I said yes to the dress 👗

With a few things locked in for our wedding in October, my mum encouraged me to have a look at some dresses at a store near home. She was very enthusiastic about the sale period that was happening for a couple of weeks, but I was determined to find something I liked whether it was on sale or not. We had a look yesterday.

Prior to yesterday’s visit, I only had time to check out one store in the city where I work (and looked briefly in the window of another). I walked in there, enthralled by the fanciness of the place, but after trawling through several racks of dresses I was really displeased. The more “current” range of dresses were also in styles I was not interested in.

I had done a lot of research and looked for inspiration on the internet and in magazines. Mostly the internet though, because there is inspiration everywhere. Instagram was my main go-to, but otherwise I did a pretty mundane internet search for dress styles before I looked at some actual bridal gown stores online. At first I really wanted a strapless, princess-style dress, something that went out from the waist like a typical Cinderella style.

After that, I really watched my body start to shape when I started upping my workouts at the gym, and I toyed with the idea of a mermaid style dress that hugs the hips and has a bit of a fishtail. I wore a two-piece dress of this style to my cousin’s wedding last year, because my aunt was creating the dresses for the family members and I was able to choose whatever style I liked. It was a good experiment and I thought I looked great even though it was awfully hard to walk.

Comfort was my number one priority when looking for a dress. I wanted to be able to breathe, walk and dance in it. I found some very lovely strapless mermaid style wedding dresses online and used them as inspiration.

Walking into the store yesterday, I was pretty set on what I wanted. Mermaid/fishtail dress, definitely strapless, no way I was doing sleeves, not too much lace, nothing plain.

I refused to try on anything with sleeves, and went straight for the mermaid style dresses. One thing that I did notice, from my visit to the store in the city as well, is that some dresses just look ugly hanging on the rack. I was excited to try some on, though, and I tried on three mermaid dresses, with the third one being one I was pretty happy with.

I was happy with it and it looked great. The sweetheart neckline was adorned with beading and looked ugly on the rack, but I tried it on and it started to grow on me. But I sat down and had a think about it and I wasn’t a hundred percent set on it.

I learned that clothes can look very, very different before you try them on, and wedding dresses are no exception. I decided to try on some other styles, so my mum picked out one she thought looked nice that covered a bit of the shoulders, and I picked out something from the collection of ball gown styles. I guess I couldn’t walk out of there without trying a different style – I had to give it a chance. I didn’t like a lot of the dresses that were ball gown style, so I picked one that was the nicest just to see how it would look on me.

I really did not like the one my mum picked out. It just didn’t look right. It had a tiered skirt and I just didn’t like the shape of the top half.

When I tried on the dress I picked out, I looked at myself in the mirror and I looked down at the dress and the beautiful train behind it and I loved it so much. I got so emotional just looking at it – it was beautiful and I could just imagine myself wearing it and I started to cry. 😭💗 The girl helping us out was so happy for me and she said, “Oh, I don’t think you can top that reaction. I think it’s The One”.

Just to check my sanity I tried on the mermaid style dress again. It really was very nice, but I didn’t like it as much anymore. I tried on the one I loved and I just… I just had to have it. I said that I felt guilty that I liked the mermaid dress so much and now I had changed my mind. The girl said not to feel guilty especially when I liked this dress so much. She said many brides-to-be change their minds and walk out with something completely different from what they wanted.

The dresses are made to order so my dress actually won’t be ready until July! But I’m very excited. I’m beyond excited. I’m also the smallest size there is, haha. I will definitely have to get the bottom hemmed a bit because it’s very long (I tried on a sample size). I know I didn’t really shop around but I liked the dress so much that I don’t think I’m missing out on a “better dress” out there. I won’t be sharing any photos of the dress until the big day, I guess it will be a surprise for everyone, even Nicholas. ❤️

Me photographed with the ‘I said yes to the dress’ sign at the store
Me photographed with the sign at the store!

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I seriously cannot wait to see you in your dress. You’re going to look absolutely stunning …. I’m excited thinking about it 😍😍😍😍

I am SO excited to see your dress, Georgie!!

I’m not surprised about leaving the store with a different dress than you had in mind. I mean, I do this all the time with special occasions. I’m always like, OK I’m going to buy a red simple dress and then end up getting a bright blue off-the-shoulder dress or something haha. I do love mermaid style dresses too – I was going to buy one for my leavers ball at school but I felt like I was always too short for them!

I had the same problem when I tried the mermaid dresses on at the store! It made me sad because it started to flare lower on my leg and it just didn’t work. My aunt custom-made one for me for my cousin’s wedding and it looked OK, but I don’t think it’s right for a wedding dress. The ball gown style accentuates my small waist 😄

Oh wow! So happy that you found your dress! I can wait to see it!

It’s great that you tried on a few different styles. Things always look so different on the hanger than they do when they’re worn, so it’s definitely worth doing. Plus, it seems like you found the perfect one for you, which is so great!

