Fashion Friday: Canyon

Me sitting sideways on a park bench with my legs on the bench and my arm resting on one of the arms

Nick helped me photograph this outfit in Subiaco, a suburb in Perth. I’ve yet to write more about last weekend though, and how eventful this week has been so far too. I’m also still catching up on reading blog posts. ☺️

Since I am only in Perth for two weeks, I packed very lightly. I only packed two pairs of jeans and five tops. I thought, well, I’ll survive. Normally I would bring a dress or a skirt, but a week in, I’m doing fine. The clothes I brought with me all tend to mix-and-match well, except one of my jeans is grey so that doesn’t really go with the blue or tan tops I brought. It does go with the two tops that are black and white though. 😆

Me leaning over a metal railing on an overpass
Looking down from an overpass
Me standing in a gazebo with my hands on my hips
Standing in a gazebo – love the leaves sitting on the ground

I think it is important to pack lightly when travelling. I like to be fashionable, but at the same time, you don’t really need to take that many clothes. I have to admit, my gym gear and running shoes took up most of the room in my suitcase, as well as my pre-workout and protein powder. 😂

Of course my favourite pair of blue jeans make the cut again. Oftentimes I’ll feel that the blue is too bright (thus I can’t really wear blue with blue because it’s too much blue) or I will wish I bought a pair without ripped knees, because the holes in the knees are stretching out and they are not such a great idea for smart-casual attire. But then I realise these jeans are super comfortable and they’re getting a lot of wear, and I guess I make do with the jeans the way they are.

Me sitting sideways on a park bench with a tree shedding autumn-coloured leaves
Embracing the cooler weather

The weather has been really nice in Perth – fine days. I’ve learned that even in cooler months, the sun can be really hot once you have been sitting in it for some time. And at night, it is deceptively cold. It actually cools down. In Sydney, in the summer, it doesn’t really get cool. It stays hot.

The top has fast become one of my favourites as well. I don’t care much for leopard spots, cheetah spots, or spots in general, but I love, love, love the cut of this top. I love the cowl neck and the longer length sleeves. And you guys know that I love prints as well, especially small-scale ones, so this top felt like it would be perfect for me.

Me walking down a bike track next to a barbed wire fence by the train tracks
Take a walk on the wild side? 😛
Me with my sunglasses on top of my head and my hands on my hips
Spotty details

I was absolutely thrilled with it when I got it. It was light, comfortable, but also kept me warm because of the sleeves and the neck. One of my bag straps got caught on it and pulled some of the threads, though – it is a delicate top – I spent a couple of hours one night using a needle to pull the threads back into place, using the colours and patterns as a guide. 😰 I cared about and love this top that much.

Me standing against a pale coloured brick pillar
Blending in a little. Just a little.
Me standing in the middle of a path with some trees and hedges down the sides
What a lovely setting!

The boots were in my last Fashion Friday post. They’re actually the only shoes (apart from my running shoes) that I brought with me. I already mentioned that they are comfortable, and Nick and I walked a lot while he was still here, and my feet did not get sore. I’m so happy with them. I hope I find more ankle boots like this. The comfort is one thing, but it’s also amazing that they give me a bit of height without the pain. Win-win situation.

I didn’t accessorise much in this outfit, however, to keep my earrings simple yet interesting, I wore these moonstone studs. I have bought my fair share of dangly earrings from By Invite Only, so I felt like I needed some prettier studs. For those days when I don’t want to wear anything too fancy and just want something simple.

Close up of my earrings in my right ear
I like the simple look of the moonstone

I named this outfit Canyon. I felt some of my expressions and the themes of the photos were relaxed and almost like I was in another world; the cheetah print makes me think of being in hiding but I feel that I conveyed the opposite. And it felt like the image of a canyon fit well – it made me think of animals in the wild just getting on with their lives.

📷 All photography by Nick. ❤️

Outfit details

  • Top: Rut & Circle Cora Blouse
  • Jeans: Topshop (Jamie Moto Petite ankle grazer)
  • Shoes: Sandler “Yates” Black Glove Boot (available at Myer)
  • Earrings: By Invite Only (Silver Moonstone Oval Studs)
  • Wristwear: custom Pandora bracelet
Closer shot of me leaning over a metal railing on an overpass

What do you think of the top? Do you like it as much as I do?
What are your packing habits when it comes to clothes?

