Fashion Friday: Sapphire

Me looking into the distance and away from the camera, sitting on a stone ledge
Sitting on a stone ledge by a stone pillar

I wore an all-black outfit today. Starting with the skirt, I didn’t have much in the way of what would match with it, except for maybe one short-sleeved shirt. But it was cold! So I went for a longer-sleeved one, something I’ve owned for a while and serves as a good basic piece. It’s getting so old that the sleeves are pretty stretched from me pulling them up and down.

Medium shot of my face
This is the first Fashion Friday since I got my hair cut

The skirt is the one I wore in The Road Not Taken. I have a few skirts that sit at the waist and look best with tops or shirts that are tucked in. Unfortunately I need to get myself more of those tops or shirts. ;) I felt like wearing this one because I felt like wearing something with pockets!

The scarf is one of my favourites, not just for the colour but for the length as well! I definitely prefer longer scarves to shorter ones. Although I didn’t wear the scarf all day, I wanted to pick out a scarf, any scarf, and this one matched the most with my nails.

Me brushing my hair behind my ear
Just a shot of me smiling

Of course that brings me to my nails. I’ve had this design on for over a week. It’s the Geodes design from Scratch, a company that sells nail wraps. I have been buying their products ever since I found out about them, and their nail wraps are good quality, easy to apply, and don’t disappoint. I put a clear top coat on this lot because I wanted to see how long they would last. I love the design because I have always had a fascination with rocks and these wraps really illustrate my love for them. I like how each of them has a small clear window with a bit of glitter.

My right hand at my hip, showing a statement ring and geode-style nails
Funky geode-style nails

I picked out the earrings to match my scarf. My Pandora bracelet is mostly blue (or silver) so that naturally went with the pieces I had already chosen. My other jewellery choices were a bit random. I usually wear a necklace from Nick, but since cleaning my jewellery box I found a few pieces that I wanted to wear more often. This owl necklace has a bit of weight, but my mum gave it to me for my birthday about two years ago. I haven’t worn it much! It’s by Guess, and Guess has a bit of a style around their jewellery. The butterfly-heart bracelet I am wearing is in a similar delicate but ‘cool’ style.

Close up of my ears with round blue drop earrings and
I picked out earrings to match my scarf
Close up of my white owl necklace
A little owl necklace

As for the shoes, I just picked whatever I felt like wearing as well. I guess I chose to wear a lot of black with the scarf to add a bit of colour. :)

Full body shot of me facing right of frame
Not a terrific pose because I should have bent the other knee instead, haha

Photography by Nick. ❤️

Outfit details

  • Top: purchased at a market
  • Skirt: Imprint
  • Shoes: Jane Debster ‘Berkeley’ heel (available at Myer)
  • Scarf: Design Studio (available at Myer)
  • Wristwear: Guess; custom Pandora bangle
  • Necklace: Guess
  • Earrings: purchased at a market
  • Ring: Bevilles
  • Nails: Scratch (Geodes)
Medium shot of me sitting on a stone ledge with some flowers and steps in the distance
Sitting on a stone ledge with one end of my scarf over the other shoulder

Comments on this post

My favorite aesthetic is all black with a pop of color. Today I’m wearing a black dress, black ankle boots, and some maroon tights with a pink-to-black gradient scarf that matches pretty well. I had to throw on a turquoise cardi though because it’s cold in the office and none of my black ones are the right style. :(

Those shoes are dead sexy. :D

You look so pretty all the time, sweet Georgie, but here you look as if you were straight out of a fashion magazine! I love your expression, too; so warm. You wear everything, from clothes to jewerly, so naturally.

Pandora and Scratch have some really neat stuff! I wonder if they ship to Italy (must check).

~ Lu

Scratch ships internationally, so I recommend getting your hands on some nail wraps! :) Thanks love. <3

Awesome. :D I love the bracelets on the outside of the sleeves, it’s such a lovely contrast. The nails look so groovy and the Owl necklace is adorable. :’) <3

I love wearing black and then randomly adding colour to it. Black pleases me because it’s so simple and anything goes with it, as well.

Love these photos! You look amazing :)

You have really nice eyes, Georgie! I love the second picture because it brings them out (in a good way, of course)! The nail wraps look cute! On a side note, Nick is really good at taking pictures~

Now that’s a neat way to add a pop of colour to your outfit. I love the blue scarf! It’s amazing how one colourful thing changes an entire outfit! :D I’m with Kya on your bracelets being on the outside. And those nails!!! Pretty!

This was a beautiful FF post, Georgie! ^_^