A Day in the Life: July 2014

This post is another entry for Manda’s A Day in the Life linkup. Feel free to view my previous entries.

There are always interesting things about social media. The most interesting thing is that people look back on their old Facebook posts, tweets, blog posts — and even methods of communication that don’t fall under the category of social media, like text messages, emails and written notes — and realise there are parts of their life that have been documented, but almost forgotten.

So, interestingly enough, I will be using Snapchat in my Day in the Life post today. Snapchat is probably known by most people, but for those who don’t know, it’s a photo sharing service where the photos are destroyed after a short time period, unless you save or take a screenshot. (There are apparently ways to extract photos once they are “destroyed”, but let’s not get into that.) For me it’s personally an excuse to send destroyable selfies of me making faces and not have to worry about them any longer. And of course for quickly sharing a moment with someone, because sending multimedia messages is so 2005, and waiting to upload things to Twitter or Instagram is annoying.

Most of you who have me as a friend on Snapchat might have seen these photos as part of my Story (a story photo is alive for 24 hours and is subsequently destroyed). If you want to follow me there, I’m georgiecel, though if you think I won’t be able to figure out who you are by your username, send me a snap and let me know who you are. ;)

bus stop adventures my half-face with a hood guy sitting in the baggage spot on bus old favourite walk more walk batman coaster. and oats. flavour goes away too quickly. noodles. wharf~~ organic raspberry and apple juice tea time Light rail the wind is ninja-ing my hair. imperador. Takoyaki! cafe latte silver Almost lost this home is where the heart is time to add.

Noteworthy things:

  • It was a work day.
  • I woke up a tad later than usual.
  • I usually caption my bus stop photos with “bus stop adventures”.
  • Life Less Frightening was definitely one of my favourite songs in high school.
  • I really couldn’t be bothered getting a better lunch.
  • I drink lots of tea.
  • I use an Apple iMac and a vertical Dell monitor. (Use your imagination.)
  • I bought my Dark Knight (Batman, Catwoman, Joker, Harley Quinn) coaster set from Bera Baskurt (on Etsy).
  • Emi gave me my teapot.
  • It’s been a while since I’ve taken photos of food. I sort of avoided it for a while.
  • I’ve been driving James’s car.
  • I have worn my purple guitar pick and fishbone necklace every day since 2005… I almost lost it, but discovered it in the dark of my garden. Phew.

Comments on this post

I LOVE how you used Snapchat for this month. LOVE. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

This is inspiring me to look at A Day in the Life in a new way… who says it has to be limited by photos from my dinky point and shoot?! :D

I like looking back at my old facebook posts/interaction with friends and old tweets even though I might regret a couple of them XD.. This goes for blog posts too. Snapchat makes sharing pictures “more acceptable” unless you have like 2000 seconds of snaps…

The nigiri looks so delicious! I’ve never heard of anyone using a monitor in vertical mode before. I know mine has that feature but I never found a need for it (such as having to browse through super long pages daily).

Sharing photos on Snapchat is just super quick. Super quick to share and to receive. No need to worry about being a digital packrat or having certain photos constantly on your mind. ;)

If you have a use for a vertical monitor, I don’t see why you shouldn’t use it! Mine is good for command line, and looking at long articles. It reads like a regular page in a book.

This is so cool. I don’t have Snapchat. I use Instagram which I think is similar?

PS – Mmm. Takoyaki. ♥ /ehe

I wouldn’t say Snapchat and Instagram are very similar. They are both for sharing photos, but Snapchat is more “private” and you usually choose who you want to send a photo to. Editing is limited — rather than being creative with filters, it just allows you to draw on your photo or add a caption. Very simple sharing, and of course with Snapchat, the photos are destroyed after they are viewed.

Using snap chat is such a great idea :) Also your necklace looks lovely!

I love posts like this, it’s always so interesting to read about someone else’s day, even the mundane parts of it, plus the Snapchat visuals add interest too! I’m glad you didn’t end up losing that necklace, I had the same fear earlier in the week too, so I know the pain.

I love your “A Day In The Life” segments or posts. It’s always interesting to see what you do every day or just about.

I’ve heard of snapchat, but was unsure what it is. I never truly understood what it is/was. So therefore; I probably won’t be using it (still).

Okay seriously! You are the third person that visually convinced me to get snapchat because OMG that looks like a lot of fun. I really love how you told your daily story with the snapchat. Very very creative.

♥ 👏

Wow… Snapchat is a great way for expressing “Aday In The Life”. As I said in my own blog, I have bought an Android phone quite recently so I still getting acquainted with the various apps. So I haven’t used Snapchat or Instagram that much.
Your purple guitar pick pendent looks really cute on you!

Um, why do you use a vertical monitor? O_o

Thanks! I hope you like some of the photo sharing apps out there.

It’s easier to use command line on a vertical monitor, as well as look at website mockups, read articles, and just overall saves space. Much better than a really wide screen, especially if you are using it as a second monitor.

I’ve never used snapchat before but love the way you formatted these.
The post is great too, I originally looked a this through Bloglovin’ on my ipad but it looks much more awesome on the site :)

Never used Snapchat but sounds like a cool idea! I totally agree with the Juicy Fruit comment – they do lose flavour way too quickly! Liking your necklace very much!

I haven’t yet had a chance to explore SnapChat…I guess I’ll wait until I’m able to get my Galaxy S3 fixed. I dropped it – and I shattered the screen. :( But I can definitely see how it would be helpful in doing “A Day In The Life” and I’m definitely intrigued by the vertical monitor thing…perhaps in the future when I’m able to get another monitor, and a new CPU. :) I’m so glad that you didn’t lose your guitar pick necklace. <3