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Hehehe I like it! I think it goes well with your skin tone. I generally don’t wear animal spots but I think this pattern is subtle and can pass for dots. I gotta get boots like yours – fashionable and walkable. Those two just don’t seem to go together. :(

I’m on board with the packing light when traveling – also the reason I prefer to travel in summer or to warmer places in winter. Main reason I switched from hotels to airbnb was so I can wash my clothes.

Now that I live in California I’m still trying to get used to how warm it can get during the day (I’m in San Francisco, where it’s always spring weather) and how cold it is at night (even in places that actually have hot weather during the day). It stays hot in New York too!

Would love to read more about Perth! Should I put it on my list if I travel to Australia? Only a 14 hour flight to Sydney away now! :D

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As usual very lovely outfit! The jeans look great on you, as does the top! I don’t normally go for those kinds either, but its very nice!

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I love the outfit! I definitely want to get more printed shirts, for sure. I love the jeans/boots combination – it suits you really well.

When I pack for a trip, I usually plan an outfit for each day because I’m extra AF. But then, for example, if I’m wearing a skirt and it decides to rain then I’ll just swap them out for jeans, etc.

Jeans are the bane of my existence, though. I’ve yet to find the perfect pair. You know one where it’s my actual size and not gone up a size because of my ass/thighs leaving that stupid baggy gap at the waist. Sigh. I love jeans, though.

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I used to be terrible with packing, I’d pack too much and only wear a handful of the clothes I brought with me. It was common for me to pack 4 or 5 pairs of shoes and a different outfit for each day!

I’ve gotten better and for my last weekend away in the UK, I packed outfits I could mix and match and only one pair of shoes. :-) I have a trip to Paris coming up in September which is carry on luggage only so I’ll have to pack a lot lighter.

I really love this outfit especially the top. :-) I’m not a huge fan of animal prints myself but this one is a small, more subtle print and I like it. The cut and fit are perfect.

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I’m so in love with those boots. I found a similar pair while shopping the other day but they had every size but my size. I was so upset/frustrated. They were perfect to wear with pants and a dress/skirt if I wanted, but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be. I’m hoping to find some cute ones before I leave for Japan so I can have a nice pair of boots to start the school year off with before I start shopping.

I really like the top! I think the print suits you, and I love the cut too. I’m a fan of high necklines, and I actually like turtle necks (though this one isn’t, I like the concept of the cowl neckline).

For me, I tend to pack as little as possible while still packing enough. I can usually get by with 1-2 pairs of shoes, 5-6 tops, and 2-3 bottoms. It depends on the weather, though. I recently went to Connecticut and packed for the summertime humidity and heat, but was greeted with rain and chill for the entire week. Thus, the clothes I packed weren’t that great, but they did fine. When it comes to packing for Japan, I’m not even sure what/how much I’ll bring. Maybe enough to get me through a month’s worth of living before I need to consider shopping, ha.

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Absolutely in love with this outfit – leopard prints are HOT. I haven’t worn it in years though, I definitely wasn’t as fashionable as you when I DID wear them xD *cringes at memories of wearing leopard print leggings for dance class, yikes*

I was in New York for 10 days and packed WAY too much. I didn’t end up wearing all the clothes I brought with me. Matt has recently got me into the minimalist approach in travelling and just in everyday life – he literally just brought two shorts and a few t-shirts to fit in his backpack!

Hahaha I lol’ed at the importance of gym gear and protein. YAS. xD

I love it when it’s not too cold and not too hot – I had a few days like that in NYC which was lovely! :)

As always loved this Fashion Friday segment <3

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I used to find packing so hard as I always wanted to take completely different things just in case. I once took two suitcases full of stuff on holiday with friends just so I’d have enough outfit choices to keep me happy. It was ridiculous!

I definitely don’t do that now. I tend to stick to one pair of shoes, just enough clothes for each day, plus a spare outfit in case something goes wrong, and I like to bring a jacket that will match everything. It doesn’t always work, but I now can get away with one tiny suitcase for an entire week away which is good.

I love this outfit by the way! Those jeans are amazing and I love the earrings. Such a great look!

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