Fashion Friday: Longitude

Me with my coat on my shoulders, looking down, with my hands clasped together and my shadow visible to the right

It’s getting really cold in Sydney already, with temperatures much lower than 10ºC in the morning. It’s definitely coat weather, and I pulled out my favourite black coat. I still like the coat just as much as I did when I first got it. The pockets are substantial and I am still a fan of the style. The buckle belt is quite long so it goes almost two times around my waist, but I just deal with it. 😆

I am really pleased with how this outfit turned out because it’s comfortable and I only just realised it contains a lot of blue. I wouldn’t say blue is my favourite colour but I do love wearing clothes that are blue as I think they suit me very well.

Me facing away from the camera with my hands in my coat pockets
This cosy coat is my favourite.
Medium shot of me smiling against a nice blurred background reminiscent of autumn
Farewell to autumn

I bought the dress in this outfit because I really liked the thin stripes and the fact that it was more blue-dominant than white-dominant. I had a blue-and-white striped dress that I wore a while back in Between the lines, and I liked the style a lot but the quality was not so great and even the smallest size was too big on me. I liked the dress but it was a shame it didn’t hold up. This dress was sort of a replacement for it. I like it better – it doesn’t have pockets but I find it more flattering for my figure.

Me with my hands behind my head
Modelling the dress and the nice sleeves

I also adore the three-quarter sleeves. It bothers me when dress sleeves are too long and need to be rolled or folded up – that’s a little awkward. I like the snug fit, and the length is great. I was concerned the length would be too long, but if my butt gets any bigger from doing more squats, then that’s not a problem. ;) Not to mention, these kinds of dresses have a tendency to ride up a bit so it’s better that it’s longer, haha. I should mention it only cost $30! I questioned the quality but the website had free returns so if it didn’t work out, I would’ve just returned it.

I got the shoes quite recently after I was looking for a more sturdy heeled boot. I love them a lot and they are super comfortable. The height is just perfect and I can walk for long periods of time without my feet getting sore at all. The inner soles are also very cushiony-soft.

Close up shot of my heeled boots with my shadow behind me
Love these boots!
Full body side shot
Full body shot with my hands in my pockets

I love heeled ankle boots but most of the ones I’ve owned have been stilettos or have heels that are very thin. It bothers me when heels get stuck in little cracks in the pavement. Not sure what bothers me more – when there is damage on the heel, or the fact that I look stupid almost tripping over or trying to yank my heel from its stuck position. 🤔 So I’m definitely super happy with this comfortable pair.

The scarf made an appearance a handful of times in previous Fashion Fridays. It’s one of my favourites because of the colour and the long length. I really like blue! It was not the same shade as the dress but I thought it wouldn’t matter. It still adds a pop of colour and there isn’t too much blue.

Me with my hands on my hips
I like this long scarf a lot.

The same goes for the earrings. I do like deep blue coloured earrings. 💙 I have a pair with deep blue stones with clear stones around the blue stones, but some of the clear stones have come loose and gotten lost. I wanted to get these handmade kyanite earrings as a potential replacement for that pair. I like having studs that are small and go well with my other small studs, since I have multiple piercings.

Close shot of my blue kyanite earrings
What do you think of this shade of blue?

I’d say the earrings were a little on the pricey side but I do like them. I tied my hair up not only to show the earrings a little, but because it sucks to have your hair stuck under your scarf or get messed up by it. :P

I have to admit that during the day I must have changed my hairstyle several times. After I couldn’t deal with it being out and in the way and moved around by my scarf, I decided to tie it up and have it out of the way.

Side shot of me showing my hair tied up in a high ponytail
A high ponytail keeps my hair free of the scarf and coat
Me smiling with my coat sitting on my shoulders and my arms out of the sleeves
I like how my hair still looks voluminous

I named this outfit Longitude because that defines east-west; unfortunately although “latitude” sounded cooler (in my opinion), that referred to north-south. Of course, it refers to the horizontal lines in this outfit. Nick said to just call it “stripes”, but I felt like being more creative.

Side shot of me without my coat on
Side shot of me

📷 All photography by Nick. ❤️

Outfit details

  • Dress: NA-KD Nine Dress
  • Coat: Basque Petite (available at Myer)
  • Shoes: Sandler “Yates” Black Glove Boot (available at Myer)
  • Scarf: Design Studio (available at Myer)
  • Earrings: By Invite Only (Silver kyanite oval studs)
  • Wristwear: custom Pandora bracelet

What do you think of this dress compared to the blue and white one I modelled a while back? Do you have a particular colour you like to wear?

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Hey Georgie! Thank you for stopping by while I was away dealing with craptastic life problems!
I keep forgetting that it’s almost winter there, because well, it’s already 100 degree F days here o.O

Even a lot of the other parts of the USA are still cooler, I just live in a terribly hot desert climate lol.

I LOVE your outfit, it is quite accentuating to your body type, and that scarf is the perfect added touch! Personally if I had that scarf, I would use it to hide the pudge I am so self-conscious about, lol. The earrings are gorgeous and the perfect shade to tie everything together. All around just love your fall outfit! <3

Maaaaaaaan how do you always look so gorgeous! I love your Fashion Friday posts – you have such good taste. Also I think both dresses look great.

It’s probably about 10ºC here in the UK and this is what we call summer, haha! Seriously, I wore my winter coat yesterday.

I used to have a stripey just like the one you are wearing and I’m sad that I had to get rid of it, but unfortunate the quality was rubbish and it had stretched out of shape. I’ve seen a few similar ones when browsing online so I might just have to pick another up.

I tend to wear white, black, grey and blue. I’m not very confident when it comes to wearing colour but I recently bought a jumpsuit that’s got some green it, and a blue dress that has bright yellow flowers on it, so at least I’m trying! 😂

Love the blue and the whole outfit! How do you decide to pair things together? Both dresses are gorgeous and you look stunning in them!

Cute outfit! And I love that you used your creativity to give it a name. :)
Blue is one of those colors that I feel like goes with everything.

As always, you’re gorgeous. I love those earrings. Spoil yourself, girl.

Very cute outfit! I love coats like that! And I really like the scarf. I’m not a scarf person but its very pretty! And the boots are so awesome!

For a long time blue was my favorite color. I love blue still but its gone more to pink now. I like wearing all kinds of colors, but I like to wear blacks and pinks more.

I really like your hair up! Preeettty. I also like the scarf you paired with your outfit. I think the blue fits in really nicely with the rest of your outfit.

Before I comment on the outfit – can we just talk about how fit you’re looking? Seriously G, you’re looking super fit and healthy! GO YOU. So proud. *tears*

I love stripes and blue. I don’t think blue suits me that much – I remember hating a certain shade of light blue when I was younger because I had to wear it for P.E. class and it clashed so bad with my skin tone! I think your skin tone really compliments the blue! :D I love the style of the dress too and I CAN TOTALLY relate to the 3/4 sleeve comment xD I find it awkward rolling up/folding my sleeves too.

I am SEARCHING for a coat like that – I used to have one similar when I was younger but it no longer fits me. :(

I love this outfit, I like your hair up too – we don’t see it up often, I think it’s gorgeous! <3