Jack Carty House Concert

James and I went to see Jack Carty play a nice acoustic gig last night. It was hosted by his fan-turned-friend Gen. I was really happy that she lives only about ten minutes away, so there was no hassle in having to take a train or a bus out to the city, and no need to worry about transport. And James had the car for the night as well.

Gen had kindly placed a lot of blankets out on the grass for us to sit on, and Jack played on the wooden patio outside the back door. Gen had also decorated the yard with coloured lights, candles, and there was even the smell of incense. It kept away most of the mosquitoes, but I did walk away with a few on my arm!

The music started at about 7:30 and went for about one and a half hours. Jack played a lot of new songs, including one he had never played before, and that he had only recently decided to put on the new album (soon to be released!). It was called Be Brave, and to be honest I really really liked it.

Gen’s kids were absolutely adorable, they couldn’t stop running around and dancing, and enjoyed playing with bubble blowers in the shape of microphones. Jack played Travelling Shoes, one of my absolute favourites by him, and it really made me tear up. Such an emotional song, so wonderfully played.

The sun set quite late. In summer in Australia, it tends to be quite bright until about 8:00pm.

As it started to get dark, out came the coloured glow sticks and the sparklers. As Jack ended the night with a song played unplugged, there was a great round of applause. But the night didn’t end without a request for one of his most popular, amusing and upbeat songs, She’s Got A Boyfriend.

We made sure to say hi to Jack afterwards as well, of course. :)

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A house-concert is a concept I never heard of until now, and I think it’s something that’s good for new artists! I mean, yes, I’ve read about people hosting their own art shows in their homes, but a concert is not something I’d have considered at all. No idea why since when you think about it, it makes sense!

As always, I like seeing your pictures, and I especially like the last one! The composition of it is nice with the lace tablecloth and the candles in the jar!