Six years

James and I have been together six years today, and we had dinner at a small Japanese restaurant called Acacia. We chose one of the three-course dinner meals, which I had previously seen on their website:

Appetizer (Mixed Plate)
soft shell crab taco; prawn cocktail gratin; salmon canape w miso cream; miso pumpkin soup

• King Prawn tempura
• Braised pork belly (from SA)
• Light pan fried Salmon (from TAS)

• Kyoto style green tea mousse & lemon cheese cake w plum sauce
• Tokyo style trio mousse & dark chocolate brownie w mango sauce

The place wasn’t that hard to find. There was a lot of traffic on the way and it was pretty far up north, so it took us a while to get there. It was, however, really quiet when we arrived at 6:30pm. The place wasn’t hard to find, but it was in a building with other restaurants and not straight on the street.

There was a nice view outside through the glass panel, even though it was just the train station. There was a little candle on the table, and the service was great. We had our napkins put out for us and our glasses refilled with water.

Admittedly I am not used to course meals and I prefer just buying a main dish, but it’s pretty neat treating yourself to a dinner like this. Or a lunch, if you feel so inclined. James had the pork belly for the main and I had the salmon. We also chose one of each dessert.

It was really delicious! I really liked the entree. The waitress told us about each of the appetisers and that the chef recommended we eat them in a certain order, which is actually in reverse order to which they appear above. The miso pumpkin soup was delicious, it was in a little glass cup that tasted like a really nice vegetable broth. We also got a bowl of miso soup (which I just realised isn’t listed above).

I didn’t take a photo of the entree but here is a photo I got from

Entree: Appetisers
Entree: Appetisers

I took some photos on my phone. Since they were taken on my phone they probably don’t look as good as they could be!

Mains & desserts
Mains & desserts

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Happy anniversary xx ♥
I love Japanese food, one word, YUMMY!!!

Happy Anniversary & at least 66 more to come ;) /love

Happy anniversary and many more to come with James! I’m glad you e-mailed me about going to this diner. I didn’t read the review, but it’s always nice to read something about the restaurant in question before going and getting your hopes up. It looks fantabulous!

One thing I have learned with my boyfriend — always read the reviews and if it has GOOD 5 star reviews — it is good. So that’s what I do with the books I buy every month and every other item that I have looked at on It does help to read those reviews. Otherwise; you’d go into that restaurant and get your hopes up and not go back. But I’m glad you read the reviews and went. It all looks delicious! We have a slight change in plans — Instead of going to the beach today which we both heard that it will be cold: We decided to go Miniature golfing and out to lunch and go hitch a ride with his aunt on Saturday if she goes and go to the beach then. So no losses.

Happy Anniversary again and many more to come!

Happy Anniversary! :D Six years is a long time!

The food looks delish! The dessert looks so fancy and gourmet-y. I’m glad this restaurant turned out to be great!

Happy anniversary!

The food looks sooo good. I want some of that pork belly. :D

Happy Anniversary! 6 years is a long time :D Congrats to you two!

I like going to places with pre-made course dinners sometimes. It’s kind of nice to have less to choose from. All of that food looks and sounds good! I’m a big fan of pork belly and would totally order the dish James got.

I’m glad you had a nice dinner for your anniversary!

Happy anniversary! Wow, 6 years is a long time, hope you’re just as happy as you were when you first got together.

The food looks lovely, it’s really nice how they’ve arranged it on the plate. All nice and fancy! I usually just end up going somewhere where they dump the food on the plate (in the nicest way possible haha). The deserts look lovely, I want one!

Glad you had a nice dinner. Hope there’s many more anniversarys to come!

Happy six year anniversary! :-D

It sounds and looks like a delicious meal even though I don’t know what every one of the dishes are. Sea food almost always taste great! I have never been to a meal like that either, I am the kind of person that ordes the main course and ice cream desserts, haha. I hope you had a great time :)

Goodness gracious, these look good. I wouldn’t mind taking my special someone to a place like this in the future [in the fortunate event that I find that person xD]. Speaking of which, happy anniversary to you two! 👏

Happy anniversary! 6 years sounds almost like an eternity to me – I’ve been dating my guy for only a year and it feels like forever. You guys must be super happy :) Loved the photos too, everything looks so yummy! ♥