2 minutes and 40 seconds with Stephanie

Today I interview Stephanie, who is a girl with a variety of interests. Here is a little introduction she has written:

Hi, everyone! My name is Stephanie and I am an American graduate student working on a master’s degree in engineering. I was born and raised in the northeastern US, but moved to Los Angeles to attend a university there. My primary interest is in working on automatic controls in aircraft and robots, but outside of that I practice karate as a member of Shotokan Karate of America, play piano and play flute. I can kinda-sorta play the ocarina too, but not well. But all in all, I just another chill and silly person on this planet.

Hi Stephanie, thanks for joining me for “2 minutes and 40 seconds!”
First question: You’re in a room with white walls. You get to pick one thing to fill the room with – to the brim, or halfway – what do you choose?


What is your favourite book?

No idea. But a quick guess gives David Keyes’ Flowers for Algernon.

Something is on your head first thing in the morning when you wake up. It’s slimy and freezing cold when you touch it, and it seems to be pale yellow in colour. What might that be?

Did someone put a pancake on my face? Nom nom!

Would you rather accidentally step on a cockroach barefoot or get your hair stuck in a fan?

Step on a cockroach

Your fridge needs restocking. What is the first thing you buy?

Strawberries. But if strawberries aren’t in season, then soymilk.

Pens or pencils?


Orange carrots or purple carrots?


Pearls or moonstones?


Summer or winter?


Shaving or waxing?

Shaving. Waxing hurts!

Favourite cookie flavour?

Chocolate chip.

If dragons existed and could wear clothes, what would they wear?


Time to play dress-up. You have to be a villain. Who do you dress up as?

A bob-omb. This one was hard, because I don’t identify with any villains! So I just picked someone adorable.

There is a dress you have fallen in love with and must buy right this instant. Describe it.

It’s dark blue, knee length, fit-and-flare, has some sort of non-floral and not-busy design stitched into it, tank-top, v-neck.

You would give your left arm to meet _____?

Edward Elric, a Fullmetal Alchemist character.

Pick a number between one and a hundred. Multiply it by seven. Add two. Multiply by pi. The number is how many fingers you will have in a zombie outbreak. Tell?

666.02. My hands will be finger balls.

Someone gives you the worst gift for your birthday. What is it?

Brussel sprouts

You have a bowl of moisturiser, a bowl of soup and a bowl of marshmallows. What now?

Drink the soup and then use the moisturizer and marshmallows to build a mini-sculpture.

What is your favourite song at the moment?

Vienna Teng – Landsailor

And last but not least, what do androids dream of?

Eating tasty food (strawberries = nom) with the rest of us.

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Georgie, I love the post thumbnail! :D It is very much like me. Thank you so much for doing this interview segment. Answering your questions and reading the other interviews has been a lot of fun!

Steph, I loved reading your interview. :) xox

I love this idea! The questions you came up with are super unique and interesting. I particularly like this one “Pick a number between one and a hundred. Multiply it by seven. Add two. Multiply by pi. The number is how many fingers you will have in a zombie outbreak. Tell?”

I recently started doing a similar blog series idea but it’s focused on interviews with people in coffeeshops to try to get to know random Seattlites on a deeper level.

I cringed at the cockroach one — I’ve actually done that before! I also got my hair stuck in the fan part of a hairdryer… The former isn’t as bad, but it’s still disgusting. I soaked my foot in peroxide. /um

I loved reading her answers. :) I especially liked your last question, Georgie; it’s so fitting for Steph!