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I was asked by travel expert Kendra Thornton to participate in her “Kendra’s Night Out” Challenge. She admitted that she doesn’t often know of the latest trends. Well, there’s a problem already — I personally don’t follow trends! But, hopefully that means we have a wicked and unique outfit for Kendra for her lovely night in New York City.

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I forgot what video I was watching, but after a quick glance at the comments, I read, “best break-up song”. What makes a song a good break-up song though? Does it really have to be all Taylor-Swift-writing-about-every-boyfriend?

Rather than critique what a break-up song might mean for some people, I decided to share a bit of my own experience. It already strikes me as very odd, because I have only had two break-ups in my life, but I still wanted to write about them.

The First Love

In the first case, I didn’t have my heart broken, and I was the one who broke up with my first boyfriend, Danny. It was tough, because I hated hurting his feelings, and I remember running out of my room and crying and feeling absolutely terrible. Yes, I hadn’t done it in person. At the time I was only fourteen, I was fairly vulnerable and we had a rather long relationship that lasted over a year.

I didn’t have a break-up song at that time, but I remember my friends joking that Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson was a little more than just my favourite song at the time. However, I wanted to disagree. Danny wasn’t gone, and I didn’t think that the lyrics really fit my situation. He didn’t leave me or anything, and the lyrics “How come I’d never hear you say, I just wanna be with you” were not true… Danny enjoyed my company, and he was very loving, he just wasn’t the right guy.

He loved Linkin Park. I suppose In The End reminded me of him from time to time, but I am overall thankful that he introduced me to their music.

The Heartbreaker

My second boyfriend was Kiah. He loved The Beatles, and every little chord someone played of Yesterday or humming of anything like Yellow Submarine and Octopus’ Garden, as chirpy as they were, made me upset. I had made him a mix CD for his birthday, and obviously filled it with songs that reminded me of him.

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This morning I slept in – it’s a wonderful Sunday! I slept rather early last night but I think I needed the sleep. I think I finally woke up at about 9am, even though I had idiotically put my alarm on at 5:30am and it wasn’t even a work day. I make my bed, because it’s the first thing I do when I get out of bed, without fail.

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I always have trouble finding sunglasses because my head is really small, and the lenses usually swamp my face, or the sides of the glasses are too long and slip off. When I was looking for sunglasses, I settled on this round-but-not-too-circular pair.

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She goes by the name Agent Q on the internet. She loves satire, music and anime, and says that George Carlin is her hero. She blogs at Express. This interview reveals more about Agent Q and reflects her sense of humour, so read on!

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I find it really easy to forgive people. Sometimes I forgive people without them ever apologising. I am not sure why; maybe it is because I just don’t see the reason in holding a grudge against people. You aren’t going to see certain people every day or be made to spend time with them, so if you dislike them for whatever reason, you can usually stay away and that will help you keep your mind […]

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I love reading. In primary school, my love for reading was not only fuelled by the library, its new releases and its non-fiction section, but by the Scholastic Book Club. I never actually subscribed to anything, but I looked forward to every Friday afternoon after lunch, when we would get newsletters for our parents (…yay!) and the Scholastic Book Club catalogue. I looked forward to getting that catalogue and looking at it in the car on my way home, at least before my parents were able to find a parking spot in the streets surrounding the school and come and fetch me.

The catalogues were filled with photographs of new books, ready for anyone to order, and the last page usually had a subscription for a new club, and the order form itself. The clubs ranged from week to week. They were an opportunity for you to subscribe to receive the books of a new book series, a book per week, or a book per month, I don’t quite remember. One week it might have been the Animorphs series, or Goosebumps, or The Babysitter’s Club, or Pony Pals. Often, the first issue would be a bargain, with some cool official merchandise like a toy or a necklace or a small game or even some stickers. It was a selling point. Every time I saw the items in the catalogues, I would look for the ones that were good value and came with extra goodies.

Unfortunately it was hard for me to convince my mum to subscribe to any of the clubs. She said it was expensive and that I may not like every book that gets delivered every month. She did, however, allow me to buy whatever I wanted, within a reasonable price.

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I’ve been meaning to write about jealousy for a while, particularly jealousy between friends. It was not until Clara blogged about a comic she saw on Tumblr, along with its response, that I finally felt like writing about it.

Clara said that she relates very well to the original comic, more so than the response. You can view the original post with the response here.

This is the original comic:

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My birthday is coming up in two weeks and I’m trying to complete the painstaking task of organising a party. Newsflash: I am not a party person. Granted, you could put me in a party scene and make me go to one and I would fit in perfectly well, and sing and dance and do whatever people normally do. But organising one is a pain in the backside. (It’s also new to me.)

The last time I had a birthday party was when I was seven years old, and my mum organised that one. There were lots of people, a lot of my family, friends, and everything in between. I had invited so many of my classmates. We hired some play equipment from the local toy library — a castle, a rocket, an ordinary play set with a slide. Teamed with our swing set, it worked pretty well and was a success.

Since then, I’ve only had small gatherings of few friends, like lunches or dinners, and just generally hanging out.

My house is too small and far out into suburbia to have a party that everyone can make it to.

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