Achievement Unlocked: May 2018

Happy June! May was a busy month, so let’s see what happened.

Last month I mentioned that I was bored of writing these recaps and that I was starting to use a bullet journal more seriously. Well, this week was my first actual week of doing it. 😄 And as for being bored of writing these recaps, I am still going to continue doing them in the meantime, in the hopes I will do a better job at writing them on time, and also remember most of what happened during the month.

This weekend I am hoping to wrap up my new blog design… 🙏 It was a goal on my 27 by 27 list, and I also want to blog about my progress with that, given that it was my birthday earlier this week and I turned 27. 😉

I also acknowledge that there hasn’t been a Fashion Friday post for several weeks. The weather hasn’t been too good, and I spent essentially two weeks cooped up in bed after I injured my leg, but more posts will return. If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that I started Fashion Friday in 2014 and it’s just about the longest-running series on my blog. Although it has disappeared or gone on hiatus, sometimes for months at a time, it has always come back. ☺

Achievement Unlocked: May 2018

Just before writing this, I was:

Writing a few notes in my bullet journal 😄

This past month, I achieved:

  • I successfully fell down the stairs. LOL.
  • After falling down the stairs I was still able to train my upper body, so I did a lot of shoulder supersets and trained my triceps a lot. Woot!
  • I worked from home for basically a week. It was a bit of a challenge at times, and my mental health was tested after I injured my leg, but I got through it. It was good training in working from home. 🙂
  • I rock climbed three walls at level 17. With a slightly injured leg! It was hard putting weight on it but I pulled through. I even completed a wall that had previously been very difficult for me.
  • My friends and I completed an escape room! It was very captivating and the storyline was very good. We worked well together and made it out in time, even though we made a mistake on the last challenge! We had enough time left on the clock though, so we were given another chance and made it through.

This past month, I learned:

  • I wrote a couple of things in my notebooks about package managing in web development – an asterisk (*) indicates that a package be updated to any new version, while a hat (^) indicates that only minor and patch updates be applied.
  • Shin bones are marvellously strong.
  • Serious soft tissue injuries take a longer time to heal compared to small, non-complex fractures.
  • That if you want to create certain text effects in CSS for links, you have to set the display of the element to inline-block, but sometimes, that means longer links will immediately break to the next line and may not look a little strange because you expect them to be inline.

This past month, I got bored of:

Celery. Oh my god. For weeks I had been eating celery and hummus as a snack. I don’t know what’s up but my appetite has been a bit crummy lately. And I don’t so much mind celery and hummus but I just haven’t felt hungry enough to eat them. And I’m just getting so bored of celery.

But that’s OK, because I enjoyed:

Eating mixed steamed vegetables – carrot, corn and peas. It’s a great combination!

Today, something that made me happy was:

I finished a task that I had been working on at work since last Monday. It took me over a week because it was incredibly complex. I was close to moving onto something or rage quitting but I knew I could only go forward. I am getting better at explaining some of the concepts and things that I learn and looking back, I actually remember a time when this was difficult for me. I also contributed to our team’s retrospective, and it was all a very good discussion. 🙂

Today, something I could have done better was:

I… can’t quite remember, but I felt fairly distracted this morning when I first arrived at work. It was hard to get into the groove. I actually now cannot remember why I felt so distracted but once I put my headphones on, I was on a roll.

Tomorrow, I’m going to:

Nick and I are doing a Body Pump class in the morning, as usual. Since we moved out it’s been the regular every Saturday morning, haha!

I’m going to write some blog posts and work on my new blog design, eeee!

We are going to Hurricane’s Grill (a steak restaurant) tomorrow with my family for my birthday and my cousin’s birthday (which was the day after mine). 🎉

In June, I’m looking forward to:

My high school friends Dylan and Joanne are getting married! I’m excited, and very happy for them. 😍

In June, I’m going to make the positive change of:

I’m going to avoid doing so much online shopping for clothes. I have already told some of my friends to hold me accountable. The only things I am allowed to shop for are items I’ve put on my wishlist on The Iconic (I had over 100 and I cut this down to less than 50 this week). I’m going to stop wasting time shopping on the site – which is where I do most of my shopping – and permit myself to only browse my wishlist.

More to come on this, but I do have a set of goals to complete by my 28th birthday, and “Buy no more than 15 items of clothing/shoes” is on it. 🤣

One thing on my to-do list is:

I’ve got a few, but if I had to sum most of it up, it’s – write a lot of blog posts! 👏 Get excited, because I’m going to do a lot of writing this weekend, and hopefully you will also get to read them when my new blog design is up! ✨

One happy photo from this past month is:

I got to attend Rachel Dillon’s app launch event for her Bodies By Rachel app. Although I am not using the app now and am not currently doing any of her programs, the day was incredibly fun and I was surrounded by other women on their fitness journeys. The community vibes were lovely and of course I got a chance to meet Rachel, her sister Emma, and the other girls who work with her on Bodies by Rachel. 🤗

If I had to write a book or record a film about this past month, I would call it:

Yass, queen 👑

After I post this, I’m going to:

Get ready for bed. (I say this all the time. Why is this question still the same?)

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