I met you once before

This is a poem I wrote a while back, last year in fact. Last time I posted a poem I read it out loud, and I might do that on my next piece. I have written quite a bit of poetry since this piece. I also have quite a few pieces sitting around, typed up but not shared. I might share them routinely, or publish them with their dates set to the appropriate dates, depending on how I feel about doing it. There are also poems here that exist as pages, and I would like to convert them to posts under the poetry category eventually.

written 23rd April 2013

hey, you with the velvet hat,
I watched you drinking,
saw you smile at me from across the room
and I wondered if there’d be a little
more than that between us;
I’ve been a little silly,
And you’re only a little bit more than my fantasy,
But just enough to make me remember what you’re all about –
Yeah, I might keep thinking of someone else,
So, I’m probably hoping for far too much more,
But don’t, don’t turn away,
You’ve got me in that moment.
You’ve got me smiling,
I hope I make the fireflies in your mind dance,
I hope I make the butterflies appear and disappear,
Maybe we’ll part ways when there’s so much less to say,
Maybe you’ll not speak another word as soon as I’ve tried
To make you look a little deeper into my eyes,
A thousand seconds do pass and you may not forget me,
But you aren’t talking to me –
Maybe a short while later you’ll come back for more but
I can’t think why you would or if there’d be a real reason,
And it may be a few years yet before that incident occurs again
Fine lines bitter drawn close against my skin,
Writing words that commemorate a fleeting meeting,
I’ll think of you when I’m in pain and remember sweet things you’ve said,
I’ll hold almost every ounce of feeling in me until they could be dead
And there I’ll falter,
But it’ll be a bit more than okay because things are bound to happen,
On our path things are bound to occur,
in our hearts you may never see the ending, if any,
perhaps rain will fall beyond the fountains of learning though you’ll
Find fewer things to your disdain
Because of stars and the invisible constellations they form,
Don’t, I tell you, don’t believe
Things are perfect and better,
Live, be that person,
Live a little,
We’ll see each other when the blue moon rises a little higher than the midnight horizon,
And we may not be able to see
the smaller planets beyond what we can encompass peripherally,
Show may be the answer to
The problems we want to disguise
And perhaps there’s more to that than wanting everything to dissipate
But I’ll be honest, I miss you,
I get to know the times you’ll be around but still I don’t know when,
why or how,
And who knows if the sun will come round
may support our faraway selves and
if we know, maybe we’ll see each other again.

Comments on this post

Wow, this is really good. I love the line ‘Fine lines bitter drawn close against my skin’ – it’s lovely. It’d be great to see more!

I think it’d be really cool to get a poetry category going. It’s nice to see a good bit of variety on blogs, and your poems are great. And poems are always lovely when read aloud – I watch poetry slams on Youtube a lot!

Lovely poem – I would definitely love to read some more of your poems. You should definitely give the poetry category a boost. :)