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In November, it was Brandon’s birthday, Nick started a new job, we had a handful of date nights, there was the whole teapot debacle, my mum fractured her foot, and I struggle to find new hobbies, though this week I am keeping myself busy with a 40-minute talk (big challenge!). […]

I’m probably going to be raving about Perth in this recap, but you know I had a good time there. Other than that, I’m probably pretty glad to be farewelling October. It ended with a bang. […]

In September I participated in Steptember with a few of my co-workers. We raised over $800 and walked 1,482,130 steps in total. 🏃 I also splurged on a few things like a new handbag and a new phone, so let’s just say I’ll be trying to save a bit more in October. […]

This month, a few of my coworkers and I are taking part in Steptember – we are going to be walking 10,000 steps a day in September to raise awareness for cerebral palsy. If you would like to support us by donating a few dollars, please do! 👍 That aside, I sum up August... it was mostly full of catchups with friends, which I hope to sum up in a future post. Nick and I returned to the gym […]

Despite being ill, I’m getting better quite quickly. I’ve recapped the month of July with my usual format, and given a little update on things in general. Since I missed posting a Fashion Friday Q&A last Friday, that’ll happen this Friday, so I’m still accepting questions. There is a little surprise under the July achievements, too. […]

Yesterday we returned home from our trip to Europe and Singapore. Our plane landed early in the morning and we went to Nick’s house to have a nap and catch up with his family before catching up with my family. Though I was dreading having a lot to catch up on, I went back to work today with no real troubles. Everyone at work was excited to see me back and congratulate me on the engagement. 🙃 This Achievement Unlocked […]

I answer the same questions I answer each month, recapping May. It was my birthday, I did a presentation, and I dealt with being violently sick for almost a whole week. […]

This post is a bit delayed, but you know what I realised? I use the same questions each time, so there isn’t really a need to do this before the last day of each month. The last day is simply fine. (How silly of me.) Nick graduated this month and I got a good photo of him throwing his hat in the air. Something I never personally did because no one else was doing it (maybe my university is inferior […]

This month I coloured my hair red, repeated one of my presentations, and got through Easter relatively unscathed, but I also I mention working hard, buying new shoes for my tiny feet, a promise to go back to the gym, and I mention how I’ll be sharing my recorded talk titled ‘I didn’t mean to become a web developer, it just happened’. […]