Long weekend in Perth

It’s been some time since I’ve written a blog post. The week just gone by was really busy. I had spent most of last weekend relaxing, because the previous couple of weekends had a few meetups and workshops that left me feeling quite tired.

After visiting Perth for the first time last October and again in January, I’m here again. Nick had wanted to make use of a good deal/discount for the new Tribe Hotel and we decided to use it over a long weekend. But I didn’t want to go to Perth just for three days so I decided to extend my stay and work remotely from Perth again for a week or two (I chose two).

We flew from Sydney on Saturday morning, staying for an hour or so in the airport lounge before our flight. We flew business class on the way there, at a discounted price and paying using our awards points. It was worth it – it was a very comfortable flight. I ended up watching Deadpool for the first half of the flight then had a little nap. Deadpool was really good and I enjoyed it. If you know me, you know that I normally don’t enjoy movies or bother taking out time to watch them. But the movie was very funny and I would definitely watch it again.

Me peeking through to be in Nick’s selfie on Virgin Australia’s business class
Business class – Nick’s point of view
Nick peeking through to be in my selfie on Virgin Australia’s business class
Business class – my point of view

The food on the flight was really good as well. We both had the trout with potatoes as a main meal and a passionfruit panna cotta for dessert. Both were extremely delicious. I also had tomato soup as an entree and it was super tasty!

Once we landed in Perth and made our way to the hotel, we settled in. We chose a park view but it was not a great view of Kings Park. It was mostly the duller filler trees. We didn’t spend too much time at the hotel during our stay though, which was good.

Nick had booked a haircut at Gentlemens Hair Lounge in Subiaco after some of my male friends in Perth recommended it. They give you a drink (alcoholic if you like!) with the service, and the packages include options like head massage and a shave as well. I even got a cup of tea myself. 😄

Nick sitting and waiting to have his hair cut at Gentlemens Hair Lounge
Long hair before being cut
Nick getting his hair cut
Chop chop 💇🏻‍♂️
Nick getting a head massage
Head massage💆🏻‍♂️
Nick having his hair blow-dried
Blow dry!
Nick after having his hair cut, drinking some Coca Cola
Final result

We walked a lot since we had a bit of time to kill before dinner. We had booked dinner at James Parker, a sushi and sake restaurant which we visited last time and thoroughly enjoyed. The name comes from the location being on the corner of James Street and Parker Street. It sounds a little funny because it’s a Western name but the restaurant is quite authentically Japanese. The quality of the Japanese food is top notch.

The chef who prepared our sashimi, with the sashimi bowl
The chef who prepared our sashimi, with the sashimi bowl
Close-up of the sashimi
Close-up of the sashimi
Wagyu beef sushi rolls
Wagyu beef sushi rolls
Spicy tuna sushi rolls
Spicy tuna sushi rolls

After dinner I wanted to take Nick somewhere for his birthday (which I will miss in a couple of weeks since I’ll be away – oops). He likes tropical drinks so we went to Tiki as FK. I had wanted to try having a look since they were only open half the week, and Saturday would be the only day they were open while Nick was in Perth. It was not that impressive and Nick was really underwhelmed. 😆 However! I had a backup!

We went to Hula Bula Bar – another tropical-themed bar that proved to be far more popular and have a wider variety of rum-based drinks. 👏🍹🍍 Nick liked that better, and although we were tired and didn’t really stick around, I am glad we checked it out.

My cocktail was called Red Tide
My “Red Tide” drink had a sweet-and-sour kind of taste

On Sunday we grabbed breakfast at the breakfast buffet in the hotel. It wasn’t too bad, but it also wasn’t amazing. :P After chilling in our hotel for a little bit, we decided to walk around and explore the town of Subiaco. It’s known for some of its cafes and I have heard that it’s a pretty hip part of Perth (not sure how accurate that is). We ate at Jus Burgers which my friend Amy recommended. I got the fish burger and it was pretty delicious.

The interior of Jus Burgers
The interior of Jus Burgers. Spot Nick
Parmesan chips!
Nick’s burger
Nick’s burger – the knife holds it all together!
My fish burger
My fish burger

Then we had a bit of dessert at Whisk. I love Whisk and I fell in love with it when I first discovered it in Perth. They do soy milkshakes! And have matcha drinks! I ordered it with raspberry coulis and raspberry jellies, while Nick got a salted caramel and Oreo calorie bomb (worth it). 🤤

Nick sitting behind a table with our rich desserts on it
Nick enjoying his dessert at Whisk
My matcha milkshake presented in a jar
Mmmmm matcha and raspberry
Me posing with my matcha milkshake with raspberry
Me posing with my matcha milkshake with raspberry

I’m actually really tired right now and want to get an early night, so I’ll leave it there. Perth usually has me sleeping and waking up early, which I like.

I’ll be writing more about our weekend in posts this week because there is more to our weekend that made it somewhat entertaining. 😄 You can follow me on Twitter to see what I’m up to. I’m using the hashtag #GEORGIEPERTH (yes, in uppercase) for tweets related to my time in Perth.

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It’s great you were able to extend your time and it sounds like you are having a good time. It would be cool to fly business class. It kind of looks very futuristic! :D

Man. All of that food looks sooooo delicious. *drooling*

Deadpool is a very funny movie. I have seen it a few times and it still makes me laugh. :D

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Business class looks so fancy! I’m starting to wish we’d paid the premium for our flights to New York because I’m concerned about a lack of leg room for Tyrone!

The hairdressers I used to go to back in Shropshire always offered complimentary drinks, including wine, beer and champagne! I was always boring the stuck to water haha!

That fish burger looks insane. And I don’t know what a salted caramel and Oreo calorie bomb is but I want one!!

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I’ve been following the hashtag on Twitter, it was nice to see it all in one blog post! I also saw some of your photos on Instagram 😄

I like Nick’s haircut – I find it super cool that they offered you alcoholic drinks haha. The most they give us here in the UK is tea. xD Those burgers still have got my stomach growling even after seeing it for the first time on Twitter haha! They look delicious. I’m glad you enjoyed them to the max! :D

That matcha milkshake with raspberry looks like a BEAST. Haha. I’m glad you’re enjoying Perth, it sounds amazing! :D Enjoyyyyy!

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Hey, I guess Perth really captured your heart the last two trips. It’s good when a place does that, and even better you took the opportunity to stay longer and work there remotely. The business class flight sounds great at the discounted price and using some of the award point. The passionfruit panna cotta sounds so good!

James Parker restaurant’s name definitely threw me off. But the fact that the name come from its location makes sense. I’m not a sushi/sashimi person, but that bowl looks amazing! I would totally visit a place known for its cafe. A fish burger sounds pretty good, actually. Whisk also sounds like it’s a great place? Soy milkshakes? Never had that, but I’d love to try one day. The one Nick ordered sounds so, so good!

Thanks for your sharing your Perth adventure so far. Sounds like you’re enjoying the place a lot!

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I am so glad Nick and you had fun in Perth! Aside from having relatives in Perth, I always wanted to go to Perth and Australia in general!

The business class flight looks great and very comfortable!

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