Silver glass

written 17th January 2014

I wish I could feel the glitter fall,
The same way it flowed from that brush onto my fingernails,
The little pieces crashing effortlessly to the ground
And your teeth, they clamp lightly on my fingertips,
And your breath, dancing on my skin,
Aimless grace held forward by the tip of your nose…
‘Love from’, I wrote,
   penned my name,
   wrote ‘x’ then ‘o’ —
The moment caught me,
The echo stopped me,
I touched my lips to yours
   but you held a finger before mine.
Your hand,
   it uncurled my fingers slowly,
   you clasped them lightly
   with yours,
And your skin, thick and rough with wear from work,
   lightly scratched my cheek.
Minutes would pass,
Fast, breathless minutes
   with hands in pale darkness,
Fast, breathless minutes
   with lips under moonlight,
For echoes,
For echoes that we knew one day would end.
An impossible heartbreak
   danced on the edge of our tongues as they danced together,
Our fingers became entwined,
Our shadows were alone,
Whatever bitterness emerged before
   distilled and moved us far from home
   and in that moment,
I took a single breath —
you kept going.
With every heartbeat,
With every breath that escaped our mouths in unison,
A float of music sounded that only encouraged the touch that we both felt,
And longer,
We wished for longer,
For almost forever,
Before we tried harder to travel through darkness
   and hold hands beyond how much ceasing we could resist,
Almost before we climbed out into the grey charcoal air
   and slowly, sleepily,
Buried our heads in one another’s necks
   and held each other for a brief moment-and-a-half,
Beneath the greying moonlight.