2 minutes and 40 seconds with Georgia Kate

Today’s interview is with one of my English buddies, Georgia Kate, who shares quite a few interests with me, particularly musically – we both play guitar, love the same bands – Anberlin and Nirvana to name a few. Along with that, both love writing and poetry, and watching Doctor Who. But other than that, Georgia Kate (or GK as she is often nicknamed) has written a couple of other things about herself:

I’m 17, drink too much tea (even for a Brit), and wear way too much black. At the moment I’m in my second-to-last year of secondary school studying A-Levels in English Literature, French, History and Philosophy and Ethics. I’m a metalhead. And am way too sentimental for my own good.

GK blogs at tonightless.org and scrobbles her music at Last.fm. I asked GK a handful of quaint and probing questions, some which, not surprisingly, revolve around music. She has likely seen a lot more bands than she states in this interview, since it was quite a few weeks ago. :)

Mikey Way appears at your doorstep. First thing you say when you answer?

I’d say nothing for ages. And then I’d quote Mean Girls and be like, “now I’ve made things sufficiently awkward…”

Which band would you give magical powers to, and what magical powers would that be and why?

I would give Bring Me The Horizon the ability to play their latest two albums on loop whenever and wherever I wanted without running out of steam. Yep.

How many concerts have you been to?

I’ve been to see My Chemical Romance, A Day to Remember, Bring Me The Horizon, and SOiL at concerts and lots of other acts at festivals. I’m also seeing Fall Out Boy and Five Finger Death Punch this month (I am struggling to contain my excitement). So a rather measly 4 thus far…

How many concerts do you wish you’ve been to?

I had to miss seeing Avenged Sevenfold and Papa Roach in the same week because I had flu, so definitely those to add onto my total. But yeah — hundreds. One day I will be one of those people with a whole wad of gig tickets to flaunt and a load of shitty photos and videos to validate their existence.

What song do you think will remind you of this interview?

I’m listening to Busted at the moment, so probably that. How embarrassing… though What I Go To School For is quite a tune. Brings back memories, for sure. :P

What colour are your socks?

I have two pairs on (it’s cold here!) and one pair are black with a purple trim and the others are grey with penguins on.

When was the last time your iPod (or insert other music player here) died?

Well, if we mean DIED died, then that would be mid-February. After my first iPod ever broke my mum gave me her one and then that broke … now I have a new iPod, though. Black iPod Classic, fuck yes (the king of all iPods). But if you mean ran out of battery, then that was a few months ago. My iPod is plugged into my laptop more often than it isn’t, so God only knows what is happening to the battery life.

What album do you want most on vinyl?

Nevermind by Nirvana. <3

Concert or all-day festival?

Concert. I can only deal with sore legs and feet for so long, man. And there’s less time for people to get drunk.

Guitar or drums?


Electric guitar or acoustic guitar?

Oh, god. I like playing acoustic the most but prefer songs with electric guitars in. So both.

Would you rather be whacked in the eye with a snapped piano string or have a guitar broken over your back?

Have a guitar broken over my back (hopefully an acoustic one). Eyes must be avoided by anything at all costs.

Would you rather snort jelly powder or have honey poured down your pants?

What even is this question? I didn’t even know you could get jelly powder (in the UK it comes in cubes). I’d rather snort that, anyhow.

Silver or gold jewellery?

I used to be really into silver jewellery but now I think I’m veering the other way… so I’ll go with gold.

Imagine there is a tall, skinny and young-looking man wearing nothing but shoes. He carries a blue shoebox everywhere he goes, and often picks his nose and puts boogers in the box. What song would best suit this situation?

The song Wonderboy by Tenacious D has just sprung to mind but I honestly have no clue. Maybe Dumb by Nirvana? I can’t think of any songs to do with shoes, eep. Or bogeys.

What television show would you watch for the rest of your life?

Tennant-era Doctor Who. Always.

You bake a hundred cookies. Which famous person eats all of them?

Frank Iero. Nom.

What would you feed a cat if you had the choice?

Coffee. A whole lotta coffee.

What is your favourite kind of tea?

PG Tips. (You can tell I’m English).

Last but not least, which band do you wish had never disbanded?

Do I even have to answer this? My Chemical Romance. That split totally came out of nowhere. I’m still reeling in the aftershocks now, haha.

Thumbnail photo by givethemhorns on DeviantArt.com.

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My favorite answer is the one to the socks — I never wear matching socks, and so I love it when I come across others who mismatch their socks. xD

Also, My Chemical Romance. </3 That ending broke my heart. ;l