Even though I’m nowhere near the wedding stage of my relationship, I do have an idea of what I what already. I want something lacy, with full sleeves, and sparkly bits (that’s definitely a technical fashion term). Though, I bet, like you, I’ll end up changing my mind when I start trying things on!

Can’t wait for your wedding posts this year!

omg can’t believe you’re already doing the fitting! i may not be one of those people who’d go sentimental and melt over the idea of wedding dress or weddings in general but i share the excitement to see you in the dress too. i’m curious about the color, the cut, the style and everything :)

Congratulations! I can’t wait to see the dress!

Although I don’t have a boyfriend and I don’t know if I’ll ever get married, I’ve always enjoyed watching shows like Say Yes to the Dress and seeing a bunch of dress styles. I’ve always seen myself in an a line dress with a boat neck.

I’m so happy for you!

Oh I love boat necks! That would be so beautiful. ☺️

I think that girl was right, you really can’t top that reaction. I’m glad you found the right dress for you! Can’t wait to see it!

Congratulations on finding the wedding dress! Comfort is definitely important. You don’t want to remember your wedding day as ~uncomfortable~ because of the dress. It’s good that you picked out something that you liked. It is your wedding after all! Like the girl said, there’s no need to feel guilty! You love the dress you actually picked out and it’s all good :). I can’t wait to see the dress!

Ahhh I’m so excited for you! My cousin said she cried when she first tried on the wedding dress she ended up buying, so it must be a sign. I’m already looking forward to photos.

At least you did some research before you went shopping, even if you didn’t get the style of dress you had originally wanted. I’d be so clueless! Although I think I’d also go for comfort because there’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable in a dress you have to wear all day!

Ooh congrats! That’s so exciting! I can’t wait to see it.

I’m going to end up making my dress for my wedding – I don’t want anything too fancy or expensive and I have particular tastes about the color and style. I’ve been so lazy about actually buying fabric that my mom threatened to buy me a traditional wedding dress instead! That’s one way to kick me into action. Anyway I’m super excited to hear about your wedding, especially given I have to plan one of my own. I bet picking out the dress was such a weight off you – it’s nice being able to check things off the endless wedding to-do list.

Very happy to hear you found your dress and can’t wait to see it! I remember going dress shopping with my sister when she was engaged, it was fun and she ended up with a beautiful mermaid style dress.

Hi Georgie! It’s been a while. Knowing that you’re going to be married this October, congratulations to you and your future husband!

Anyways, can’t wait to see the dress! From what I’ve read, it sounds astonishingly gorgeous!

I’m super excited to see your wedding pictures and the dress you ended up picking out! That’s awesome that you found a dress that moved you so much that you could imagine walking in it.

I think it was a great idea to also try out different styles :D Sometimes you walk into the store feeling like you know what you’re going to walk out with but trying out different styles I feel enables you to test out all your options.

I can’t wait to see the dress!!

Hhaha. I wonder if he tried to have a sneaky look at this post to see if you included it hehe.

It’s fantastic that you found a dress that you really like. Since you decided to try on some others again, it sounds like you really made the right choice. :D

Congrats! Oh my goodness, October is a bit a way, but I know you are counting down the age and I’m glad you found your dream dress!~

I’m glad that you found your perfect wedding dress! I’m sure you will look amazing!! :)
I can’t wait to see the dress!

Hey Congratulations Georgie!
I’m glad you find the dress quite early so you have ample time for it to be all ready!
We wear a saree on the wedding day so the only alterations and preparation we need is for the blouses so we start our shopping 2 months prior max. So I was surprised about your shopping :D

Cannot wait to see you in your wedding dress! It is very natural to find a dress way different than you have in your mind. I’m glad you loved it!

It sounds like it is a little easier for you to prepare wedding dresses in India! I’m glad I had a lot of time to spare though. 😊

Congrats on picking your wedding dress! I went to three different places, trying different styles, and at the last one, I picked my dress. Seeing it on yourself really makes a difference! My main thing was that I didn’t want a dress that was too floofy or too shiny. I also learned that a lot of dresses don’t look that good on the hanger but can look amazing once you wear it. I ended up with one with a lot of lace and bead work :) I can’t wait to see yours later!

That’s so exciting! I loved following your journey through this and I’m so glad you found ‘the one’ :)

CONGRATS!!! Enjoy your wedding, it goes by sooo fast! We didn’t even get to greet everyone because you get pulled around so much! I can’t wait to see pics of the big day!!! So excited for you!!! <3

AHHH I’m so excited to see your wedding photos!!! I’m trying to imagine what the dress would look like too!!! If I get married one day I already have my mind set on a short dress – I feel like everyone wears the ball gowns and it never appealed to me, but I one time saw a girl get married in a wedding dress that looked more like a cocktail dress. Creative I think!