Hilariously affectionate things

The question most curious people ask is, ‘Why do you love x?’

‘What kind of question is that?’

Most people are not able to explain why.

In my current relationship, compared to previous ones, I can pick out the mundane, stupid things that are so obviously and hilariously affectionate, that I couldn’t possibly imagine being OK doing to, or with, anyone else.

  • Cutting Nick’s toenails. If I didn’t love him, I’d point and laugh.
  • Surprising Nick with a ride on a steam train. If it was anyone else, I would tell them about the event and suggest they check it out if they like steam trains. I probably don’t love them enough to know how much they like or don’t like steam trains.
  • Not eating peanuts. I suppose most people do this, but I stopped eating nuts because Nick is allergic to them. It doesn’t bother me.
  • I stopped wearing as many obnoxious band shirts because Nick didn’t like my shirts that had drug references on them. D:
  • Scratching Nick’s head. Probably his favourite. Because of my long nails, head-scratching (scalp-scratching?) is now on par with a therapeutic head massage. Scratching my own head doesn’t feel that good, so I must be missing out. :S xD

Those, I think, are just a couple of the little things that can make you realise you probably do love someone just that much.

When you have that kind of connection with someone, a lot of things stop becoming sacrifices or ‘going out of your way’. It’s always a way to keep your partner happy, and it never feels like a chore.

A little part of me knew something was wrong when I felt somewhat embarrassed by my partner in my previous relationships. Now I just enjoy how silly we get, even if it is in public.

We laugh if we see other people looking at us and we just kiss and make them turn away. Sometimes they keep looking. It’s hilarious.

Now I can add something else to my list:

  • Public displays of affection used to be totally off-limits, and now I feel completely fine with it. We’re comfortable around each other and we can be appropriate in public, so I don’t feel like I need to be ashamed. ;P

I could probably think of other things.

My favourite is probably the head-scratching too.

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Mmm I love your head scratches, and I love you Georgie! <3 <3

This post made me smile because I can relate. I used to hate PDA, but it’s one of those things that over time just doesn’t bother me anymore. Like you said, we’re appropriate and I’m not ashamed of my relationship! I don’t even think about the reasons why I do things for Andrew because love isn’t based on conditions. :)

I understand what you feel ’cause I too, have a boyfriend. Haha It’s just so hard to put into words why you love or how much you love him. Love is more of on indirect action and feeling. Show it regardless of what other people may think/ say. Best regards ♥

I had someone tell me once that if you can imagine someone pooping and not be totally grossed out you love them at least a little; it’s probably the grossest thing, but fairly true. If you can imagine someone in a total state of sweaty, gross, vomiting up nonsense and having it come out both ends and knowing you still want to wrap your arms around them and kiss their hair, that’s sort of love to me.

Another person told me love is when you’d sacrifice your life for someone, if you imagine a situation in which their life is in danger and you’d gladly take the bullet — whatever it may be — and not feel resentful or use it against them, that’s love.

For me, it’s a combination of those things, and also what you said… there are times when I can look at the men in my life I have loved (and do love) and say ‘that’s so adorable but if it were anyone else I know I’d be embarrassed on their behalf.’

“Why do you love x?” Because they make me feel more comfortable about me and the world around me and things seem less like they’re closing in on me; because they’re home. And that answer won’t satisfy most people, yeah?

Enough of my rambling, you go be cute with your manfriendbearpig. <3

I have heard of the pooping one. Similarly, I also heard that if you are comfortable using the toilet with the door open… then, yeah. O:) I get the sweaty one too. I usually think sweat is just plain cringe and eww and don’t even want to go near that, but with Nick, I don’t mind. He thinks he smells but I – I just – don’t smell the bad smell? (Though I have been known to have a terrible sense of smell, so…)

I think Nick had a moment, before we were together, where he said that he would take a bullet for me because he loved me, not just ‘because he was nice’. When I was with my first boyfriend, our friends would ask him, ‘If she and your mother were drowning, who would you save first?’ It’s not really a matter of who you would pick over the other, but more that, like you said, you realise you are completely willing to sacrifice your life if it meant that they would be safe.

Now that’s enough of my own rambling. :3 <3

“A little part of me knew something was wrong when I felt somewhat embarrassed by my partner in my previous relationships. ”
YES. I can relate to this… I was definitely embarrassed by my first boyfriend. And in fact, I remember him kissing me on the dancefloor in a club once, and I felt really uncomfortable about it! Man. Hindsight.

The relationship you have with Nick is wonderful. You both seem to complement each other really well and are best friends as well as boyfriend/girlfriend. I definitely want that kind of relationship in my next one ^_^

Aww, this is a cute post. The bit about not eating peanuts would have me swooning, because I’m allergic to peanuts, as well.

PDA used to be totally off-limits for me too, but now I don’t care. It’s like, “Yo, I like you and I’m gonna make sure everyone else knows that too!” Haha.

*continues “awwww” from other blog post*

I totally understand what you mean – In my past relationships, my boyfriend at that time would feel embarrassed whenever I did something silly and I felt ashamed that I ashamed him? It didn’t feel right. But currently, I feel so much more relaxed with my current boyfriend. When we do silly things in public or one of us do it, it’s so funny and feels “comfortable” rather than awkward!

Such a cute post, definitely. I used to hate PDA from anyone, and now, I don’t mind it after I got boyfriends and then got married. Ha Things really do change from time to time, you know? It’s amazing how we grow and change.