Chocolate Festival

On the weekend James and I went to the Hunter Valley Chocolate Festival. We have been to the Hunter Valley before, but certainly not for a chocolate festival. It sounded interesting when we read about it. We were tossing up between that and Brickfest, which was a community LEGO event. I asked on Twitter, and asked some friends at work, and it looks like LEGO won… but we went for chocolate anyway.

It cost about $52 for both of us, which wasn’t all that cheap. There were a few demonstrations and a few samples, but what was most impressive was the competition which involved a number of people making tall sculptures completely out of chocolate.

There were a few food stalls, and the Snow Time in the Garden school holiday event was running at the same time, so entry fee included entry to that. There wasn’t much though, just a snow machine spitting out shaved ice, some iced sculptures, a long line for the toboggan, and some people dressed up as snow gods. (You can see the snow king guy in one of the photos giving a “low-five” to a little girl.)

Most chocolate was gloriously expensive and had to be paid for, unfortunately. We left before the festival ended and ate lunch in the local village. I drove a lot of the way up to the valley and back, it was a little terrifying to be honest, but it was good to practise some driving. It did put into perspective how dangerous driving can be, and that it is extremely important to take regular breaks.

Anyway, some photos!

Chocolate Festival-1
Chocolate Festival-2
Chocolate Festival-3
Chocolate Festival-4
Chocolate Festival-5
Chocolate Festival-6
Chocolate Festival-7
Chocolate Festival-8
Chocolate Festival-9
Chocolate Festival-10
Chocolate Festival-11
Chocolate Festival-12
Chocolate Festival-13
Chocolate Festival-14
Chocolate Festival-15
Chocolate Festival-16
Chocolate Festival-17
Chocolate Festival-18
Chocolate Festival-19
Chocolate Festival-20
Chocolate Festival-21
Chocolate Festival-22
Chocolate Festival-23
Chocolate Festival-24
Chocolate Festival-25
Chocolate Festival-26
Chocolate Festival-27
Chocolate Festival-28
Chocolate Festival-29
Chocolate Festival-30

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Choosing between Lego and chocolate is a difficult decision. But a chocolate festival sounds intriguing, so I probably would have made the same choice.

It’s a shame that it was expensive, both for entry and for purchasing chocolate. However, I would have probably blown a small fortune because I’m a chocolate addict and I have a serious issue!

Beautiful photographs by the way. :)

I’m not a huge fan of Lego so i would have chosen chocolate 100%! Everything looks so fun!! I’m quite jealous :)

Oooh, chocolate. *___* I’d definitely chosen that. Though it really does seem pricey, but STILL. Choooooocoolate!

And lovely pictures! They are all beautiful with great compositions and colour :D

I would have chosen chocolate, hands down! It looked like fun too. I started drooling a bit when I saw the pictures.

I honestly would have gone to the chocolate festival myself. I don’t think that the Lego one would sound at all interesting. I’m sorry that you were disappointed.

Yeah, even in California, we get a LOT of roadkill. Since we’ve been so used to it, we kind of joke about it for ex. “Let’s have Possum for dinner!” or “Let’s cook some rabbit!” We don’t really mean it of course. We just kind of joke about it. I’m sure in time you will get used to it as well. Some people just don’t get used to it at all. That’s what happens when you take public transportation for so long…you don’t get to see the lovely roadkill on the road. Until you start driving that is! It’s sad that it’s happen to that poor animal.

Beautiful pictures by the way!

I think chocolate was the right choice! Although I’m not really sure what you got for your entrance fee.. unfortunately doesn’t seem like much :(

Maybe I should convince Jarrod to go to something like this as an excuse to drive.. it’s been a long while since I tried.

It sounds like you had fun at the chocolate festival! The admissions fare sounds kind of expensive, but with chocolate everywhere, it makes sense. The more practice and experience you have with driving, the less intimidated you will be with the road :).

I really like the art people made with chocolate! The whole place would be perfect for anyone with a sweettooth or chocolate craving ;). Hope you both enjoyed the event!

I’d choose chocolate any day. The entry fee is kind of pricey though.
Those sculptures look gorgeous and cute, I don’t think I could bring myself to eat them. Especially that yellow handbag.

What lovely pictures by the way! ♥

I would have chosen the chocolate festival any day as I’m not so much into Lego. All those sculptures of are wonderful to look at and the mushroom chocolate too! :D
Great photos, Georgie!