2 minutes and 40 seconds with Agent Q

She goes by the name Agent Q on the internet. She loves satire, music and anime, and says that George Carlin is her hero. She blogs at Express. This interview reveals more about Agent Q and reflects her sense of humour, so read on!

What was the last movie you watched (it can be at the cinema/theatre or just at home)?

I watched “God On Trial” [for the third time!].

In exactly three words, what did you think of it?

It was intense.

What is your favourite fruit?

Depending on the season, really. Right now I’d go with bananas. :D

What is your least favourite vegetable?

Celery. Just the smell of it turns me away.

Imagine you are on a boat in a sea of pasta sauce. What kind of pasta sauce is it? Will you taste it?

Creamy pesto, and no I would not taste it. I like the sauce, but not in this context.

Someone makes you sing karaoke. What song do you choose?

“Friday” by Rebecca Black.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?


You’ve packed lunch. You pull it out of your bag and it’s a slimy brown mess. What was it?

Grounded liver… just kidding! Maybe pudding-jello mix? I’m not sure if either would turn out slimy though…

What is one sport you wish you were good at? Like Olympic-gold-medal-winning good?

Gymnastics or any aerial sport that liberates me from the dreadful chain that is gravity.

Would you rather eat a cockroach or eat a worm?


You have a machine that can teleport you somewhere within the next 24 hours. You can only teleport once, and you cannot decline the offer. Where do you go?

Scandinavian countries. I love their fish soups and the overall climate.

Chocolate or candy?


Cola or lemonade?


Chicken or beef?


Sleeping early or staying up late?

Staying up late.

If you could add a day to the seven days of the week, what would it be called, and where would it sit among the current days of the week?

Boreday, named after Boreas, god of the north wind and of winter. It would sit between Wednesday and Thursday. This way, we would cover all four main elements in the Japanese week/calendar [Fire – Tuesday; Water – Wednesday; Wind – Boreday; Earth/Wood – Saturday/Thursday respectively].

What is one practical joke you would like to try on someone but haven’t yet?

Rick roll my friends using an elaborate scheme that I have yet to develop.

What is the most expensive item you have ever bought?

My college education. I would like to include my college loans into the calculation.

Name something you cannot live without.

Besides the basic necessities? I’d say the presence of intellectuals keeping me on my toes and forcing me to question everything I know. Seriously, these people are INTENSE!

And last but not least, name a famous person you wish was still alive.

George Carlin, hands down.

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Agent Q is just as awesome in person as she is on the interwebz. (Actually probably more awesome in person!)

You two are too kind. Thanks! I feel the love. ♥

“Friday”? Really? This interview was so entertaining, especially the pasta sauce question. I also hate the smell of celery, especially when dipped in ranch.


Another Beautiful Thing

This was a great interview and it was really fun to read it!