Fashion Friday: TARDIS Blue

You might have noticed that I have been posting Fashion Friday every week for a few weeks now. When I had my birthday dinner I was a bit too busy to organise a proper shoot with Seb, so we ended up working it out the next week, even though I go for posting every fortnight. I thought about doing it every week, but since then, I have decided to try and weave some non-outfit posts into the weeks in between. Last week I reviewed some products from Kitsch. In future I’ll be taking a closer look at accessories, and maybe even going through a few online stores and sharing my picks.

This week’s edition of Fashion Friday is really blue. Blue used to be my favourite colour when I was a child, right through to high school when I took a liking to purple and black (ah Georgie, the typical half-emo-almost-goth-why-are-you-into-jazz-music girl), and eventually, red. In primary school, my school colours were yellow and blue.

Fashion Friday Blue-4

The skirt featured in this post was made by my aunt; I’m not a huge fan of the pleats at the front, and the blue is such a solid, plain blue that reminds me of my school netball skirt colour, but it’s a good mix-and-match piece – it goes well with most white, black and blue shirts or tops that I have. It’s also a formal, fit-for-work skirt that I did ask for, so I can’t complain.

Fashion Friday Blue-1
Fashion Friday Blue-2

The peplum top is from Cue. I am not a huge fan of the peplum style on tops, since it is sometimes difficult to pick a skirt that goes well with such a statement piece. It would certainly go well with a pair of plain pants or jeans, but I don’t really like wearing pants or jeans. I love the shade of colour of this top, though, and the slightly puffy sleeves. One might argue that puffy sleeves are always going to be old-fashioned, but no – like shoulder pads in funky jackets, they might as well be hip, haha.

The scarf is from Myer; my mum bought it for me because she said the colour was marvellous. It is, it’s such a beautiful royal blue and goes well with the rest of my outfit.

Fashion Friday Blue-3

Since there is so much blue, the black Diana Ferrari jacket balances the colour out. With simple black stockings and practical shoes I wear most of the time to work, it stops the blue from being too bright.

Fashion Friday Blue-5

Of course I couldn’t resist adding blue accessories to the mix. I chose a ring set I bought from Equip. I had a discount voucher for 30% off on my birthday, and this was one of the purchases I made. The set of rings is supposed to be a large size, and worn just over the knuckles as midi rings, but because my fingers are small, the large size fits fine as normal rings.

And because Seb is smart, he got me to read The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman while he took some shots. Of course, that cover is blue too… also, it’s a really good book.

Fashion Friday Blue-6

Hopefully I’ll have something fun in store for next Friday!

Comments on this post

I looooove that colour on you! That shade of blue is such a stunning colour and I think everyone should own at least a piece of clothing in that shade. And I love that subtle pattern on your jacket/blazer too!

There was a time when I had different tastes in the colors I liked. I went from the blue from your site’s background color to pink to red to whatever looks cute/pastel-y. The color of your hair goes really well with your blue scarf! (Nancy Approves)

The jacket goes well with the whole shirt and stockings outfit! It echoes “classy” all over :D

Thanks Nancy! :D Yeah, admittedly I have never liked pink, but here it appears in my layout. Sneaky. I also have a lot of pink clothes, even though I dislike the colour. I guess I like most other colours, but when it comes to mixing and matching clothes I get a bit picky. Haha.

I absolutely love the color blue! You always amaze me with the outfits that you put together! I’m somewhat envious. My guess is…because it’s Summer over here, it’s Winter over in Australia? Over here in California, our Winter’s don’t usually get that cold. It’s still considered short weather. According to Tristan. Though, I think guys can pull off shorts in the cold weather, whereas; girls have to wear pants. I don’t know. Just my theory. You and Tristan, both, have more of a fashion sense than I do.

I think that blue used to be my favorite color. Now, I haven’t a clue what my favorite color is. Everyone that I have ever known loves the color blue. I still like the color from time to time, but the vast majority…I can’t stand wearing it or even have it on my tumbler cups. Rings are okay. But still.

Yup, it’s Winter here! Admittedly I haven’t shown a lot of summer clothing in my Fashion Friday segment – I started it in summer last year, then it quickly got colder, and I spent Australia’s summer in Japan where it was freezing. So hopefully after this cold season I will have more varied outfits to share. I do miss summer a little bit, haha.

Wearing shorts… well, I have seen some girls here still wear shorts and skirts, without tights, when it is really cold. I guess it depends on the person and how much they can stand the cold.

I think most people like the colour blue, or have at some point. It is a common favourite colour. XD

This layout is so gorgeous Georgie, I really like it!

This outfit itself is adorable, what I love about it the most are the shoes – too cute.

Blue was my favorite color as a child too, and then I also moved onto purple :) I still really like purple, but orange has become my favorite now. I like how the scarf, accessories, and skirt match together! I think that’s a beautiful scarf. It reminds me of the scarves my mom used to knit for me. I also love how your jacket has a subtle pattern on it. Great outfit!

So much blue! And my favorite color is red, as well.