when — newsflash — in a few years it really isn’t. In happily moving on, I started to date someone else. This someone else, my then-boyfriend, coincidentally happened to be the best friend of the guy I used to have a crush on.

Effectively, me and my closest friend at the time ended up being pretty good friends with this guy, and of course, my then-boyfriend. It was all well and good until I started to favour the idea of sending friendship valentines to my friends as well. On Valentine’s Day I sent a red rose to my then-boyfriend, and yellow/white ones to a few of my good friends.

In a nutshell

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Today I interview electric music duo Bon Chat, Bon Rat — Reece Cooper and Russell Smith — and squeeze in a few questions about their musical influences. The Sydney pair’s latest single Burning Palms is out now, and they have an EP of the same name out soon.

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A lot of people ask me how I got into photography. I was asked by people who were curious when I was photographing bands, by friends, by people at work and just curious people on the internet.

I don’t consider my photography to be amazing. I like to think I am good at it, but it comes out of practice. A lot of times I will look back at photos I took a while ago, or sometimes only a few months ago, and decide they look bad. Things might be out of focus, the picture too dark, the composition awful. I wonder why I bothered to share them. This is the story of how I got into photography.

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