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A couple of years ago, when I blogged on (I still kept the old posts in my archive), I did two projects called The “Love Is” Project and the “I Love” Project, where I asked people to define love, and to tell me what they loved. I displayed the quotes on a rotation on my website, incorporating it into redesigns of my blog.

The idea was greatly loved by everyone, and though I have removed the pages with all of everyone’s answers, you can still view the comments on the posts to see what other people have written.

Surrounded by social media, we can be quick to forget our own relationships when we see other happy couples. We might find ourselves comparing our relationships to theirs. Love is not a competition. We should not compare and compete with other relationships, but we should also not compete with each other.

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I’m getting married in October and although I have been looking for inspiration for wedding dresses, I was encouraged to actually go wedding dress shopping and I’m glad I didn’t leave it too late…

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If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, this might not be new news to you… 🙂 But Nick proposed to me and of course I said yes. 😍 Here is the story on how it all happened.

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I get a good laugh out of dissing and bitching about reality shows like The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Married at First Sight. My mum enjoys watching them, and I found myself bored after dinner, watching this thing I call ‘trash television’. Why waste my time on it?

But I wanted to know why she found it interesting, and why contestants on the shows are mostly unsuccessful, why they decide to go on these shows in the first place, and why some people just get so ‘unlucky’ in love.

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In light of the Google doodle for Valentine’s Day, and a day that celebrates love, I give a bit of a jab to those who complain about being ‘forever alone’.

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The question most curious people ask is, ‘Why do you love x?’

‘What kind of question is that?’

Most people are not able to explain why.

In my current relationship, compared to previous ones, I can pick out the mundane, stupid things that are so obviously and hilariously affectionate, that I couldn’t possibly imagine being OK doing to, or with, anyone else.

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Nick often jokes that he sought after for me for days and that I was blinded by his subtle advances towards me.

Let’s put one thing on the table: I’ve always been somewhat oblivious to these kinds of things.

And another thing: Nick was probably, like, really subtle about it.

I grew up with a boy as a best friend. When circumstances (ie. moving schools) meant that we wouldn’t see each other anymore and just moved on, my next best friend was a boy, too. I was a relatively shy girl, so most of my girlfriends could pick up when I had a crush on someone without me telling them.

High school was hilarious. Full of crushes and still the whole ‘ooh, ah, you like x’. That was when dating began for a heap of desperate preteens and teenagers wanting to hold someone else’s hand and have a partner and be all cute and stuff. If you were emotionally ready, that is. Like I said, high school was hilarious.

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